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Black and White + Straight Lines, Create Modern Rationalism

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Black and White + Straight Lines, Create Modern Rationalism | TRID Design

US17 is a personal apparel brand created by Chinese basketball superstar Yi Jianlian in 2014 with his own shoe size US17. US17 uses “PROVE YOURSELF” as the core idea of the brand, aiming to convey not only basketball, but also the need to keep working hard and proving oneself in different fields. The overall design of the door header is black and white, using minimalist lines to create a sense of crisscrossing. The overall design of the front door in black and white as the main color, the use of minimalist lines, creating a sense of vertical and horizontal interlacing, simple but not monotonous. The interior design of the store uses more rigorous horizontal and vertical lines, so that it will not appear chaotic, based on the futuristic, adding a modern rationalism to the space. The interior of the store is not overly decorated and the brand names US17 and SLOGAN are highlighted in the center, highlighting the simple and restrained tone and personality of the brand. The design of the store’s stadium roof and court throughout the entire display area, and in line with the brand’s philosophy of conveying the spirit of local street culture.

The brand’s name and SLOGAN are displayed on an all-glass curtain wall with mirrors and light boxes as the backdrop, fully demonstrating the trendy and cool concept of the store, which is simple and unconventional. The mercury plated tiles also highlight the brand’s strong sense of trendiness and coolness. The ceiling light band of the court shape gives people a sense of dislocation of time and space, the basketball court overhead, let people instantly enter the design scene, highlighting the store to carry forward the spirit of basketball tenet. The thick, textured concrete floor has a strong industrial style, giving the space a sense of structure. The iron and metal elements have a rigid appearance, and their patchwork presents a sense of structured order. The wooden display shelves neutralize the coldness of the industrial design style and complement the wrought iron display shelves. These make the whole space full of intimacy and sense of layering, showing its design intent and style.

It creates an immersive shopping experience for the consumer. The overall hard furnishings in the store are in a more pure white and grey colour palette, making the merchandise the centre of the visual attention. The store is free of excessive decorations, making the brand name and brand statement more prominent and leaving a deep impression in consumers’ minds. Part of the space is intentionally left blank to give consumers more freedom to imagine. The clothes display area and sneakers display area are well divided, consumers can go to different areas to buy products according to their own needs, so that consumers can get psychological satisfaction and pleasure. The walls of the clothing displays are painted with cement to emphasize the clothes on display and to avoid overpowering the display. Most of the displays are set up as mobile units that can be adapted to different product styles and sales entities. Consumers explore a higher level of spirituality during the experience and the displays provide appropriate feedback on consumer behaviour. A large amount of open space in the middle of the store creates the feeling of walking through the center of the “stage”.

The design concept is environmentally friendly. The design uses low-polluting materials and equipment, and pays attention to the consumption of energy and resources in use to reduce the burden on the environment. The use of recyclable resources and the preference for environmentally friendly building materials can ensure that the design materials can meet the functions and requirements of the main building. Choose decoration materials that are harmless to the human body and the environment. Natural ventilation improves indoor air quality and indoor comfort, and there is no energy consumption and pollution. Incorporate natural elements into the design to make the interior vibrant and relaxing, and provide a quality shopping environment for consumers.

Axonometric Diagram

Floor Plan

Floor plan of the Entrance

Internal Floor Plan

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