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WOWOW Two Handle Kitchen Faucet With Side Sprayer Stainless Steel


this faucet includes side sprayer. Making daily cleaning jobs easier,you can put in with assurance, knowing that kitchen taps have been backed by our lifetime limited warranty.

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Side sprayer kitchen faucet 23118A4

Side sprayer kitchen faucets come in many shapes, forms and sizes. This particular side sprayer kitchen faucet of WOWOW comes with a handy side sprayer that you could use for pre-rinsing your dirty pots, pans and dishes. The side sprayer most definitely could make completing your everyday chores a simple and fun task. WOWOW’s side spray is placed next to the side sprayer kitchen faucet itself, and is ready to be pulled out instantly and easily. With its long water hose of 60 inches, it will expand your washing area enormously. Especially when your kitchen is equipped with a double sink, this side sprayer can come in very handy. Every spot, item or corner in and around your kitchen sinks could be reached with the side sprayer of WOWOW’ side sprayer kitchen faucet.

The side sprayer allows you to directly spray water with a simple click on the rear-side button on the sprayer itself. Besides pre-rinsing you could use the side sprayer also for hand washing, or other kitchen tasks. The water hose of the side sprayer is connected with the faucet and its water supply by a special valve. This connector valve controls where water is directed when the side sprayer is used. In this way you could experience an optimal hard water-stream to actually pre-rinse your plates, without loosing any of its power.

Design side sprayer kitchen faucet 

This side sprayer kitchen faucet of WOWOW was designed with a lot of care and effort. Designers of WOWOW wanted to combine various features in order to come to a stylish, contemporary, and above all bold kitchen faucet design. A high-arc design was chosen, as the so-called gooseneck immediately gives an elegant style to a kitchen faucet. On the other hand, the two handles are adventurously designed to give a special touch to this side sprayer faucet of WOWOW. First of all, two handles were chosen to give a dramatic impact with this side sprayer kitchen faucet. Secondly, the handles have gotten a special frivolous design to make this side sprayer kitchen faucet unquestionably an eye catcher in any kitchen.

The exclusive chrome finish of WOWOW’s side sprayer kitchen faucet is extremely reflective. In this way a mirror-like appearance is reached, that could be combined with almost any decorating style. The side sprayer kitchen faucet in stainless steel, attributes to its industrial look, with the fine side advantage that it is long lasting. The stainless finish may most definitely complement the appearance of your kitchen sink. Your (new) kitchen design will certainly get an uplift with this miraculous side sprayer kitchen faucet.

First class side sprayer kitchen faucet 

WOWOW is internationally known to offer first-class kitchen faucets at an affordable price. You can definitely state that WOWOW offers best value for money. Most A-brands charge triple or even quadruple the price of what WOWOW charges for its kitchen faucets, and the quality is definitely not less than some of these A-brands. We could honestly say that our quality is even better than several A-brands. We prove this over and over again.

Because we trust in our value for money, we offer you a 5-year warranty-period. If your side sprayer kitchen faucet would get damaged at one point, WOWOW would gladly replace it by a brand new one. Without any hassle. As most suppliers, even some A-brands, provide you with just a 1 year warranty period, at WOWOW we think that we should go beyond that industry standard. If your side sprayer kitchen faucet would get damaged after just 2 or 3 years, we don’t think it would be fair that you would have to bear the risk of this. A side sprayer kitchen faucet should without a doubt last for at least 5 years, and at WOWOW we take our responsibility for this.

Stainless steel side sprayer kitchen faucet 

This side sprayer kitchen faucets was made of top-class materials. You notice this immediately when you hold this side sprayer kitchen faucet in your hands. The weight is impressive with almost 50 oz, and it reveals the quality of the materials used. As most cheap kitchen faucets would weight lightly, because the minimal use of materials, or even the lack of metal materials, WOWOW is proud of the top-class materials that are used. Brass connectors, stainless steel component and high-performance valves and handles. You notice quality when you see it, and with the side sprayer kitchen faucet of WOWOW that will not be any different.

Besides its weight, the use of the different functions of this side sprayer kitchen faucet also discloses the quality of this piece of kitchen equipment. How the handles run smoothly without any friction or backlash for example. The smoothness to use the water hose of the side sprayer on the other hand, and how it retracts to its original position. As well how easy it is to operate this pre-rinsing side sprayer with the stainless steel button. It all adds up to the pure unchallenged quality.

Easy-installation side sprayer kitchen faucet 

The side sprayer kitchen faucet is very easy to install. As it comes with a complete installation kit, you could install this side sprayer kitchen faucet within a half hour. And you would not even need an expensive plumber. The clear instructions make it possible to install this side sprayer kitchen faucet yourself, without the use of any complicated tools. All equipment to install this fine piece of art in your kitchen comes included.

As WOWOW has a growing number of international customers, who keep on returning to WOWOW when they need  another faucet, we also give you a 90 day money back guarantee. Besides a 5-year riskless warranty period, you will also get your money back in case you would not be surprised with the value for money you get with this side sprayer kitchen faucet. You get a full refund without questions asked. Our experience tells us that it will not be necessary, but we will have you as another customer for life at WOWOW!
The advantages of the side sprayer kitchen faucet in a nutshell:
• Gives a wow-factor to any kitchen
• Powerful pre-rinsing side sprayer
• Elegant and bold design
• Smoothly operating handles
• Stylish brushed nickel finish
• Easy to clean and easy to maintain
• 5-year warranty



1.38 kg = 3.0424 lb = 48.6781 oz


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