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Grille, The Rhythmic Beauty Of The Overlap Between Reality And Imagination!

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Can be regular, can change

Can be disorderly and orderly

The building outside the grille

The elegant charm in the haze



a barrier made of bamboo, wood, iron bars, etc.

But most of the time we call it


An arrangement of thin wooden strips

Originated from traditional Chinese elements

In recent years

evolved into a decorative element

and has gained the favor of designers worldwide

Sometimes ethereal, sometimes beautiful

sometimes dynamic, sometimes rigid

In a large number of interior designs

Grilles exude beauty in various forms


– One –

Grille in partition

The elegance and grace of partitioning

Reflection of the hazy beauty of light and shadow

Serene but not dull

Compared with the traditional screen

The permeability of grille is stronger

The interplay of changes

With extraordinary artistic tension

A Zen-like Chinese rhythm emerges


-Two –

Grille in the ceiling

Orderly arrangement with a touch of rationality

Bringing light into the room through filtering

The rhythm of balance and restraint emerges

Sparse or dense

or wide, or narrow

A line is neatly arranged

The space becomes more poetic as a result

– Three –

Grilles in sliding doors

Both functional and aesthetic

Space and closets can be used

Semi-obscured effect

Keeps the space transparent

A bit of mystery

Mostly used in study and checkroom design

– Four –

Grille in the back wall

Brings a lot of linear elements into the space

Can be combined with marble

Poetic in its simplicity

Can be paired with wood finishes

Grille gives a sense of movement to the large wood

Can be matched with latex paint

The subtle color

Elegant and subtle against the grille

The grille wall under the light

The mood is distant

Reinforces the details of the overall material texture

Make the wall more layered and artistic sense

Rustic wood and delicate design

Natural flow of warmth

Wooden grille fills the gap

The sharp lines enhance the whole space

Different materials and colors of grilles

Unique artistic charm of their own characteristics

Injects a touch of art into the whole space

The warm atmosphere of a home is also more prominent

Create a different kind of exquisite home space

The rustic material of the grille

A sense of quiet life

The rustic luxury is presented in the rudimentary

The beauty of grille

also lies in the beauty of light and shadow mood

Light through the grille

presents a kind of artistic tension like shadow play.

The people walking inside and outside the grille

The people walking inside and outside the grille also become a part of the play and enter the picture with the shadow.

It is as if a magic of light and shadow, beautiful to say the least.

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