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Sensor Tap Hot And Cold Water White

  • In the current epidemic situation, hand washing is one of the most convenient and effective measures for prevention. If hands cannot be washed properly in time, pathogens on the hands can enter the body through mucosal contact. Washing your hands and keeping them clean can effectively reduce the risk of contracting new coronavirus.
  • After washing your hands and turning off the water, your clean hands touched the faucet full of bacteria, causing secondary pollution. The manual faucet is prone to cross infection! At this time, everyone needs to use the induction faucet
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Living applications of induction taps

Since the induction faucet does not require direct human contact, it can effectively prevent bacterial cross-infection; the function of reaching for water and turning it off, thus effectively saving more than 30% of water, especially suitable for areas of severe water shortage. Nowadays, induction taps are commonly used in public places such as railway stations, bus stations, airports, hospitals, and other public places with high traffic.
Induction taps can be divided into the following applications.
1, public induction faucet — there are sensed signals out of the water, the signal disappears stop water, over a certain time automatic water stop function, suitable for use in most public places.
2、 Medical induction faucet —sense the signal out of the water, and then sense the signal to stop the water, over a certain time automatic water stop function, suitable for hospital operating theatres, nurses wash their hand’s plate use.
3, home induction faucet — In addition to the signal out of the water, the signal disappears to stop the water, over a certain time automatic water stop function, there is a long time to put water washing function, suitable for home use.
Visible induction faucet, because the induction faucet is an infrared reflective receiving electronic solenoid valve type switch, it is distinguished by the obstruction rather than the infrared signal, such as no timeout to stop the water protection faucet in the case of fixed obstruction will grow water, waste of water resources.


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