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Over 10,000 Compliments On The Bathroom Design, Suggested Collection!

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Ou Xiaowei Bathroom Business School

Decorating a new home is one of the happiest things you can do, and it’s where you can put all your dreams of a better future. It can be said that all our hopes for the future are hidden in the decoration of our home.

It is not always easy to find the best solution, especially when it comes to bathroom design.

European, American, extravagant, minimalist, industrial, Scandinavian, Chinese, Japanese, different styles of home, each with its own unique charm, or sophisticated, noble or gorgeous, avant-garde cool, or simple and fresh……



Fashion And Practicality–Modern Simplicity

The modern minimalist style is one of the most common styles in life. Simplicity does not mean simplicity. Minimalist style may seem simple, but it is equally stylish and modern.

Modern minimalist style is a popular design style in today’s international society and people of almost every age can accept and love this style.

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Simplicity is not simplicity.

No pretense of decoration.

Cleanliness is also a beauty.

1 9

Plenty of Storage, Powerful


Large drawer capacity for surprises



Full Of Seniority – Light And Extravagant Style

Extravagant style, extravagant style emphasis on high quality, luxury is not cliché.

I have to say that this refined and high-class extravagance style has really captured the eyes of many face and quality-controlled people, and is perfect for families pursuing a high-quality life.



Extravagant doesn’t mean ostentatious.

Appropriate metallic tones

It gives the whole space a premium feel.


9 2

Feng Shui mirror design, flexible and clever

10 1

White countertops, clean and elegant



Individual Fashion – Industrial Style

The fashion sense of industrial style can be very powerful.

Icy iron, black, white and gray tone, filled with the rational and unrestrained industrial age. This design style has a strong personality and is loved by young groups.

8 2


Black, white and grey in a clever combination


Black can be a beautiful landscape.

7 2

The addition of light gives the space a technological feel

6 3

Minimalist white basin with full personality



Classical And Fashionable–New Chinese Style

New Chinese style, so that the traditional oriental aesthetic in the modern fashion replay, traditional Chinese home solemnity and elegance of the dual temperament, classical and fashionable fusion, the achievement of the new Chinese style.

It can be said that the new Chinese style unifies the aesthetics of the parents’ generation and the younger generation.

5 3

Elegant Rhythm

Sovereignty and elegance coexist

Large areas of white space

Keeps the space from being overwhelming

Gives us more room to think.

4 6

Symmetrical design, very oriental art

3 7

Metallic elements for an extravagant look


People of different ages, personalities, and needs have different preferences for home styles. Each style has its own personality and connotation.

Different home designs can present different temperaments. Choose a design that satisfies you and make your mood happy.

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