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Kitchen Faucet Selection Strategy

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What? What’s with the little faucet? Don’t really look down, the so-called “drinking water thinking about the source”, we drink water every day, used to wash vegetables and cook water are from it, if the faucet rust, leakage, water pollution and other problems, the day can have a bad heart.
So how do you choose the best value for money among the wide range of faucet products? Smart washing – home storage experts Congxin today this strategy to provide you with some reference
First, look at the material
Several common faucet materials on the market at present include PVC, zinc alloy, ceramic, stainless steel, PVC faucet is relatively cheap, but generally used as a transitional supplies in renovation projects, not recommended here, zinc alloy and ceramic faucet, although the strength is good, but the former internal welding, lead-prone to rust, the latter process is not yet very mature, not very durable, recommended SUS304 stainless steel faucet material.
At present, the faucets of high-end kitchen hardware brands such as Congxin are dominated by this material, the product has stronger corrosion resistance and sturdiness, ensuring no heavy metal precipitation. Remind everyone to choose SUS304 stainless steel faucet to be careful of poor quality stainless steel.
II. Looking at the surface
Feel the texture of the faucet surface with your hands, the surface of the high-quality product is warm and flat, the one-piece design of the faucet is not easy to hide dirt and dirt because of the lack of seams, the beauty and longevity are enhanced. Satoshi faucets with a finely brushed and fingerprint-proof finish can also be added as a plus.
Third, look at the valve spool
Spool is a key factor in the quality of the faucet, the current market faucet mainly rubber spool, ceramic spool and steel shaft spool, rubber spool in the spiral open cast iron faucet, now has been basically eliminated; ceramic spool is only in recent years, good sealing, physical properties are stable, but due to process reasons quality control still has some problems, here recommended the last steel spool.
Compared with the previous categories, the steel shaft spool has a higher tensile strength and can reach 500,000 switches without damage, so as to protect the tap from water leakage.
IV. Looking at innovation
I think you have long been on the traditional faucet water way a single, limited cleaning range of defects, in the era of rising demand for quality of life, the relevant kitchen hardware production enterprises also began to strengthen the differentiation of faucet products innovation, such as the Congxin faucet with hot and cold water conversion, faucet free pull, silent skin water, water saving 30% and other functions to bring a more humane kitchen cleaning experience.

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