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WOWOW Wall Mount Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet

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kitchen pot filler height above stove The overall appearance is stylish and simple.
The chrome-plated appearance makes the faucet look brighter.

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WOWOW Wall Mount Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet-1

This stylish and simple pot filler faucet 2311300C height above counter, the spout part can be rotated 360 degrees to meet the water needs of any angle, making the kitchen water more convenient. The three-stage design is more convenient for the needs of all angles, but also adds more life taste. This simple design faucet adds a beautiful effect to the finishing touch of the kitchen.

High-Quality Minimalistic Faucet: made of solid brass, durable with long service life; brushed nickel finish, anti-corrosion, no easy to leave fingerprint, easy to clean; solid brass tube, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant; design patent in minimalistic, suitable for creating modern home style
Flexible Operation, Space Saving: double joint design, 360 degree rotation, flexible to use; double valve design for dual flow control, easy to operate; save enough space for narrow stove
Large Flow, Stable Water Flow: Neoperl ABS aerator, providing smooth large water flow, meeting fast pot-filling demand, splash-proof design; water hygienic safety: built-in ceramic valve core to ensure no dripping and lead-free filtration
American Standard Size, Quality Installation Parts: 1/2” NPS – 1/2” NPT American standard connector, suitable for any size kitchen stove, easy to install; German Fisher nylon anchor, high quality and durable
90-Day Free Return, 5-Year Warranty, 7/24 Customer Support; if necessary, please contact us ❤
When not in use, it can be folded against the wall to save space, thickened copper casting, dual control of hot and cold water, high temperature explosion-proof crack resistance, complete accessories, you can install it without buying.


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360 Degree Rotation, Double Joint, Folding



  1. K***d2020-06-21

    Affordable, beautiful, well made. Leak free, and fits great in our kitchen against stainless gas range and white subway tile with white wood cabinets.

  2. M***p2020-06-25

    I love the way the product looks, the ease of install, and the support with questions by the Sales Support.
    I would buy this product again and recommend this product to a friend.

  3. M***s2020-06-27

    Very nice touch to our kitchen Reno. Easy to install and works really well. Pot fillers are very hard to find here in Ottawa Canada and when you do find one it’s very over priced. The price on this one was just right. Very happy customer.

  4. N***r2020-06-29

    Looks great over our 36″ gas stove in our new kitchen! While it is not used every day, it is very handy when needed. Installation instructions were great and made the job easy to do. Excellent quality and value for the price so I highly recommend it.

  5. E***d2020-07-01

    We’ve been using this for about a year and a half. No leaks, the finish is as good as new, and the valves still turning smooth. Very high flow in comparison to our kitchen faucet, which is a nice feature.

  6. S***t2020-07-12

    I am satisfied once WOWOW replace my fake product with an original product. It is a superior quality facet, it looks awesome and matched my kitchen facet which is a different brand.

  7. A***g2020-7-17

    This unit looks great, feels substantial and doesn’t leak. It looks great in our kitchen re-model and was relatively easy for our contractor to install. Attached are a few pictures to show the unit installed. This was a great value compared to the more expensive units out there.

  8. B***y2020-7-21

    Impressed with the quality and aesthetics of this potfiller. Absolutely devine. Strongly recommend it.

  9. B***y2020-7-24

    Since we have a microwave above the stove top, the compact design of this pot filler was very important. It worked out great. High enough to fill big pots, but still fits under the microwave. Installation took a little effort to keep it from leaking at the pipe joint, but now works great and is leak free.

  10. L***n2020-7-26

    looks great with the rest of the kitchen during the remodel. The contractor installed a 2×4 behind the wall to ensure that this faucet remains sturdy every time we move it. So far no leaks and its sturdy and easy to use. brings out a good stream of water.

  11. M***s2020-7-27

    Purchased this several weeks ago and it works perfectly! I was a little weary of how it would perform due to how inexpensive it is but I’ve been pleasantly surprised! I almost purchased one four times as expensive as this one and am SO HAPPY I didn’t! Looks super modern in my new kitchen!

  12. M***s2020-7-28

    Great potfiller-esp for the money. Thought Id review with pics after looking at all the other reviews with pics of finished installs.

    Seems very solid. Functional. The water could aerate better. But its fine as is.

    I pulled apart and added more silicone lube to the o-rings in the articulating arms. Seems like o-ring replacement would be pretty simple should a leak develop there.

    Install was slightly tedious. First thing to do is toss the ss bracket screws that came with the potfiller. Pure crap screws. Since I was screwing into 1 1/2 inches of 2×4 (see pic), I got out the torx bit and substituted quality ceramic coated deck screws. Very solid bracket install.

    Since I knew the water line was strapped tightly to a 2×4 brace in the wall and the potfiller was solid (see pic) I also tossed the tedious, ugly, somewhat exposed bracket to pipe set screw as unnecessary, and simply silicone caulked the trim piece to the wall- bracket. Much neater install than the exposed set screw.

    My install had the advantage of me knowing of the extra blocking/pipe strapping which made it easy for me to lose the bracket set screw. Might be best to use the unattractive exposed set screw if you dont know what’s in the wall though.

    Im pleased with the potfiller function and appearance and it appears to be solid and durable

  13. H***s2020-08-02

    Bought this pot filler to replace with my old kitchen faucet. The reason why I chose this one is for the cheap price and nice using experience for me. The faucet can be turned the full 360-degrees and should reach most areas that we need it for (though we didn’t need 360 degree for actual use.) I don’t need to remove the heavy pot from one sink to my stove any more.Nice try ever!

  14. D***b2020-08-06

    Very nice and strong. Has a very classy rich look. I love it in my kitchen. Let’s see how long it last.

  15. B***s2020-08-14

    Perfect size faucet for use with my kitchen stoves. when swung to either side the faucet directs water into the outer bowls, but its still short enough that you can’t overshoot the center bowl in any position. Fills our basins with decent speed when given adequate water pressure.

  16. S***m2020-08-17

    Very easy install. Will clean up nicely later when dirty, very few cracks ti hide grease and food. Nice polish, took it apart and has simple orings to replace later when needed. Use a rag and or strap wrench to save the finish when installing. Do not use the swinging bars for leverage when tightening!!!

  17. G***s2020-08-19

    We were remodeling our entire kitchen so I figured this would be the one and only time to install a pot filler if I wanted one. Install was pretty easy, I ran a 1/2” copper line up and stubbed it thru the wall. The quality of the faucet seems good, all metal construction. Time will tell on the durability but so far so good after only a few weeks. It’s a neat thing to show family/friends because I don’t know anyone else that has a pot filler.

  18. M***s2020-08-22

    Rock solid unit. I don’t know what else you could need? I bought a different one before that I could not get installed because of the threads. This one saved the day. Super easy install and good quality unit.

  19. A***l2020-08-25

    This faucet feels really sturdy, it doesn’t feel like the DELTA faucets that are mostly plastic, this seems full metal faucet. Looks great and just works. So far we are happy with it.

  20. T***n2020-08-28

    First of all, we use it more than we imagined, because we also installed it with an Reverse Osmosis unit, so we can fill pots with pure water and also fill water jugs and bottles. It is so easy to fill for soups and cooking hard boiled eggs. We use it every day. And it does look very nice over our stove!

  21. M***e2020-09-01

    My contractor actually convinced us to install a pot filler when we renovated last month. I did not know what a pot filler was. Since installing, I don’t know how I cooked without one. It is absolutely great! Just wished my contractor had been better at placement on the wall. It is a little too low.

  22. R***s2020-09-06

    Works well and fast. We are careful with it so I’m not sure how sturdy it is if you pull down on it. But it doesn’t leak, easily moves in and out, doesn’t take up a ton of space, was affordable, fills up very quickly. If you turn it on high it does somewhat splash outside of the main stream but it’s got great pressure even without being turned on full blast. Love it.

  23. S***y2020-09-10

    I love everything about this product! I have been waiting for a year to have one but I just couldn’t find the right look until I saw this one. Beautiful product. Works perfectly and I use it often

  24. C***l2020-09-13

    The weight and quality of this product is amazing. I purchased a very high end faucet for my sink and this pot filler looks like it is the companion piece (for hundreds less). Absolutely recommend!

  25. B***r2020-09-16

    This faucet is amazing! The installation was quick and easy. The sprayer function is unbelievable and the finish is sleek and will give an instant upgrade to any kitchen. I definitely recommend!

  26. M***s2020-09-19

    Looks great over on stove. Functions as it should. It reaches all burners. Very pleased.

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