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Who Had The Audacity To Move The Forest Into The Bathroom! But I Like~~~

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Bathroom Business School

▼ Zigzagging, agile coziness▼


▼ Here, also with wood-grained tiles on the floor,

but with a colour-winning toilet backdrop, it’s a real eye-catcher!

As a washbasin backdrop,

it can be either very generous or very sophisticated

This extended paving method

not only achieves a partitioning effect, but is also very eye-catching

The mottled wood grain tiles and exquisite ironwork

are full of industrial style world

It can be purely wall paving

It’s like walking in the woods.

You can even lay it all over the house and

it works even better instead.

The same style and the same color are beautiful,

and different styles and paving combinations are also brilliant.

The whole bathroom, relaxed and natural, simple

bathroom does not need to have too complicated design

wood grain tiles simply attached

feel very comfortable


Can also be mixed with other ceramic tiles

No matter what the tiles are, they’re all in harmony.


There’s a good reason they’re spoiled! No need for much adornment, where woodgrain tiles are present, it will always be the brightest star of the show!

Don’t be stingy with that love of yours, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with picking wood grain tiles and using them wherever and however you want!

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