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Winter Is Here! Should I Buy A Thermostatic Shower? Listen To The Experts, No Wonder So Many People Want To Change!!!

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Bathroom Business School 2020-11-19

Referring to the pits encountered in the bath from childhood to adulthood, it is sad to say more.

In the shower, it was found that there is no hot water!

Anyway, the final question is: Why is it so hard to take a nice bath?

To say that the shower, in fact, quite simple, including the rod, faucet, nozzle divided into top spray and hand spray.

But some people say, I spent ten yuan to buy a pretty good use. The shower is broken, and then replace a new shower, and you do not hurt. As long as you can wash it clean.

So, there is nothing wrong, but the experience in the end is not the same.

It’s like, 50 cents of steamed buns, you can eat enough, thousands of yuan of Michelin also eat enough. Both full, which do you like to eat?

The key is not in the results, but in the enjoyment of the process. Today we will talk about the shower ~


One. Types Of Showerheads

In general, there are two main types of showerheads on the market now: thermostatic and normal. In the purchase of many often indecisive, do not know whether they choose a thermostatic shower or ordinary shower. What is the difference between the two?

Ordinary shower, its core is a ceramic piece of thermostatic spool, by swinging around to adjust the temperature of the water, swing up and down to control the flow of water. It is very convenient and quick to use.

But often use the shower will find a problem, in the winter shower, it is difficult to control the water temperature to a certain temperature. That is because the ordinary shower faucet is to mix cold water and hot water to adjust the temperature of the water. Once the water pressure of hot or cold water has changed, the water temperature will naturally become unstable and hot and cold.

And the upgraded thermostatic shower, the spool can be adjusted by the faucet with its own thermostat. Automatic balance of cold and hot water pressure, so as to maintain the stability of the water temperature.

From the safety point of view, the ordinary shower temperature is difficult to control. Adults bathing okay, able to respond in a timely manner. If it is the elderly or children bathing, it is easy to be scalded with serious consequences.

Thermostatic shower can be set at the temperature of the automatic balance, thereby reducing the chances of scalding. And the inner wall of the faucet also carried out anti-scald treatment. Even if you accidentally touch the faucet, you will not be scalded, improving the safety of the shower.

In addition, the shower can also be divided into handheld shower, top spray shower and side spray shower by use.


Hand Shower

Handheld showers are the most common and most versatile. The general family said the shower, usually refers to the handheld shower. This shower is easy to use, can wash all parts of the body, with a fixed seat, can also achieve the function of the top spray shower, quite cost-effective.


Overhead Shower

Now more and more homes are equipped with top spray shower. The size of this shower is larger, generally in more than 8 inches, some length and width can be more than 1 meter. Top spray shower can achieve rain, water mist and other water outlet, so that the user is like being in nature, feel the most direct touch of water.


Side Spray Shower

Side spray shower needs to be fixed on the wall, spraying water from the side, its auxiliary properties are larger, mainly to achieve the massage function. Some side spray shower can adjust the angle to achieve up and down, left and right or irregular water discharge, you can rinse and massage the whole body. Side spray shower is generally not sold separately, more often sold as part of the concealed shower system or shower set.


Second, The Way The Water Comes Out Of The Shower

Natural Water

As the name implies, natural water is the water sprayed in the most natural way, without any treatment. Sprayed from the shower silicone holes, the water itself with some pressure, can rinse the whole body, is the most common way of water.


Air Bubble Water

There are air recesses in the waterway inside the shower. High-speed flow of water drives the airflow and mixes to form a water column. It turns the original spray water into dripping water. Bubble water is full and soft. After the water rushes through the body, the small bubbles remaining in the body continue to burst, bringing a burst of cool.


Massage Water

Massage water is concentrated water flow into the massage water hole. The massage hole has a rotor that can be turned. The rotor is driven by the impact of the water flow and rotates at high speed inside the shower, generating pulses of water by cutting off part of the water flow with frequency. Such a splash of water beat on the body to play a massage role, so called massage water.


Spray Water

Spray water is because the spray hole on the panel is specially designed. Water flow through the mist spray out. The fog water has a large area, and being in the water mist gives the showerer a different experience.



Mostly seen in overhead showerheads, the principle is to change the water outlet hole into a strip. The water is sprayed out from the original thin hole into a strip outflow. People stand underneath as if the natural waterfall water downward feeling.


Mixing Water

Some showers can not only switch between a variety of water, but also in two or more ways at the same time. For example, natural water with bubble water is the most common way to mix water.


Third, The Quality Of The Shower

When selecting a shower does not need to make a water test, only by eye and hand touch. The main places to check are silicone grains seams, and plating.


Silicone Particles

When buying a handheld shower, pay particular attention to the water outlet hole. The quality of the outlet determines whether the water column sprayed from the shower is balanced, with or without the intensity of the situation. The water outlet of the shower is generally made of silicone. Quality water outlet hole is neat, smooth and soft. This silicone grain not only can ensure the quality of the water outlet, and clean without care.



The seam of the shower is the most reflective of the “craftsmanship” of the place. A good seam should be tight and the gap should be small, so as to effectively prevent water leakage and ensure product quality.



The plating surface is a measure of the durability of a shower or not. A good plating surface is smooth, without fine marks, and will not have a bumpy feel when touched. When shopping, you can put the shower under the light and check it carefully. If you find scratches or unevenness, the service life of this shower will also be greatly reduced.


Fourth, The Shower Selection Skills

Look At The Spray Effect

From the outside, the shape of the shower looks similar. A selection must look at its spray effect, a good shower can ensure that each tiny spray hole sprays balanced and consistent. In different water pressure, it can ensure a smooth shower effect. When selecting, you can test the water to see if the water jet is even.


Look At The Spraying Method

The internal design of showerheads also varies. In the selection of handheld shower, in addition to its spray effect, the handheld shower spray method also has a surge, massage, respectively. The general spray method can bring more ideal shower pleasure. Handheld shower can be selected according to the mood of the appropriate spray mode: natural and pleasant rain shower type, vibrant massage type, comfortable and warm spray type, smooth and soft water column type, water-saving state of the drip type.


Look At The Ceramic Valve Core

The valve core affects the use of the shower feeling and service life. A good shower uses a ceramic spool, smooth and frictionless. In the selection of hands can twist the switch, feel comfortable, smooth to ensure that the product in use to maintain a smooth and reliable performance.


Look At The Surface Plating

Shower plating is good or bad, in addition to affecting the quality and service life, but also affect the usual clean-up hygiene. Shower is generally surface chrome plating. Good plating can be maintained at 150C ° high temperature for 1 hour, no blistering, no wrinkling, no cracking and peeling phenomenon. 24 hours acetic acid salt spray test does not corrode. In the selection can be seen in its gloss and smoothness, bright and smooth shower indicates uniform plating, better quality.

Winter is here, hurry to get a set of thermostatic shower, at home can also do SPA every day!

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