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Minimalist Charm, Simple and Rustic Style

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Simple and Minimalist

Giving meaning to design about life and restoring the most rustic space aesthetics is the constant goal of designer Alina Berezovetskaya, who thinks about life in every project she creates. Located in Kiev, Ukraine, this is a rustic new home created by the designer for a young couple.

The apartment is decorated in ivory, neither cold nor high-key, with a bean-green sofa that restores the unique rustic quality of the space.

The kitchen space has a more rustic taste, dark wood with black marble, low-key without losing the sense of seniority. The warm and leisurely wood tone, will be comfortable and natural fusion into a stream of fresh, away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The master bedroom continues the sense of simplicity of the overall space, presenting a quiet and restrained aesthetic, creating a comfortable space with a simple and powerful design, reflecting the aesthetic and taste of the inhabitants.

The sliding glass doors on the balcony increase the permeability of the space, allowing openness and privacy to coexist. The terracotta pots placed on the balcony reveal a vintage temperament, returning to authentic life and discovering the beauty of original textures.

The large Kaws sculpture in the corner keeps some fun in the minimalist space.

Other Works

The apartment, also in Kiev, is elegantly understated with a modern high-class black colour palette throughout.

The open dining area is used for very good lighting, so the dark black is not dull in the space.

The marble walls in the master bedroom are slightly reflective and the grey neutralizes the darker tones of the space.

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