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WOWOW Top Rated Pull Down Kitchen Faucets Single Hole with Sprayer

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  • Pull Down Kitchen Faucet: made of premium SUS 304 Stainless Steel, WOWOW kitchen pull down faucet features 30-inch reach, 1.5 m PX pull out hose; High-arc spout swivels 360°; kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer is perfect for both single and dual kitchen sinks.
  • Stream Mode: pull out kitchen faucet with splash-free aerated stream is convenience to filling the bowls, pans and pots. Modern kitchen faucet brushed nickel, simple and stylish, is perfect match for your kitchen style.
  • Powerful Spray Mode: pull out spray can wash dishes and sinks vigorously. Single handle kitchen faucet is more convenient and simple to control water temperature and water flow range.
  • Easy to install: Pre-installed water hose and quick connection design, help you install it by yourself in 25 minutes without a plumber. 3/8“(9/16”) American standard hose connector, comes with G1/2 adapters, suitable for G1/2 or 3/8 angle valves.
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet: WOWOW commercial kitchen faucets are covered by 5-year limited warranty and 90-day limited return. 1 or 3-hole 10″ installation, optional DECK PLATE and RESTRICTED MODEL (Flow Rate is 1.8 GPM after use) included in package.

Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

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WOWOW Top Rated Pull Down Kitchen Faucets Single Hole with Sprayer Description

wowow top rated pull down kitchen faucets single hole 6

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wowow top rated pull down kitchen faucets single hole

wowow top rated pull down kitchen faucets single hole


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Weight4.97 kg


Item Weight

5.1 pounds

Product Dimensions

21.46 x 11.22 x 2.56 inches


15 inches



Installation Method

1or 3 Hole Deck Mount

Extension Length

31.5 Inches

Hose Length

59 Inches

Spout Height

7 Inches

Spout Reach

9 Inches

Flush Type

Dual Mode: Spray Mode/Stream Mode

Handle/Lever Placement


Handle Material

Stainless steel

Plug Profile

Single-Hole Deck-Mount

Switch Style

Toggle Switch

Special Features

Water temperature control


Kitchen/Indoor/Commercial/Restaurant/Home/1or2 sinks

Included Components

Kitchen sink faucet; 50cm Hot & Cold Water Hoses; Pull down sprayer; Deck plate; Mounting accessories


Brushed Nickel

41 reviews for WOWOW Top Rated Pull Down Kitchen Faucets Single Hole with Sprayer

  1. B***e2020-05-01

    We replaced an old moen kitchen faucet with this one and I couldn’t be happier! My husband was so impressed when he open the box. He found the faucet packaged in foam and undisturbed during shipping. The next thing he was impressed with was the instructions for installing which were clear and concise. Every potential problem was address with this product’s manufacturer. From the direction right down to the adapters and washers which were included. Installation was easy and the faucet went in the first time.
    There is a running joke between us that any project we take on which should take a hour or two; will take us 2 days. Not this one we had more problems removing the old faucet compared to the less then 1/2 hour to put in this one!

  2. H***n2020-05-06

    Very good faucet, especially when many like it go for much more money. We were stuck with a hybrid plastic/aluminum faucet when we moved into our new home. It leaked from the tap and we were wasting water. This was a huge upgrade for a song. We also replaced valve hardware since that leaked off and on. If you are putting off this project, I’d say get this first and push yourself to get it done. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. C***r2020-05-11

    I don’t like plumbing projects. Unfortunately, I’ve had to install more faucets (Moen, Delta, Pfister) than I care to remember. This WOWOW is by far the easiest one I’ve ever done. Instead of fastening it to the sink via a deep throat socket the other brands provide, this uses a set screw that is so much easier when your stuffed in a vanity cabinet with limited light and space. The hot and cold supply lines were clearly marked by color coding, as well as the words hot and cold. As an extra bonus, it came with an 3/8″ to 1/2″ adapter which I needed to connect to the shutoff valve. This saved me a trip to the hardware store. It’s the best faucet to install ever.

  4. F***k2020-05-16

    I faucet shopped for awhile and thought I’d give this one a try as it was much more economical than others I had seen. Of course, I was a little nervous because it wasn’t a big name and we’re a bit programmed to go with the big names. It works very well and even I could install it and that is saying a lot (seriously!). Instructions weren’t super clear to me but this was my first attempt at anything like this (thank goodness for google and youtube)! I did have to buy water supply extension connectors to reach the water supply as my old faucet had the hard copper lines coming down from it and this has the supply lines connected already. The extensions were less than $10 at a big box hardware store. I liked this one because it also blends better with my standard kitchen sink as it’s not super shiny but it still looks new and clean. It’s a nice blend of an upgrade without being too fancy. I’m able to get at the big pots easier and yet, the faucet isn’t so huge that it looks out of place in my smaller kitchen. Swivels well/smoothly, great spray/stream, easy to switch between. Great, great value. I highly recommend. (I was not reimbursed in any way for this review and do not have any affiliation with the company. I’m always a little suspicious of paid reviews.)

  5. M***l2020-05-18

    For the money you cannot beat this faucet! It has features that more expensive faucets have. The whole process is easy to install. I like the ring and screw attachment to attach the faucet to sink deck. The hoses are all labeled and they seem heavy duty. Once you attach the weight the spray pulls out very easy and retracts like it’s supposed to. The only functional drawback I see is the button on spray. It has a toggle type button that will switch between regular stream, spray and combination of spray and stream. This switch is kind of floppy and it will almost switch to half spray and stream mode just by touching the sprayer. Time will tell how this button holds up. I’d recommend this faucet!

  6. C***n2020-05-23

    I bought this faucet for my son and daughter-in-law for a housewarming gift. They had an old chrome faucet with no sprayer (and they don’t have a dishwasher either). I initially ordered the bronze model b/c I thought that would match what they already had. They decided they really wanted the black instead, so I returned the bronze at our local Kohl’s store (so easy!) and ordered the black one. Let me tell you – this faucet is the bomb! The water pressure is wonderful and the sprayer works better than any other I’ve ever used, and I’m not even mentioning how nice it looks. I was a little apprehensive to order a brand name I’ve never heard of, but I would recommend this brand to anyone who is looking for a solid but inexpensive faucet. Great Job WOWOW!!!

  7. B***a2020-05-26

    We have a Park Model home in a resort in Florida with a small double sink. The low faucet we had was always a problem if we wanted to wash anything large. This faucet works out perfectly.
    I three starred the install because the base of the faucet was slightly larger than the hole in our stainless sink. I had to file it out to enlarge the hole. I’m not sure if the hole in our sink was smaller than normal or if the base of the faucet was unusually large in diameter. Once I got it installed my wife loves it. That’s the important thing!!! Right??

  8. E***y2020-06-01

    I love my new faucet! I debated whether buying one for double the price from my local Home Depot would be a more “safe” way to go, but I’ve had this in for about a month now and I love it. It’s of good quality and looks just like my previous (more expensive, namebrand) faucet.

  9. J***e2020-06-04

    I purchased a new home one yr ago and the builder installed low end looking faucets. I am so happy with the way this faucet looks and performs. I would say my only small complaint is that the water comes out rather forcefully, but I am getting used to having a lighter touch when turning it on. It’s easy to switch from stream to spray, I haven’t used the pause button much though it does work. I had it installed by a handyman and he had no problem installing it. It’s a great value compared to Home Depot or Lowe’s as there is nothing in this price range.

  10. D***t2020-06-09

    I’m giving 5 stars so far. We have only had it about a week or so and love it so far. It was very easy to install and the matte black finish goes so good with our granite countertops. In the short time we have had it it has already out performed our last faucet we bought less than 1 year ago. Seller wouldn’t make good on their product. I have been looking for awhile and this one seemed the best for price and seem to have some good honest reviews. Like I said its only been a few weeks at the most but will update later and hope its a good report!

  11. H***n2020-06-12

    This faucet has to be the world’s greatest secret. It mounts well, looks well, works well and is priced well. We replaced the plastic junk in our RV and wife loves it. This will work great in a house as well.

  12. F***s2020-06-13

    This faucet is great!! I am a 22 year old woman who had to change my faucet in my appartment because my previous one broke. I have no experience in changing faucets or any kind of plumbing, but this was extremely easy to install. I watched the 1 minute video on Youtube on how to instal this faucet and got it done in less than 20 minutes. It comes with instructions, but I found the video to be easier to understand and follow. Now that it is installed, it is very sturdy with no leaks and the water pressure is prefect. Highly recommend this faucet!

  13. V***l2020-06-17

    I’m really happy with this faucet. It was such a good price that I had to try it. The water sprayer does retract well you only have to click it into place. But I love that you can change it from full spray to shower spray and when you are mounting it you have the option to make sure your handle has clearance to not hit your window sill or backsplash. We were able to turn the base so when I’m using the handle it will never hit my window sill. Flexible and easy!

  14. C***y2020-06-19

    Wow! This was better/easier to install than I thought. Works fabulous, the installation process was about a 1/2 hour. If you’re not afraid to get wet possibly dirty under the sink, ladies you can do it. Save your money from paying a professional. Put down some old blankets take your time with the instructions you might need some spray oil to loosen some of the tight grip. However, the quality of this faucet is worth your time and money. I am happy with my choice.

  15. T***a2020-06-19

    The hardest part of the whole process was to remove the old kitchen faucet. There was a very small nut that was stripped. I had to use a basin wrench to remove it. I believe who ever installed that faucet used the wrong tool to tighten that bolt. With this faucet I just screwed a big washer like nut by hand as tight as I can, and then I finshed it by screwing three screws with a screw driver. There are instructions to better illustrate how to do it.

  16. B***e2020-06-21

    So as a tradesman I was really skeptical when my wife picked this faucet to be installed in our kitchen because one I’ve never heard of the brand and two it was under $75 which normally means you’re replacing it in two weeks. But this was different this faucet is seriously made durable and is honestly better than any faucet I’ve had or installed in the fifteen years I’ve been in the plumbing trade will buy this brand again to try their other faucets out

  17. E***y2020-06-25

    I love this faucet. It is beautiful and very functional. It is wonderful for doing dishes and cooking but also for giving my plants a gentle bath and watering. I am very pleased with this faucet. The seller was great and the item arrived in a timely manner and in great condition. I would definitely purchase from this seller again.

  18. V***s2020-06-29

    So far it’s done exactly what I expected a fauced to do. No leaks, and no damage after whacking it with pots by accident but I’ve only had it for a few months, so this is by no means an exhaustive torture test.

    Install was pretty trivial, faucets are always kind of annoying to install as access was limited, but compared to the older designs with janky fittings that need a big wrench in a small space, this was a ton easier. I was able to install this without a second pair of hands.

  19. G***s2020-07-01

    I had this faucet installed by a handiman so I can’t comment on ease of installation but I can say it’s beautiful and works well. It is easy to switch between spray and stream. The pause button works well, as does the pull down feature. I had a low, straight faucet before and this is a dream come true for me. Another thing I love is you can fill tall containers with ease. It looks classy and modern and has a beautiful finish. I would highly recommend this faucet.

  20. 2***52020-07-11

    Just finished installing this and it’s fabulous. This is my first time replacing a faucet on my own and it took me longer to get the old one out then it did to install the new one. Once I had the old one out, it took me under 8 minutes to install this new one and have the water running through it. It has a great stop feature on the head so you don’t have to reach to turn the water off if you need to pull the head across the counter or something.

  21. C***n2020-07-15

    The unit is what I am looking for to replace my old kitchen faucet. It is a great value product compared with other brands let alone the named brands. Nice look, well built and installation is very easy. I wish they have the touchless spray head option. I purchased one to replace the sprayer and I loved it. Super convenient. I guess this kind of design is very mature and even if it is not a name brand, it should work well. I recommend it.

  22. H***n2020-07-18

    I love it! Seems substantial and well made. It’s a major upgrade from what I had before. I really like how easily it swings back and forth and how the sprayer goes back into place almost automatically. Great buy when compared to the box stores that sells these for a hundred dollars or more. Because it was such a low cost I was able to afford a handyman to install it. Otherwise I would have been under the sink for hours! Lol.

  23. C***r2020-07-20

    Mom’s home faucet started to leak and didn’t want to deal with changing the washer and all that. Got this one and replaced in about 30 minutes. Took 20 minutes to take the old one out, yike. So far, has been three months and it’s still working great. I installed without the plate on one hole and it looks great IMO. The only thing is it has a newer 3/8″ waterline connector and most of the older valves are 1/2″ so watch for that. Otherwise, great price and great product.

  24. A***y2020-07-22

    This faucet is great. We bought it for our laundry room sink, to replace a faucet that cost 3 times as much but only lasted a few years. It was very easy to install and is so good looking and functional, my wife suggested we put it in our main kitchen sink. When our relatively new kitchen sink faucet wears out we will replace with one of these, not the $490. one (other brand) that is currently there. We love it, the WOWOW Faucet.

  25. G***l2020-07-24

    Purchased this faucet as a replacement for a leaky 2 handle we were dealing with. This one is beautiful! It looks just like the high end ones you can buy at the hardware store but at a fraction of the price. My husband installed it . We had a small issue when installing, but I think it was a personal sink issue that was easily fixed when my husband shaved some wood that was in the way and keeping the faucet from being fully tightened. Completely satisfied with purchase.

  26. M***a2020-07-25

    This faucet was a breeze to install. Works great, and I like the style. The black coating is sleek and resists prints – which I appreciate since I worried it would show every little thing. The only thing I wish this faucet had was a magnet or something similar to help pull the faucet back into place once you were done after having used the sprayer hose. It fits back into place just fine but you have to kind of manipulate it back manually. The faucet has smoothly adjusted back and forth from stream to spray for us thus far. It hasn’t had any leaking issues like some commented on in reviews (installed 1 month ago). We have much better pressure through this faucet than our last as well. We haven’t used the “pause” feature – seems pointless when you can just turn off the water so easily, but perhaps others find this useful. All in all, a great purchase.

  27. E***s2020-07-29

    The product arrived fast. I had it installed by Roto-Rooter because my house is 23 years old and I wanted any plumbing issues handled by professionals. It turns out the plumber has the exact same faucet. He was telling me how satisfied he is with it. In the few days we have been using it I totally agree with him. We are very satisfied as well. I do recommend this item if you are looking for a great upgrade with excellent features.

  28. L***l2020-08-02

    Love it! The old faucet which had lasted OMG years, finally failed! I looked at this style and knew I wanted it.
    I picked this one and I’m 100% pleased. It works with ease, the spray function is powerful and the normal function is perfect. The worst part of it all was getting tho old one out, the big skinny nuts had rusted up terribly, and are in a location that is impossible!
    Happy Camper!

  29. S***h2020-08-09

    Really nice faucet. Good quality. I would expect to pay much more in one of the large home improvement stores. I’m very happy with this purchase. The only criticism I have is you have to manually make sure the head is positioned right once you pull it down. It doesn’t automatically go into its rightful spot without a slight adjustment. That’s really a minor concern.
    The water pressure is good. It has a nice spray option and pause option.

  30. E***e2020-08-11

    It’s made sturdy. Really easy to install. We had several others that didn’t install or remove very easy and where a big pain to work with. This one has been the easiest. Amazed at how nice and sturdy it is. The button to switch between the different water functions is a bit loose. I’d like it a bit tighter so it didn’t slip between the 2 water functions so easy. But overall, It’s great.

  31. M***h2020-08-21

    I was in desperate need of a new faucet as my 12 year old kitchen faucet decided it was time to drip but even worse it was dripping under the sink as well. I called a handy man and his next open appointment was in 4 days. I’m not an expert on faucets so I went on WOWOW and ordered this faucet because it had great reviews and surprisingly it was not expensive. WOWOW noted it would arrive at my home in two days and it did. I am very happy with this purchase.

  32. C***n2020-08-28

    This faucet replaced an old single handle pullout sprayer faucet. Got tied of replacing the plastic sprayer and hoses when they’d start leaking. This new brushed nickel pull down looks modern and beautiful on our stainless steel kitchen sink! Was ready to install. In fact with my guidance, my 2, 15 year old kids replaced the faucet themselves. I can’t crawl under stinks like I used to be able to LOL The hardest part was getting the old faucet out…

    So far, very happy with this purchase and I’d definitely recommend!

  33. V***d2020-09-06

    I installed this faucet in my kitchen! My wife saw it and loved it. We are going for the farm house look and this was exactly what we wanted easy install you don’t even need instructions. I’m no handy man but I figured it out!!! Took me 30 minutes to take old one out and install the new one!!! Would buy another one if I needed it!!! Fast shipping too

  34. B***n2020-09-06

    Had to replace my Moen kitchen faucet. Had never purchased a faucet before and was surprised at the cost! Found the WOWOW and the price was good so I gave it a shot. It looks amazing, work perfectly and I even think my water pressure is better. The friend I had install it had no problems at all.

  35. J***a2020-09-16

    Impressive faucet styling and extremely easy to install for the do it yourselfer. I had to cut my old combination faucet with a rotary tool as the connections were corroded. New assembly went it very easily as the connections provided were well engineered and thought out. I highly recommend this item to anyone who is interested in replacing their kitchen faucet.

  36. A***d2020-09-11

    This is a beautiful faucet that fits perfectly in my kitchen. I bought it as a replacement for a 13 year old Moen faucet. The installation looked easy, but I did have to have my plumber stop by to install it due to the inaccessibility and the difficulty of removing the old faucet. He said he was impressed and has installed others of this brand as well. Can’t speak to durability as I just had it installed, but it is a definite improvement.

  37. M***s2020-09-23

    High Quality, all parts carefully marked for connections and easy assembly. The extra large bolt – applied underneath the sink (to secure the faucet to the sink) is much improved over the older standard bolts – easy to install by hand and screw driver. This is the first kitchen faucet I have installed; so, if I can easily install this, anyone can ;-)

  38. F***s2020-09-26

    We’ve had this faucet installed for a couple weeks now and so far it has worked perfectly. we didn’t have any leaking or bad taste Or tarnishing like some of the poor reviews. My husband installed it in about 30 minutes. It looks and feels high quality and was a great price compared to others. I’m so glad I bought this! Would recommend!

  39. H***l2020-10-01

    It is a great faucet for the price. I have used other much more expensive faucets in the past, but this one works equally well!. It meets my needs totally. The water pressure in my kitchen is much better since we replaced the old faucet. I highly recommend this cost effective one unless you are looking for a deluxe model that will be 3 or 4 times the price.

  40. J***d2020-10-06

    I had issues installing but that’s because my sink was made wrong. After I got the problem fixed it was simple! My new faucet is beautiful and elegant! I’m so happy to have a tall faucet and no longer need to use cups to fill my tall pans with water. The pull out feature is also great!

    This exact faucet was over $200 at home depot and menards! Thank you for saving me so much money!!

  41. J***l2020-10-10

    This was purchased as an upgrade for my kitchen renovation, that replaced a 20 + yo faucet. like the height so you can fill a large pot and clean it. having a stream and spray function all in one with a touch of a button is a great feature, brushed stainless steel finish is nice and clean looking. Great value for the price.

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