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Automatic Dual Sensor Basin Mixer Faucet Chrome


This sensor type faucet is very convenient. Shake your hand gently under the water outlet, the water will flow out automatically, and you can wash your hands cleanly.

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 Advantages of bathroom induction faucet

1. One of the advantages of induction faucet: intelligent water saving. The induction faucet can be switched on and off through automatic induction control, and the hand or water container can be reached into the induction range, and the faucet will automatically discharge water and stop after leaving, which has good water saving effect.
2. Induction faucet two advantages: timeout protection. Automatic water shut-off function for overtime washing, which can avoid wasting water due to foreign objects within the sensing range for a long time.
3. Induction faucet three advantages: convenient hygiene. Switching on and off the water is done completely automatically by the sensor, without the need to touch the faucet manually, effectively avoiding bacterial cross-infection.
4. Induction tap advantages of the fourth: adaptability. Sensitivity can be adjusted according to different operating environments.
5. The advantages of induction faucet five: applicable to a variety of places. Induction taps are suitable for hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, airports, medical institutions and other public places, can effectively avoid the phenomenon of wasting water resources.


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