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Design Back To Nature, A Quiet Corner Outside The City Life | Yuanhe Daqian

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Metropolis Four Seasons is located in the new center of Hengqin, Zhuhai, facing the mountains to the north and the bay of Mahaichu to the south. The superior location gives it incomparable natural attributes.

The designers brought nature into the metropolis and used the themes of “light overflow” and “wood rhythm” in the two model rooms, returning the design context to the empathy of nature, art and people and giving a beautiful vision of life.



Rhythm of Wood

The source of planting, the direction of the heart


Outside the city life

A place of tranquility

Blending in nature

Feel the true nature of the world

Insight into tranquility

Living in seclusion

In a peaceful vision

Wooden color builds a modern wabi-sabi home atmosphere

The simplest way, the most complicated

Abandoning all superfluous colors

Wood and creamy white are blended to the extreme

Pure simplicity and nature as far as the eye can see

The gentle temperament of the wood and the large amount of white space

A glimpse of the elegance and cleanliness of the house

The dining room and living room are integrated into one

The dining room and living room are integrated into a single room, which makes the room more open and transparent.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows bring in natural light

Symbolizes the balance between human and nature

Presenting a simple color

In order to let the light flow freely

With transparent white curtains

The breeze rises, the sunlight diffuses in

It is as if the space is breathing

The dining table is decorated with artistic floral art in the same color, and the elegant gesture of plants.

The overall atmosphere is fresher, brighter and more vibrant, opening up a wonderful and harmonious dining time.

Tadao Ando said

“People need art and culture to enjoy city life.”

The furnishing design of the study caters to this demand

Decorating the space with natural wood and rattan furniture

Musical instruments and artistic wall paintings are used to enhance the atmosphere

The combination of local natural materials

The natural warmth and lightness of the room

The master bedroom is decorated with light wood colors

Layers of similar colors are added

On the simple block surface

Geometric decorations are incorporated one after another

It is like painting on a plain background

Use lines and materials as a means of spatial aesthetic form

Constructing a gentle and elegant sleeping space

In the simple space, light and shadow, material and color balance each other

Painting a delicate and uncontrived picture

Pink is the entrance to the fantasy world

Painted with the infinite imagination of childhood

The soft light protects children’s wild imagination

Let them in the dreamy and sweet mood

The pink is the entrance to the fantasy world

▲Plan layout



Light Overflow

The light of all things, the beginning of the origin

All substances in nature, mountains, water, air, are given by light. All of them have shadow, and shadow belongs to light, and light is the source of all things.

–Architect Louis Kant Con

Light is the origin of everything. In order to bring natural light into the interior, the designer used bright monochromatic tones, reflective materials and clean lines to create a soothing and serene atmosphere.

Under the bright tone, the personality of the home becomes so distinct because of the addition of “light”. Bright yellow and pure white are like the protagonist and the golden supporting actor in a movie, making a good movie about life.

The color gives the space mood, and the material amplifies the mood twice.

How to further reflect the change of light, the house furnishings are mostly made of permeable materials. When light enters, multiple carriers show different color changes from different angles, forming an optical phenomenon. The space thus appears vivid and interesting, and the vitality of the home comes to life.

Marble dining table and goose yellow dining chairs match

With the addition of intense light

The dining atmosphere is filled with the romantic sunset style

There is no superfluous decoration and no excess of form. Every object and painting is just the right existence, emitting the abundant and unrestrained life, together giving the home a rich story atmosphere.

Behind the busy world is a rare moment of self-indulgence. The sleeping space is extended with soft yellow. The right blend of more and less, lighter and heavier, will bring a night of charming and beautiful dreams to the heart of the residents.

▲Plan layout

Full name of the project: Huafa-Vanke Xujiahui Metropolis Four Seasons 65/99 house model room

Project address: Zhuhai, Guangdong

Soft furnishing design: Yuanhe Daqian

Hard furnishing design: Shenzhen Chuangku Design Consultant Co.

Design time: 2020.10

Completion time: 2021.01

Space area: 65/99㎡

A unit: Shenzhen Division of Xuhui Group

Special support: Li Long, Wang Yaming

Photography team: And and space – Puyu

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