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kitchen faucet 8 Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise integrating the development, production, and sales of copper faucets and other sanitary products. The factory is located in the Kaiping faucet production base in Guangdong Province and adopts the ISO9001: 2008 quality system management model. “Wowow” copper faucets are now exported to Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Spain and Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, etc. We have 12 years of copper faucet export experience. Since 2010, we have entered the domestic market. The produced copper faucets have all passed the inspection by authoritative institutions and obtained “CE certification”, “Chinese brand”, “green environmental protection products” and “Chinese engineering”. “Recommended products for construction” and other honors. “Wowow” copper faucet is made of brass with national standard # 59-1. Wear-resistant ceramic material is used as the valve core to ensure no leakage for five years. Providing customers with warm and thoughtful, fast service and high-quality products is our constant pursuit. The goal. In the era of increasing international cooperation and competition, wowowfaucet will uphold the entrepreneurial spirit of pragmatism and innovation, and strive to internationalization.
The faucet produced by wowofaucet has an ultra-thin handle with a smooth faucet surface and clean lines, showing the ultimate simple aesthetics and innovative humanized design concept. In addition to giving people a good visual experience, the outflow of water will have a softer and more comfortable feel, more water-saving, and other advantages. Not only that, but it is also equipped with a variety of styles, just to meet the needs of different families and perfectly match different spaces.

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  1. Alcast Company Reply

    Can you send me the certification of all WOWOW faucets are lead free, so I can recommend to the Architect of houses I am constructing.

    2022-10-183:46 PM
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