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Elegant And Affectionate, Coexisting With Nature – Mountain Point Water Architects

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Warm and affectionate, graceful and mellow, optimistic and upbeat.

It is the temperament of the house and the owner.

Thus, she is not just a space

Putting people inside is what makes a home, a place to land physically and spiritually.

Live in a place where space and people interact and grow together!


She is the narrator | a window, a frame, a gentle and affectionate narrative

Open the door to see the view

of the apparently open air

to break down the barriers of space

living room, door, garden, a line connected to build a sense of balance

stretching affinity and stability of the relationship, home will be able to see the waiting family!

The warm earth colors that gently come in when you enter the door,

the gentle sense of belonging

with gentle lighting, soft sofas, soft greenery,

and the moment you sit down, you will be relieved of your fatigue, and your heart will follow softly!

The living room and the tea room are connected in one line.

Change the depth of the living room is too long to take care of the living comfort

of the distance between the sofa and the TV, but also closer to people’s communication distance

sight and breath, the soul are permeable

The wall is decorated with bamboo leaves, like flowing clouds.

Echoing the same color as the wall, restrained not overtly

rounded corners, edges, and wear down the impact of life and trivial

while burning incense and tea, watching the changing times, smelling birds and insects chirping

If the weather is sunny, you can see your granddaughter playing with her shadow outside the window

to share the joy of family life.


She is the communicator – one inside, one outside, is the link of communication.

In order to respect the habits of the elderly and make their living more convenient,

the bright and airy first floor is reserved for the elderly,

so the kitchen is moved down to the negative first floor.


In order to solve the problem of damp and closed environments,

open the patio and design a sunken garden, where the view is brought into the house

to break the boundary between indoor and outdoor, leaving as much space as possible for nature to breathe.


If you walk to the negative first floor, the smoke and fire of life comes out of

the open kitchen, dining room and garden, blurring the boundaries

It’s like walking through nature and the interflow of daily life.

The person who prepares dinner by the stove can also look out over the dining room,

relax in the garden, and smell his mother’s special dishes,

and the family can still be close

even while doing their daily chores.


She is a dancer, a dancer, an elegant and optimistic

Down-to-earth place, she has left her own

hobby, temperament, temperament

side of the dance studio, to witness the elegance of a woman’s life!


Space comfort is built on more than sight and touch.

Breathability also plays an important role, with a 6-meter permeable patio.

Liberating bright sunlight, comfortable ventilation, and smooth airflow


The bamboo leaf neo-Chinese installation on the patio wall,

from bottom to top, is the power of positive growth

dancing and spinning, square footage, perceive the owner’s desire for sunlight

while also pursuing a positive attitude towards life!


She Is The Guardian | A Light And A Shadow, Passing Emotional Care

Second floor is the master bedroom, the whole space has a lot of arc elements

arc bed edge, rounded lamp, rustic small table, gentle

and orderly to remove sharp conflicts, like the owner of a gentle and friendly attitude to life

and oriental ornaments, passing oriental elegance and atmosphere

Perceive people with objects, perceive the nature and hobbies of the inhabitants.

The place closest to the sky, she leaves the most beloved ones

with sunshine and intimacy, leaving the breeze to rest,

leaving open space, clean air

to return to the source, is the warmth and care left by the elders to the younger generation.

My granddaughter loves pink, stars, and clouds,

so give her a starry sky that breathes.

Grandma tells bedtime stories, and baby has a good night’s sleep!


The narrator, who tells of the seasons of joy and tenderness.

Communicators, Breaking Spatial Boundaries and Intimate Communication

Dancers, dancing with grace and optimism.

Guardians, caring for emotional care and health maintenance

Seemingly speechless, but actually expressing the reality of spring and autumn, the cold and warmth of the years.

Symbiosis, conveying the warm sensibility of Eastern philosophy!


Project Drawings – Space Analysis and Materials

Project Name: Dongyuan Xuhui. Jiang Shan Utopia

Project Location: China . Yubei, Chongqing . Yubei

Completion date: September 2020

Project Cost: 2.2 million RMB

Designed by Xinzhi Yuan

Designed by: Mountain Point Water Architects

Design Scope: space design, product design, lighting design

Construction Company: JZIYI Construction & Installation Co.

Main materials: wood flooring, latex paint, mirrored glass, marble, tile, wood veneer, raw wood, cotton, leather

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