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Features of WOWOW single faucet and double faucet

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First, the characteristics of WOWOW single faucet.

If you have a small kitchen, it is best to choose a single faucet. You can adjust the water temperature and water output by a single handle. It is very convenient. Single faucet is mainly divided into the tabletop single faucet and single handle.

  1. Desktop single handle faucets are more common in the kitchen. One handle makes operation very simple. You can adjust the water flow and water temperature by adjusting the water flow.
  2. The biggest advantage of the single-pull faucet is that it can be more convenient to clean the corners inside the kitchen, as well as places where ordinary faucets are not enough to expand the cleaning area and bring convenience to kitchen cleaning.



Second, the features of the WOWOW double faucet.

This faucet occupies a larger area than the single faucet, but it is very powerful, and you can enjoy cold and hot water at the first time, which is more practical and beautiful.

  1. Tabletop double tap: the hole on the kitchen basin determines whether you can use this tap, so it is best to use matching products, two handles to control hot and cold water, if you have children, then this tap This design is safer, and will avoid the kind of hot things that cause hot and cold water.
  2. Wall-mounted faucet: According to preferences, feel free to match different types of kitchen sinks, and make full use of the wall above the kitchen basin, which not only saves space, but also is very beautiful, but due to the domestic architectural design rarely used kitchen water channel built-in, maintenance up will be relatively difficult. The main reason is that the pipes are all buried in the wall.

Since its inception, WOWOW has been developing new product categories. Innovation, design and development go hand in hand . Hope you will like them.


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