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Commonly Used Four Faucet Beginning, Accidentally Choose The Wrong One Really Suffering, Your Home Choose the Right One?

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It is everywhere in life, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, with the development of society, the production of many different ways to turn on the faucet, want to know how to buy the right faucet? Next, let’s take a look at what faucet switches open and how to properly buy a faucet.

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1 What are the faucet switch open mode

Faucet switch mode

1、Spiral handle

Spiral faucet handle open, need to rotate more than a few turns, the use of more trouble, generally in order to save water, people will use the liquid to rub hands when the faucet will be closed, the use of liquid hand to twist the faucet will be more slippery, more trouble, so it is not recommended to use.

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2, Lift open type

Lifting the faucet switch only need to lift up a lift can be water, the size of the angle can be opened to control the water flow, more convenient health.

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3、Induction type

The inductive faucet switch just needs to reach under the faucet, it will automatically dispense water, which is more convenient to use, both hygienic and water-saving.

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4、Wrench type

The wrench faucet switch can be turned only 90 degrees, but also used to control the flow of water by opening the angle of the size, this kind of faucet switch is more suitable for the kitchen.

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The material and structure of the faucet, valve core difference


By material, can be divided into SUS304 stainless steel, cast iron, all-plastic, brass, zinc alloy material faucet, polymer composite faucet and other categories.

According to the structure, and can be divided into single, double and triple faucets and other kinds of faucets. In addition, there is a single handle and double handle of the points.

Single type can be connected with cold water pipe or hot water pipe; double type can be connected with hot and cold at the same time two pipes, more for the bathroom basin and hot water supply of the kitchen basin faucet; triple type in addition to cold and hot water pipes, can also be connected with the shower head, mainly used for bathtub faucet. The single-handle faucet can adjust the temperature of hot and cold water by one handle, while the double-handle faucet needs to adjust the cold water pipe and hot water pipe separately to adjust the water temperature.

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▲Double-handle faucet with hot and cold water

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▲Single faucet

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▲Duplex faucets


Divided by the valve core, can be divided into rubber core (slow-opening valve core), ceramic valve core (fast-opening valve core) and stainless steel valve core and other kinds of. The most critical influence on the quality of the faucet is the valve core. The use of rubber core faucet more for the spiral open cast iron faucet, has been basically eliminated; ceramic core faucet is the emergence of recent years, good quality, more common; stainless steel valve core is more suitable for poor water quality areas.

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▲ Rubber cartridge (for spiral faucet)

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▲Ceramic spool

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▲Stainless steel spool (mostly used for ball valves)


So we

2 How do I choose a good quality faucet?

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Faucet material

After years of development, faucets are made of a wide variety of materials, with all-copper faucets, alloy faucets, stainless steel faucets and ceramic faucets commonly found on the market.


Alloy faucets (not recommended for purchase)

The price is very cheap, the factory is generally with zinc alloy mass production, not only harmful to human health, and not durable, zinc alloy is used in most cases to make the handle of the faucet and some bathroom hardware pendants.


All-copper faucet (purchase index: ★★★★★)

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Using all copper casting, strong and durable, excellent acid and alkali resistance, long service life, relatively low melting point, has a strong plasticity, more mature production process.

China’s requirements for faucet lead content must be ≤ 1.8%, and copper ions have a certain sterilization effect, do not have to worry about the water is infected with bacteria, to protect our drinking water safety.


Stainless steel faucet (purchase index: ★★★★★)

Stainless steel faucet does not contain lead, and acid, alkali resistance, no corrosion, does not release harmful substances, will not pollute the tap water source.

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Stainless steel faucet is a new industry, the production level is not mature enough, in the production process will inevitably add some toxic heavy metal elements, and casting process is difficult, large consumables.


Ceramic faucet (purchase index: ★★★)

A ceramic faucet is a faucet made of ceramic, which has the advantages of not rusting, not oxidizing and not easy to wear. Because the shell is a ceramic product, so it can match with the bathroom products, adding the artistic sense of ceramic products, set off the high-grade quality of the bathroom.

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Ceramic faucet brittle texture, improper use easily broken, there are certain dangers, the use of extra caution. Price and stainless steel faucets are almost the same.

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After comparing.

The copper ions in copper taps can kill 99% of bacteria in the water and make it impossible for bacteria to produce antibodies, which is no comparison to other materials, and its quality and price are both highly cost-effective, making it a prime choice for many homes.


The stainless steel faucet is also a good choice; of course, ceramic faucet can also be used as an option to enhance the high-grade quality of the bathroom, but its fragile material, prone to accidents; as for the alloy faucet, is not recommended to choose.

3 faucet how to buy correctly

1. Look at the surface

First of all, look at the brightness of the faucet surface, the faucet valve body are cast from brass, after grinding and polishing molding, the surface plated nickel and chromium processing, regular product coating have specific process requirements, and through neutral salt spray test, no rust phenomenon in the prescribed time limit, so in the purchase, to pay attention to the surface of the gloss, hand touch no burr, no pores, no oxidation spots. Differentiate the quality of the faucet to see its brightness, the smoother and brighter the surface represents the better quality.

2. Turn the handle

Secondly, gently rotate the handle, see if the light and flexible, with or without blocking heavy feeling, some very cheap products, are using the quality of the spool, technology coefficient can’t reach the standard, and their price difference of 3-4 times. So don’t put the faucet in the purchase price as the only standard, good faucet in turning the handle, faucet and the switch between the gap is not excessive, and off open easily without obstruction, not slippery low-quality faucet not only the gap is large, the hindrance feeling is also large.

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3. Listen to the sound
Good faucet knock up sound dull, if the sound is very brittle, it must be stainless steel, the quality will be a grade worse.


4. Know the mark
Generally, regular products have the brand identification of the manufacturer in order to identify and prevent counterfeiting, while some informal products are often only paste some paper labels, or even without any markings, so you must pay attention to identify when buying.

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5. Check parts
Check the various parts of the faucet, especially the main parts of the assembly is close, there is no loose feeling, good faucet valve body, handle all are using brand brass refined, self-weight heavy, a sense of condensation.

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4 Faucet purchase misunderstanding

1, Sensor faucet most water-saving

Induction faucet not only less water, high price, and high maintenance costs, family use induction faucet, practicality is not high.

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2, The smaller the flow, the more water-saving

Faucet flow has water conservation standards, the flow is too large or too small are not conducive to water conservation. Sometimes the flow of the faucet is too small, there may be a problem with the faucet valve, or cinder blockage, should be promptly cleaned or replaced.

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3, The bubbler faucet any case are water-saving

Starter role is mainly to increase the number of bubbles in the water, reducing the amount of water; but the starter to make the impact of water weakened, must use a lot of water, not conducive to water conservation.

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4, Faucets have hot and cold temperature regulation

Hot and cold faucet temperature adjustment function must have hot and cold two inlet hose and ceramic valve to achieve.

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5、Choose the faucet without considering the basin

Many consumers do not notice that the basin becomes taller after installing the basin, and the faucet needs to be installed on the basin, so the actual condition of the basin must be considered when purchasing.

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6, Faucet and water pipe connection without angle valve

Every hot and cold faucet will have to make use of an angle valve in order to connect to the water pipe, and every hot and cold faucet will need two angle valves to go with it.

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