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A Balanced And Orderly Oriental Space With Harmony Of Air And Rhythm│Milo Reflections

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The skillfulness of borrowing and the precision of the body is appropriate


Chenzhou is known as the “Southern Gate” of Hunan. The word “Chen” belongs to Chenzhou alone, which is a combination of the words “forest” and “eup”, meaning “city in the forest”. It has a magnificent natural scenery and a long history of humanities. It is one of the first historical and cultural cities in Hunan and one of the birthplaces of the Chinese farming culture. It has had its establishment since Qin Dynasty and is called Chen County.

The sales center of Wanteng-Guanshan Yue is located in the core area of Chenzhou city. The designer, who grew up here since childhood, fused his understanding of Chenzhou’s local cultural elements with his own design philosophy to design an oriental mood space full of cultural memory, balance and order.

Soft furnishing design is not only the arrangement of furniture, colors, flowers and trees, lines and accessories, but also the balance of humanity, nature and rhythm, and the recording tool of human emotion and memory. The designer follows the design spirit of “skillful in borrowing, refined in the body appropriate”, takes the project positioning and the surrounding scenes as the source of inspiration, blurs the space boundary between indoor and outdoor, and looks for the balance and order of architecture, soft decoration, sky, earth, mountain, water and forest elements.

The negotiation area is dynamic and interesting, with elegant colors. The curved lines and colors of furniture in Chinese forms create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The ornaments and grasses add a lot of natural atmosphere to the space. The greenery lingers in the space, and the charm is relaxed within the space, so that the busy people can enjoy the tranquility and modesty away from the hustle and bustle.



Balance and order


The tea room space is far away from other areas, and every detail has been carefully crafted by the designer. Trees, rocks, pines, old architectural elements, the flexible use of squares and circles, the combination and matching of oriental colors, the infinite reverie about the ancient East are all eternally engraved in the space by the designer.

The water bar area continues the overall style, with a large marble bar and calm wood color, the simple design is filled with ethereal elegance, which is comfortable and pleasant. The pearl lighting is hanging high in the air, just like the stars in the universe, more like a bright artwork.



Classical flavor new expression


The pure expression is often straight to the heart. The designer extracts the element of cranes and makes a new interpretation in terms of form and function. In the realm of landscape, flocks of cranes hover in the air, appearing and disappearing, as if they have traveled through a thousand years of time and left traces here.

Through the glass windows, the sunlight falls on the walls and sofas, and people come and go through the space, creating a harmonious painting. In the painting, the stars are quiet and silent, the light and darkness change in order with the sunrise and sunset, and the cranes fly around the sky. The designer’s elaborate work day after day has created a place of balance and order, a place of spiritual charm.

“Less is more”, design is complex, but also simple. Less is not to restrain desire, but to get rid of meaningless decoration and return to the demand itself. In the deep negotiation area, the designer uses refined design techniques to shuttle between realism and realism, creating an elegant and spiritual oriental charm.

▲Floor plan

Project Name|Wanten-Guanshan Yue Marketing Center

Project Type|Sales Center

Soft furnishing design and implementation|Milo Reflections

Art Director|Yazhen Zhang

Location|Chenzhou, Hunan

Project Area|680㎡

Special Thanks|Wanten Hongyu Real Estate

Milo Reflections is an art-driven high-end soft furnishing aesthetic brand. It focuses on providing in-depth, comprehensive and professional high-quality overall soft furnishing design and product landing services for spaces such as personalized private houses, villa mansions, showrooms, sales offices and hotel clubs. Since its establishment, it has successfully created many beautiful living spaces in the country and is committed to becoming the first brand of soft furnishing design in China.

Milo Reflections takes “design reconstructs the art of living” as a beautiful ideal, takes the customer as the center, respects the real needs and potential emotions of people and space ontology, gives the space a humanistic connotation, conveys a beautiful way of life, and makes every work have its own temperature and value.

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