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WOWOW 8 Inch Widespread Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel

(20 customer reviews)

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  • BRUSHED NICKEL FINISH, SOLID BRASS CONNECTOR: exquisite widespread high arc bathroom faucet in brushed nickel finish, shiny surface, anti-scratch, non-corrosion, no water spot and finger print, solid brass connector ensures long time using
  • 2 HANDLES, 360° HIGH SPOUT: convenient 2 handle metal lever design for precise control in both volume and water temperature, special high square spout for convenient washing, no need to stretch up your hands far
  • CREATIVE QUICK INSTALL: unique fast connect construction, the hot and cold water can be mixed by quick-install pipe without wrench, through technique to prevent pipe burst
  • ADJUSTABLE WIDESPREAD DESIGN: 4 -16” widespread bathroom faucets 3-hole mount, the installing distance can be adjust on requirements, fits rent house, new condo, single-apartment, motor home, travel trailer and family use
  • WARRANTY, CUSTOMER SUPPORT: 5-year warranty and customer support are offered. It covered by 90-day return. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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WOWOW 8 Inch Widespread Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel

WOWOW 8 Inch Widespread Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel

WOWOW 8 Inch Widespread Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel WOWOW 8 Inch Widespread Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel

Bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread 2320300 

Did you know that your bathroom faucet is one of the most important items in your bathroom in terms of design? Even they are that small, faucets can have a massive impact on your bathroom décor. Bathroom faucets are natural focal point in any bathroom design. That means when someone enters a bathroom, one of the first things his or her attention is drawn to, are the bathroom faucets. Therefore a bathroom faucet can make a dramatic impact on any bathroom design and should be selected wisely.
This shows that you have to select your bathroom faucet well. You might have a (capped) budget for your new bathroom. Often we see that the bathroom faucets are not included in the initial design and budget. Bathroom faucets are consequently often selected only at the end of the process, while the bathroom is already being installed. It can be quite a challenge to find a bathroom faucet that fits both your design preferences and your budget. Bathroom budgets often run out in the end because of unforeseen events, and you don’t want to compromise on design and quality selecting your bathroom faucets. Especially when you know that these bathroom faucets can have a dramatic impact on your overall bathroom décor. It is therefore good to know that WOWOW offers you stylish and elegant bathroom faucets at affordable prices. Consequently, WOWOW offers you the best value for money.

Solid metal bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread 

WOWOW’s bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread is made of solid metal. You will immediately notice it when  you hold this bathroom faucet in your hand. The bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread weights 3.8 lbs which reveals its quality without a shred of doubt. You can be sure of a top quality bathroom faucet that will last for many, many years. Definitely, solid brass materials are far better than other metals. With these kind of massive metal content you don’t have to worry at all about corrosion problems for example. Besides, high-quality materials offer stability and maximum product life. Your water quality will be lead-free as well and therefore the best choice for your health.
Besides, the bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread was finished with a brushed nickel surface. Not only does  this finish provide a beautiful touch to your bathroom design, it is also wear resistant. The brushed nickel finish prevents moisture and scratches, which makes the bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread scratch- and stainfree. It therefore is a low-key luxury in your bathroom, that is easy to clean by wiping it with a cloth. Simple as that!

Boldly designed bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread

WOWOW’s bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread features a two handle widespread bathroom faucet that meets your needs to adjust the water volume of hot and cold water separately. The widespread design therefore is also adjustable from 4 to 16 inch. The faucet just needs a 3-hole mount and the installing distance can be adjusted to your personal preferences and requirements.

The high square spout definitely is a unique design that you will not see in many other bathroom faucets that you can find in the market. Many bathroom faucets look quite similar. To find something special regarding faucets could be quite a challenge. Besides its bold design, the high spout of the bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread gives you ample clearance beneath the spout to offer maximum comfort. Therefore this unique squarely shaped bathroom faucet offers you both a modern feature and comfort at the same time. As far for practically, you will not have to stretch your hands far to reach the water flow. That makes it a comfortable operation.

 Easily operated bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread

The 2 handles of this convenient bathroom faucet offer you the possibility to precisely control both the volume and the temperature of the water. The 2 handles are made of solid zinc alloy and offer an easy and yet well-designed grip. Not only the bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread can be operated smoothly, also the spout itself offers a 360 degrees reach. Therefore you can position the bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread in a way that is comfortable to you, and you can also turn it away to the back. That makes it easier to clean your bathroom sink for example.

Besides its easy operating, the bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread can also be easily installed. Its creative quick install feature is unique in the market. This makes it possible to attach all connections safely and easily by yourself. The hot and cold water lines are mixed by the quick-install pipe that can simply be attached without a wrench. With this precise technique you are also sure that your water pipes will not burst. The bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread is easy to install without the use of an expensive plumber.

Warranty bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread

The bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread comes with all needed materials, including the installing kit. Besides  the high square spout and its 2 handles, the package comes with a waterway, 2 water pipes of 50 cm for cold and hot  water, 1 pop up strain stopper and a complete set of accessories and tools.
As WOWOW guarantees that it offers the best value for money, the bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread  comes with a complimentary 90 day money back guarantee. If you would not be surprised with the value for money  you receive, you can return the bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread without any problems. You are guaranteed of a full refund without any questions asked. Besides, WOWOW offers you a 3-year warranty period. If your bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread would not perform like you would expect it to perform, WOWOW will replace your bathroom faucet with a brand new one. WOWOW takes its responsibility seriously and we will never let you down.

The advantages of the bathroom faucet brushed nickel widespread in a nutshell:

✅ Gives a wow-factor to any bathroom

✅ Unique 7-shaped design

✅ Stylish brushed nickel finish

✅ Massive metal materials

✅ Lifelong endurance

✅ Easy to clean and easy to maintain

✅ 3-year warranty



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3.59 pounds

Package Dimensions

11.2 x 10.1 x 3.2 inches


Brushed Nickel




Brass/ Stainless Steel/ Zinc Alloy


2 Handles



Power Source


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Handle/Lever Placement

Left and Right

Handle Material


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Hot/ Cold Water

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20 reviews for WOWOW 8 Inch Widespread Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel

  1. Z***a2020-04-28

    Great value for the price. Fraction of the cost. Looks nice. Action on handles is smooth and tight. Note that the spout can’t swivel. I didn’t specifically research that and it’s not a problem, but the ones I replaced had that feature.

  2. C***t2020-05-01

    Super easy to install. Just be careful when attaching supply line to handle supply drops. Use two wrenches to tighten them together. Other than that, very nice faucet. Well worth the purchase!

  3. W***e2020-05-03

    I was on a strict budget and ended up choosing this for my bathroom faucet. I love the height and simple design, it’s been installed for almost a month now and it works perfectly. I would strongly recommend it!

  4. T***s2020-05-03

    we are renovating a rental house to put on the market to sell next month. We bought a bathroom vanity at the local big box store but the faucets were too overpriced. I checked them out on WOWOW and decided upon this one. Great looking faucet especially for the price. Very easy to install and all the parts we needed were included.

  5. D***n2020-05-07

    This is by far the best faucet for the price! It is all metal with an all-metal push-up and down drain with a catch basin! No more cleaning pipe clogs of hair!

  6. 2***92020-05-09

    One of the best purchases so far that elevated the look in my bathroom. Quick delivery..easy installation. The same quality as you would pay double at Home Depot. Get all the value for your money. Extremely happy with my purchase.

  7. C***e2020-05-09

    I am so happy that I searched online to find this faucet. It’s at a way lower cost than the ones you find in the big box hardware stores, and we didn’t sacrifice anything as far as looks. It’s beautiful. Would definitely purchase again from this brand.

  8. B***e2020-05-13

    Really easy installation and decent quality and style . Compare with my other faucets got from Home Depot, this one definitely worth to buy with highly quality but Half price. Recommended to my friends as well

  9. B***e2020-05-16

    Love the faucet. Installation was pretty easy except we had to get longer hoses for our specific sink. It looks and feels at least double the price paid. The faucet was packaged beautifully which is a small detail but made everything even nicer. Thank you!

  10. A***r2020-05-17

    Very easy to put it on. And the even have gloves already in the box. It take me one hour take the old off :(. And 15mins put new one on, btw I’m not a plumber. Hot or cold they marked very clear. Can’t make mistake. Overall, it is fair price

  11. D***y2020-05-19

    The faucet and handles came nicely wrapped to prevent scratches. Both the faucet and handles were made of brass for durability and the lines were metal. However, I returned this set for one major flaw. The drain was huge and was too big for a relatively standard sized drain hole. The drain stopper was made of lightweight plastic, not metal.

  12. K***d2020-05-20

    When my guy looked at all these parts for the first time, he was angry and swearing. But by the time he finished installing the faucet, he had already praised the person who designed the faucet and asked why all bathroom equipment was not so good. I’m glad I chose this faucet. In addition to simplicity, I think it is beautiful. This is the style I have been looking for.

  13. R***n2020-05-21

    We bought this product as a replacement for our old faucet system, and this product has met all expectations and beyond! We wanted something that looks elegant, yet fits into our home decorations/theme. Not only does this faucet look nice, it works very smooth and has an amazing water flow. I installed this system within about 20 mins without any one else’s help. I would recommend this product to anyone in the market for a contemporary sink faucet that does’t put a hole in their wallet.

  14. R***s2020-05-25

    i replaced a super overpriced hans grohe ( spelling ) faucet with this unit. installed in 15 minutes. super smooth, nice valve action. design is excellent to prevent handle movement etc on a granite countertop. great value. the other faucet i replaced was 5x the price of this one. im a home builder, and have installed 100s of faucets. cheers!

  15. P***l2020-05-28

    The bathroom sink. The color and style look nice but the hot water faucet is too tight to turn easily and makes squeaking noise. The hot water faucet works very well. All of the parts were in the box, and both had the appropriate washers and was installed well. The casing unit for each hot and cold water handle is sealed so it cannot be adjusted. It is a manufacture defect. Otherwise, the cold water works very well, but when you turn the hot water handle it is very tight and squeaks and then allows the hot water to come out of the faucet.

  16. D***n2020-06-03

    What a happy difference this faucet has displayed with my vanity! Packaged very well, nice to have the complete assembly included, also received a matching soap dispenser and cleaning cloth. A tool is provided to set the base covers for the handles, as well, it is nice to have to lift the covers when doing a thorough cleaning of accumulated grime (no toothbrush). Great price too! Nicely done! I would definitely come back for a future purchase!

  17. M***y2020-06-05

    the item looked very nice. the only problem was that one of the faucets was not made right and it grinded every time you turned it on or off. I had to do some modifications to fix the problem. also the pop up drain does not pop up enough to allow the water to drain fast enough.

  18. M***y2020-06-05

    Very nice looking faucet that seems to be good quality. We liked it so much that we ordered 2 more for our master bathroom.

  19. J***d2020-06-08

    We’re pleased with the look and the speed at which we received this. Installation was a bit difficult but overall it was an affordable and good looking solution for our bathroom renovation.

  20. I***n2020-06-12

    Great product! Super easy to install and the style goes with our guest bath perfectly. It’s more stylish than anything we found at local hardware stores and the price is terrific!

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