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WOWOW Matte Black Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet

(23 customer reviews)

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  • 3 Holes Mount Widespread Bathroom Faucet: adjustable distance between 6’’ – 14’’; Hole size: 32 – 38 mm/ 1.26 – 1.5’’ (Plz check you sink size before ordering)
  • Creative Quick Connect Technology: easy to install by yourself without a plumber, come with pop up drain assembly. SAVE PLUMBING INSTALLTION FEE WITH WOWOW FAUCET
  • Matte Black 2-Handle Bath Faucet: unique matte black surface, classic and simple, resist corrosion and tarnishing through everyday use, fits rental house, condo, apartment, lavatory, commercial use, hotel
  • Lead-free Basin Faucets: high sealing NSF ceramic cartridge and water-saving ABS aerator ensure no leakage and lead, meanwhile provide gently, stable water flow controlled by two handles with a little effort
  • Customer Service: 3-year limited warranty and customer support are offered. It is covered by a 90-day return. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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WOWOW Matte Black Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet

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WOWOW Matte Black Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet WOWOW Matte Black Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet 2 WOWOW Matte Black Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet 3


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3.63 pounds

Package Dimensions

12.1 x 8.6 x 3 inches


Matte Black




Stainless Steel

Power Source


Installation Method


Spout Height

4.8 Inches

Spout Reach

3.1 Inches

Flush Type


23 reviews for WOWOW Matte Black Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet

  1. J***h2020-05-28

    I have purchased Delta and Phisher faucets before at high cost. WOWOW’s product is by far more than I expect for the quality, ease of installation and value for my money. It looks amazing on my new bathroom sinks. Even the packaging is high class. I like the o-rings that are built-in on the bottom of handles and faucet to prevent leakage. The flex attachment hose that came with it is also a plug and play with no leak. I don’t do a lot of product reviews but I’m very satisfied with this product that I thought I’d share it with you.

  2. T***t2020-06-01

    I recently remodeled my bathroom which included replacing my old bathroom sink and cabinet with a sleek but somewhat retro pedestal sink. This required new widespread faucets.

    Due to the remodel, I no longer had a working bathroom sink. Therefore, since I needed the new faucets right away, i searched my local hardware stores, including the large chain stores. I was surprised and disappointed that, not only did they have a very limited selection of widespread bathroom faucets, but they all cost close to or over $100!
    I decided I could go without a working sink for a few days, and I felt certain would have a better selection as well as a better price;

    I quickly found several faucets to choose from with a much lower price point than I had found at my local home improvement stores. I settled on this faucet assembly, and I couldn’t be happier. The faucets have a beautiful brushed nickel finish, and everything is included for installation, except the two inexpensive short hoses that are needed to connect to the water supply. I had a friend helping me with the remodel, and ha installed the faucets. However, I’m certain I could have done it myself, because there were only a few parts to assemble, and the illustrated instructions were straight-forward and very easy to understand and follow. I’m posting a picture of my new sink with the faucets installed and working. I highly recommend this widespread bathroom faucet assembly for its workmanship, the copper used in its manufacturing, its beauty and what I think is very important—it’s ease of installation.

    One other feature of this faucet assembly is the “stopper” for the sink. It closes by pushing down on it, and it opens by pushing down on it again. I believe this is a big improvement over the old type stopper, which required that you use a lever to open and close it. Maybe I am the exception, but I never had one of the old type that didn’t malfunction. In fact, most of the time, I found myself discarding it altogether. I’m really happy to have, what I consider to be, a much improved stopper. This may seem like a small and insignificant improvement to some, but for those of us who have dealt with the problems of the old type stopper, it’s a welcome feature.

  3. D***t2020-06-03

    Good quality for the price! The finish looks great and the faucet works like it should. Customer service is great, the pop up drain didn’t work for my sink (too short). I emailed the seller and within 10 minutes they came up with a resulution. They found a new drain that is longer and matches the finish/design of the faucet, then sent me a refund to buy the new. drain.

  4. J***k2020-06-07

    These are some of the best faucets I have purchase, especially at this price point. They are beautiful, stylish and just look fantastic in my newly remodeled bathroom. I used a more expensive set for the upstairs remodel and this one looks MUCH better. Honestly, it looks and works as well as Moen or Delta but is over 50% less. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

  5. I***r2020-06-11

    This faucet is amazing! While doing a remodel I selected a couple of different faucets in CHROME for my bathrooms and kitchen. Normally the saying you get what you pay for tends to hold true but not in this case. I have had these in my bathroom with daily use for over 6 months now and these are by far my favorite fixtures. I have had no issues with leaks, wobbly handles, water pressure or any other common complaints with faucets. The cherry on top with this faucet is it it does not show water spots. All of my other faucets have to be cleaned every few days to keep looking new but not this one. I can literally go two and a half weeks without wiping it down or scrubbing it and you can’t even tell. I am in love with these faucets. They are on par with my Price Pfister faucet in terms of quality but they are the only faucet that looks good all the time.

  6. A***h2020-06-13

    I replaced a higher end bathroom faucet with this one. The quick connect hoses made the install a breeze and I was really impressed by the build quality and how much nicer this looks than our old one. I thought I was taking a chance on a brand I had not heard of before but for about half the price of what I would have paid in a big box hardware store this was an incredible value.

  7. B***e2020-06-16

    I’m in a rental and didn’t want to spend a ton on replacing two bad faucets in my master. I am actually more than pleased with these. The quality is top notch and super simple to install. As always, it takes longer to remove the old ones than to install the new ones… Usually you suffer on quality when you are looking for value. Time will tell, but so far these have been fantastic for the money.

  8. K***b2020-06-18

    I usually only use Big Name Brand Faucets in our Facility. But after seeing the reviews i decided to try one.
    Very impressed with the quality of the faucet, and the ease of installation. Unit feels solid, and well built, and the connections were braided stainless.

  9. R***w2020-06-20

    Love this faucet!! Great quality for a great price. Checked at Lowe’s and the same faucet was $119 for one. Definitely recommend!

  10. D***m2020-06-24

    Had to find a new faucet when doing minor bathroom remodeling. Loved the sleek looks of this set. I bought it as MATTE BLACK and was expecting a slightly more greyish tone but this is very beautiful. The rest of the hardware in the bathroom is closer to that greyish color but I can live with this. Our remodeler commented how easy the installation was. The faucet works as it should so I’m happy and the price was right .

  11. N***n2020-06-26

    These faucets were designed by someone who knew what they were doing. They have o’ring seals or gaskets on each mount to prevent water from seeping through. The installation is very simple and quick. The materials are of high quality so they not only look good but won’t rust.
    I had purchased my previous faucets from a local hardware store for a much higher cost, but they lasted less than 3 years. Then when I went to take them off I found the nut was rusted to the valve and I had to cut it off. Apparently there was not a good seal around the base of the valve and the nut was made of cheap material that rust. Since it was inside a cabinet and difficult to get to, this took hours.
    That is why I was so thrilled when I saw the way this set was designed and the type material they used for construction.

  12. E***e2020-06-28

    This faucet is perfect! Love how it looks, easy to install, great heavy duty quality. No fingerprints. We shopped around but didn’t want to spend $100 so we took a chance on these and so glad we did. You will not be disappointed.

  13. A***d2020-06-30

    I replaced my old outdated faucet with this. I am extremely pleased! It looks great and was very easy to install myself!! I plan on buying two more to replace other old faucets.

  14. A***k2020-07-01

    We are replacing five bathroom faucets that cost twice as much as these did. These are very attractive, extremely easy to install and are very well made. The only thing I have to say that is in anyway a negative is that the instructions should tell you to buy some pipe thread sealer to use on the drain pipe threads. The drain pipe is designed for sinks with an overflow hole so there are holes in the side below the stopper, between the nut and gasket at the bottom. The threads are very course and I discovered that the water when draining will run out of the overflow holes and drip thru the threads and out the nut holding the drain pipe in. Easily corrected with thread sealer. You are instructed to use plumbers putty where the drain connects to the top of the sink, but that is not the source of the leak. Get thread sealer. IMO, you cannot go wrong with this faucet at the price!

  15. L***r2020-07-06

    Nor only was pricing very low for this excellent faucet, it was very easy to install. The pop up drain is outstanding. I expect this faucet to last for years. A comparable faucet like this from a large brick and mortar would cost 3 times as much as this faucet. I highly recommend and would definitely buy again.

  16. G***d2020-07-09

    I bought this to replace a 25 years old faucet. The installation was a breeze even for a novice DIY installer like me. The only difficult part was the removal of the old rusted faucet. The supplied easy connectors made the installation a particularly painless affair. The only complaint is that the faucet is made of a light weight material compared to the old faucet that it replaced. The finished product looks sleeker and more elegant, however.

  17. M***s2020-07-21

    Installed in a bath rarely used so have no life experience with it but package is complete with all you need and it works well, looks good. The stopper is a push to close device rather than the usual rod to raise and lower the stopper. I’m not in love with that but fact is its simpler and it has a strainer in it so if you drop something down the drain you can pull the entire stopper assembly right out and retrieve it. That’s probably more of a plus than the negative of not having the rod to open/close the stopper.

  18. B***.2020-07-24

    This faucet looks and works great in our bathroom. The installation was easy with one thing to note. The quick connect hoses that come with the faucet must be seated firmly when installed. I thought I had them connected okay but when the water was turned on and the faucet opened, they both disconnected. Easy fix, just remember to push firmly when attaching the hoses.

    I had a small issue with the aerator on the faucet and found the WOWOW customer service to be very quick and responsive. Great company, can definitely recommend this faucet.

  19. H***s2020-07-26

    Just got this and installed it. It was very easy to instal, excellent packaging and very good fir value. I read many of the reviews before I purchased and non made sense. So far no leak and it looks great. If anything changes I will rewrite my review. Plus, as soon as got the product I received an email from the seller. It said if any issues at all I should contact them directly. As I said so far excellent. Remember it’s excellent value for money.

  20. S***c2020-07-28

    We love this faucet. The push button drain plug is super nice. The handles turn smoothly and the water flows great. I purchased it for a total bathroom remodel I was doing and was worried with purchasing such an item online without getting to actually see it. It has surpasses my expectations. Thank for a great product and great experience with this purchase.

  21. K***s2020-08-05

    Faucets are nicely finished and well packaged. The spigot is designed with a good centering over the sink basin. Gasketing and fittings under faucets and spigot are well thought out to prevent water intrusion. The materials used seem high quality. The pop up drain and tailpiece, while not as robust as what was replaced, are more than adequate. Installation was not difficult and included hardware was all present. Packaging is excellent with each faucet and spigot individually bagged so scratches in transit did not occur.

  22. C***n2020-08-11

    Really nice product was in Home Depot and couldn’t find one I liked and found this on WOWOW for $20 less. Instillation was really easy and I have installed a few sinks over the years and this was one was the easiest. Everything felt very solid, I really liked that drain that came with it which is a much better than the ones that have the pull up behind the faucet. Will probably get another one when I remodel my other bathroom.

  23. w***o2020-09-29

    Purchased this to replace my existing faucet that was leaking. It was easy to install. It took me about half an hour to take out the old faucet and about 20 mins to install this new one. It also comes with a pop up drain, which I also like very much. They look great. I am not sure how long they will last, but I am happy with the purchase for now.

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