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78 Square Meters Family Of Four, This Design Is Senior But Also Show Big!

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Family Of Four

Bureau Slovo is a design team from Russia.

This two-bedroom apartment of 78.9m2

They recently completed a project to create a home for a family of four.

 Floor plan

The floor plan

resolves the house in a pistol shape,

with the children’s room and the master bedroom farther apart,

at the top of each of the two L’s,

which is a good way to ensure privacy for each.

On one side of the aisle, you’ll find

a shoe changing stool, dressing table, mirror,

and a single chair in a dark brown, symbolic of the fertile land;

on the other side of the aisle, a ceiling-high closet

with plenty of storage space, and a green door at the top of the aisle.

The white interior is bright

and transparent in the sunlight.

40cm high skirting throughout the house

The main feature of this case

is that it not only has a decorative effect,

but also serves as a link between the various zones.

This home did not have a TV because the parents felt that

It would interfere with parent-child time together, and the media wall is very minimalist.

With the minimalist TV stand underneath.

The visuals are full.

Integrated kitchen and dining room design

It’s a small but practical space.

White hanging cabinets contrast with warm walls

Matching greenery with decorations

Reflecting the house’s pursuit of quality of life

Because of the size restrictions, the designer removed the original kitchen partition.

The beams that are still intact and visible in their original form.

Customize a small dining table just below the beams.

Terrazzo with black wood has a unique charm.

The entrance to the master bedroom is planned with a

The cloakroom, separated by a rainbow of glass.

The arched dressing mirror echoes the element of curves.

Green and red are used as accents

Apply to doors, bed frames, windowsills, etc.

Except for the color.

The interior also uses circles as a pop element.

Top chandelier, white side tables on either side of the bed, wall lights

Integrated in the same space to create an elegant charm

The designer also widened the bay window to make a desk.

It doesn’t take up much space.

But for temporary office use

Or reading a book is enough.

By the window, the designer customised a black wooden table, cut to fit the level of the architectural columns.

The children’s room has a playful design

From vibrant, bright colors to animal-shaped furniture

Take in, sleep, study

Rational layout and clear zoning

The use of bunk beds

meets the needs of active children

It also allows for a more spacious activity area in the room

The uncomplicated design of the study area for two people

has a long tabletop facing the window

with enough light and not hurting the child’s eyes,

and a side compartment for frequently used items is just right.

The size of the bathroom is too small

and the three walls are load-bearing walls can not be moved,

so the designer separated the toilet room.

The design of double separation, it is more convenient for the family’s daily use.

Gray green with watermelon red as the main color in the bathroom

It’s such a bright color scheme.

Plus, the lighting can make a small space look bigger.

And at the same time, it’s stylish.

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