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White Space, Balance, The Emotional Resonance Of People And Residence

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Interior Design Alliance

Exploring the divergent perceptions of things from different perspectives,

To elaborate the many complex possibilities within in a relatively flat way.

To explore more different ways of living.

To explore and rethink human nature.

To make the space more examinable and build emotional resonance.




The heart is sinking – a metaphor for its direction

Simplicity, Refinement, Purity

“The best architecture is such that we are deep in it, without knowing that nature ends there and art begins there.”

— Lin Yutang

Let the meaning of return be more implemented to the daily and more mundane events, make the space more examinable and emotional resonance building, and explore more different lifestyles exploration and rethinking of human nature.

There is a combination of external way of sorting out, and with the balance of white space, to convey the value of experience, while thinking about the rationality of its existence.

We seek a medium of order in the contradiction of opposites, and along with the corresponding logic of penetration, to convey a more multi-level spiritual aspiration. The process emphasizes continuous and reverse thinking.

We explore the interaction gap between daily life and space, and thus enhance the emotional resonance of the private house to the outside world.

The experience of the adjacent public areas is reorganized in a way that allows for another possibility of daily occurrence even after they are independent in both directions.

We strengthen the opposites of use by combining the actual needs and functions, and verify the practicality of the space with a reflective mind, so that the experience becomes more normalized.

In the unordered space, we embody some kind of hidden order, so that the seemingly related and unrelated things can realize their inner necessity through some medium.

In the sedimentation, we think about its actual fit, and then we think about the combination of space and life style, and express its presentable two-way to the outside.

The originality of the space is returned to the small amount, and the exploration of the lifestyle is highlighted, and the attitude towards life and space is revealed by leaving an inch of blankness in the heart without any superfluous things.

▲Drawing presentation


Project Name | Hidden Direction Co-creator Design | Lance

Design Partners | Pan Qijing . Wu Jinglei . Wang Liyong

Location | Shandong . Zibo

Design Agency | Thousands of Space Design

Project Area | 175 ㎡

Project Date | 2021




Connected with things, with a knot is pregnant

Simplicity, Refinement, Emotion

“In the past I was convinced that there were gravity-free objects, but now I am convinced that architecture is gravity-free, that it can float.”

— Zaha Hadid

For the lifestyle conveyed by the private house, we prefer to present the real face of the space after it is detached from the external decoration, and use a relatively simple design language to describe the change of mind that the space is intended to convey, and consider the real occurrence behind it.

Combining the emotional experience of the occupant, the space is then transformed into a thoughtful presentation of the space, a deep concern for life, and slowly a reverse reflection of the space in which it is located, and then combined with the inner situation, the normal state is described.

The interaction between the space and the user is the scene established. We try to redefine the function of the one-way space to make it more communicative and interactive, and to better feel the different ways of experience that the space gives to the daily life.

We use white space to sort out the spatial relationship of daily life, recording the scenes and the traces left behind.

The space is allowed to tell itself, restoring the ontology to be compatible with the nature of existence, and also verifying the variability of space in the opposite direction, and then combining it with the premise of functional needs to make it more thorough.

We try to reflect and tell the daily life by implementing the multi-dimensional face of space, regaining the defined emotions to build and discover. We try to integrate and record the normal trajectory of the lived life in the space, and bring more feedback to the accumulative process of daily experience.

We try to release the partition itself, so that the adjacent spaces can realize their concrete division with each other.

The design of the project is based on the concept of “the relationship between the two spaces”.

▲Presentation of drawings


Project Name

Co-creative Design | Lance

Designers | Cai Lijun . Pan Qijing

Project Location | Zhejiang . Taizhou

Agency | Qianshang Space Design

Project Area | 305 ㎡

Project Date | 2021



Principal / Senior Partner

We are broad-minded and tolerant.

We are focused on aesthetics and positive.

Qianshang Design continues to carry out the original mission of Qianshang International, with the core values of “frankness, commitment, focus and upward mobility”, and a new design company positioning, gathering a group of excellent designers with ideals and pursuits of design, gathering the wisdom of all people, capturing the popular elements of the market in time, quickly driving the continuous progress of design concepts through information transmission and interactive forms, fully respecting the local culture and the habits of local people, and focusing on the aesthetic innovation of space.

In the future development road, Qianshang still uphold a rigorous professional attitude, combined with the surrounding mature project consultant resource system, with professional design and excellent service to treat every owner, to solve and improve the urban living environment and strive to practice.

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