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How do consumers discern the pros and cons of faucets

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  1. The key when buying is to feel the switch, it should be soft and effortless to the touch. If it feels clumsy or too light, it means the assembly is poorly constructed.
  2. Different prices of faucets in the plating quality also differ. Generally speaking, the main raw material of the faucet is divided into mixed copper and pure copper, and the more advanced is a mixture of copper and nickel. Pure copper is not easy to corrode and oxidize. After many polishing, it is very suitable for plating and the plating quality is better than mixed copper. In addition, the thickness of the plating is also very special. Factors affecting the quality of faucets in addition to raw materials, production methods and processes also play a decisive role.
  3. The selection of faucets and accessories should be considered from the following aspects.
  • First of all, the surface coating treatment and quality.
  • The main body of the faucet should be made of bronze or brass casting.
  • The quality of the faucet’s inner core directly determines the tightness and service life of the faucet.
  • The faucet handle range should be larger.
  • Choose a large amount of water, water stopping speed of the industrial faucet.
  • What should we pay attention to when choosing a faucet? First, move the switch a few times to see if the parts fit together tightly and tightly. When you twist the switch, it better feel soft. If it feels clumsy or flimsy, it means that its assembly is not properly constructed. Such a faucet is not enough to use, or will leak when the water pressure increases. Therefore, we must pay attention to whether there is packaging, origin, inspection certificate, etc. when buying.
  • Choose and buy ceramic core valve faucet. In general, the faucet’s valve core mainly consists of ceramic plates, washers, fixed transparent rubber rings and special stainless steel connector screw assembly. The ceramic piece is made of highly durable ceramic. The distance between the two pieces is very close. Even with a water pressure of 60Bar, it is able to cope with the water pressure without leaking, making the use of the faucet smoother. For the gasket, silicone gasket is used, which can withstand hot and cold water pressure without leakage. The special stainless steel connection screws are designed with precision to prevent over-tightening of the core.
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