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It Is The Minimalism Rooted In Life That Is Eternally Beautiful

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The following article comes from Design First, by Fa Ge

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Hecker Guthrie, based in Melbourne, is one of Australia’s leading design practices undertaking projects, in the hospitality, residential, retail and commercial sectors, both here and abroad. The directors, Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie, who appear on the surface to present a sort of yin and yang in terms of personality, have at their core common design beliefs that support and sustain one another and the broader practice. Meeting at the offices of architect Darryl Jackson, in the mid 1990s, and working on a project together when it was rare for interior designers to be commissioned they clicked, and subsequently set up a partnership now in its 19th year.

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Melbourne-based interior and architecture photographer Shannon McGrath invites est inside her East Melbourne family home.

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The living and dining space features the Klassic 3 Seater Sofa from Great Dane, a Halcyon Lake rug, Cache Floor Lamp by Aurelien Barbry for Le Klint, Tie-in black walls, and has a history of the eat desk and chair, the style is elegant and quiet.

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Shannon McGrath with her daughters Sybil and Jos. Artwork by Valerie Sparks.

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Shannon’s late mother Wynne McGrath。

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The Johansen circular dining table by Mads Johansen for Snedkergaarden and Vilda 3 Dining Chairs by Jonas Bohlin for Gemla in the dining space.

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