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WOWOW Kitchen Faucet Commercial Sprayer

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  • Solid Brass Construction】The heavy-duty pot filler faucet is made of premium solid brass and weighs 9.7 Ibs. Brass kitchen sink faucet with brushed nickel finish is rust, corrosion, leak-resistant, and ensures water safety and a long lifespan.
  • 2 Water Flow Modes】Pre-Rinse Sprayer head offers a high-pressure powerful spray to flush away food residue, it can stay open just with one press of the handle and no need to hold it. Stream mode for filling large pots and pans in minutes. They can work on at the same time and rotated around 360° which makes cooking more efficient.
  • Practical Design】High arch 360° swivel faucet provides enough space for any kitchen task – cleaning, filling, etc. Magnetic coupling arm to keep the spray head stable and prevent it from falling. 90° adjustable single handle design easy to control water temperature and flow volume at the same time.
  • Easy to Install】1 or 3 hole installation. We provide you with detailed instructions, installation accessories and tools, including the cover deck plate, 0.5m tucai water hose in quality assurance, gloves and so on. Easy installation by yourself without a plumber.
  • Customer Service】Covered by a 90-day free return and 5-year warranty. If you are unhappy with any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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WOWOW Kitchen Faucet Commercial Sprayer WOWOW Kitchen Faucet Commercial Sprayer

Kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer 2312000

Spring pull down sprayer kitchen faucets were originally made for industrial use in restaurants only. As you can image, the performance and durability in restaurants is highly demanding and all kitchen equipment like spring pull down sprayer kitchen faucets have to perform to the maximum. Employees are using these industrial kitchen faucets fast and without hardly any delicacy. A possible interruption of a spring pull down sprayer kitchen faucet would be nearly catastrophic. Consequently, industrial kitchen faucets have been made in line with the highest industry standards, and with even more durable materials. At WOWOW we normally already use above-industry standards, and even we have focused even more on durability with this marvelous industrial kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer.
Many people have installed this kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer in their homes. Depending your kitchen design, an industrial look might work out for your kitchen very well. At least you know that the durability of this industrial kitchen faucet is high-end, the performance is top-notch and its design gives a raw, industrial touch to your kitchen. As kitchen faucets normally are the natural focal points in a kitchen, with this impressive kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer you will definitely catch all attention in your kitchen. Because of its tall, slim, and minimalist design, this kitchen faucet is especially perfect for modern kitchen designs. Therefore, this kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer will definitely be a massive upgrade for any modern kitchen design.

Industrial spring pull down sprayer kitchen faucet

The kitchen is the place where you cook in your house. For many the cooking part is not the challenge, but the cleaning part is. As you have cooked and eaten, cleaning the kitchen often is not a very grateful job. Even if you just cleaned the kitchen before the same day, after every meal you will have to start all over and over again. Would it not be great that you would have as much fun with cleaning as with cooking? Well, we cannot guarantee that cleaning will be the most exciting job there is, but at least we can make it more exciting with our kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer. And above all, we can make it a lot easier to clean with our industrial kitchen faucet.
WOWOW’s kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer has a multifunctional structure. The high-pressure spray head easily removes all dirt from pots and pans. Besides, this industrial kitchen faucet offers two types of streams. The pull down sprayer offers you a high pressure spray, and the high arc kitchen faucet features a regular stream. With its retractable and flexible water hose and pull-down spray head, the hose can be expanded to widen your reach drastically. And the magnetic docking arm holds the spray head firmly, in order that it does not dangle around.

Kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer for industrial use

Besides its performance, this kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer was made for ultimate durability. First of all, all materials are lead-free and corrosion-resistant. Besides, the valve to control the water temperature is made of massive metal. You feel the difference immediately when you handle it. Also the spray handle has been made for commercial use. The difference is impressive when you compare it with a regular home-kitchen faucet. As industrial kitchen faucets don’t need integrally designed functions to practically ‘hide’ these functions, at this kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer the handle is prominently present. Therefore no compromises had to me made towards the performance and durability of this kitchen faucet handle.

Brushed nickel kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer

Besides durability and performance, the style also is of the utmost importance when you select an industrial kitchen faucet. You want a raw design, and yet the kitchen faucet has to be stylish at the same time. This industrial kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer offers you an impressive contradictive combination of raw industrial and elegant, stylish design. The large spiral provides your kitchen faucet with an impressive industrial look, and yet when you look into detail to this kitchen faucet, you will notice a refined design of the kitchen faucet base. This combination makes this style distinctive and unique. Simple, elegant and impressive at the same time.
The brushed nickel coating of the kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer offers that stylish finishing that your kitchen needs. This finish immediately gives a more elegant look to any kitchen, regardless of which kind of kitchen faucet you have selected. And besides you will benefit from the practical advantage that you will not see any dirty finger prints on this kitchen faucet. It is very easy to clean to keep it in a brand new state at all times.

Installing kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer

WOWOW’s kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer is very easy to install. Don’t be put on the wrong track because of the impressive size of this industrial kitchen faucet. You could easily install this industrial kitchen faucet yourself without the help of an expensive professional. The kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer comes with everything you need to install this industrial kitchen faucet, like a deck mount, metal water hoses, and a clear installment guide. Even practical gloves are included to offer you an easy and comfortable installment experience.
Summarizing, this kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer offers you excellent value for money, because of its industrial quality and yet reasonable price. It is easy to install, and will be definitely be a valuable addition to your modern kitchen design. This kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer comes with a 5-year warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee. As you can see, at WOWOW we have confidence in our kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer and we are sure that you will be impressed with the value for money you will get. Let us impress you!

The advantages of the kitchen faucet spring pull down sprayer in a nutshell:

· Gives a wow-factor to any kitchen

· High-performance industrial kitchen faucet

· Wide reach with retractable water hose

· Extreme durability

· Elegant and stylish details

· Magnetic docking arm

· Easy to clean and easy to maintain

· 5-year warranty



9.78 pounds

Package Dimensions

30.8 x 12.6 x 3 inches





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  1. H***y2021.03.06

    Very good looking, very high quality. after I received one order, I order a second one for my brother’s house too.

  2. A***i2021.04.18

    Installation was pretty straightforward, and it works as it should without any leaks. There is a lot of pressure when using the pull down. It stays secure in the bracket when not in use.
    Perfect for the deep sink.
    Very happy so far, it looks great, as you can see. Makes the whole kitchen look better.

  3. M***r2021.05.16

    Easy to install, great water pressure very sturdy BUT the water lines that hook up under the sink were not long enough, luckily I was able to use the lines from the old facet.

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