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80 Popular Dining Room Designs That Light Up Design Inspiration!

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Popular restaurant designs

The restaurant’s ceremony

A good restaurant design can make people feel a very strong sense of ceremony. As the old saying goes, “Food is the order of the day”, and the restaurant is a very important part of interior design. Lighting, layout, and furniture can all affect the presentation of the dining room. A good dining room is not only refreshing, but can even be “appetizing”. Today we share 80 dining room cases to light up your design inspiration!

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Island table splicing dining table

The dining table and the island table splice form is suitable for the large open kitchen use. The design of island and dining table using different materials, even on different planes can be called splicing. One side of the island can be used as an operating table to assist in enriching kitchen functions. The dining table laps with the island to meet the dining function. This type of dining room design is very interactive. Family gatherings, while preparing meals for dining, can fully meet the communication between family and friends.

Marble splicing logs is the most common island dining table splicing design. The coldness of the marble and the warmth of the logs are neutralized, presenting an extraordinary design aesthetic.



Island extension

The island extension is another type of dining room that is symbiotic with the island table, extending from one of the island table materials. This type of design is more holistic. It is usually an extension of marble, slabs, etc. to become a dining table top. This type of design needs to pay attention to the height of the dining table and the island table, usually there will be a height difference between the two. If OCD people like the same height, you may need to sacrifice the height of the island table or raise the height of the dining table.



Separate dining room space

Independent dining room in the design of the most used, many developers or designers in doing house planning will set aside a space to be used as a separate dining room. Freestanding dining room in the design needs to pay attention to the integration of the whole space, so in terms of materials, color scheme and other aspects need to pay attention to the harmony with the whole. The effect of this type of dining room design mainly comes from the façade, top and accessories, etc., and more decorations can be done in the soft furnishings to enhance the aesthetic.

Whether it is the design of the back wall shape, or large decorative embellishments, can make the independent dining space to enhance the sense of atmosphere.



Bar Dining

The bar as a dining room is a very moody design, but the use of a bar in a small space is a helpless choice under many area constraints. Generally small homes choose bar dining mainly to save space, you can choose to connect with the dining sideboard, island, etc. to achieve a variety of use forms. The bar design in large homes is mostly to achieve the function of leisure, drinking wine and making tea are very moody design.



Carousel dining room

Many designers once used the card-seat dining room as a solution to the small dining and storage of the magic weapon. Now, however, the carousel is no longer synonymous with small homes. The design of the carousel is often not a separate cabinet. Most of the time it appears together with some other designs, such as backdrop, storage cabinet, dining cabinet, etc.

The card holder appears at the same time with the backdrop. The original wooden seat looks like it extends from the wall, with a sense of wholeness.

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