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White and Black, Stone and Wood, Simple and Pure Elegance House | GROWTO Design

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At the beginning of winter, the mountains are cold-colored.

Everything withers, welcoming new ideas.

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A cup of light tea, enjoy a piece of soft music, sit at home, quietly enjoy the warmth.

The beginning of winter is simple and pure. The brightness and warmth of “home” happens quietly in a corner of the room.

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The year is long, and the sense of belonging to a home is slowly winding down.

Families slowly gather here to walk, wander, play, or chase.

Everything is quiet, together, and embrace each other.

The winter rain is cold and chilly.

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The interweaving of white and black, moving slowly in time.

The combination of stone and wood, balancing order in the space.

Occasional leaps of color, telling of a colorful life.

Everything is here without a trace.

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The view from the elevator lobby relaxes the shoulders and calms the mind.

Take a deep breath, through the wind’s caress, plants leave dappled stars on the ground, the combination of wood color drawing elegant small tone.

In the environment, the white entrance cabinet and gray stone combination contains warm color deeply, the whole chic waving hand full of welcome back.

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If return, light and shadow quietly arrive, the space was unfolded at both ends, the corridor end.

Walnut wood with soft meterial and white wall on both sides.

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The light and shade, the sparkling light, the accent paintings, the vivid colors warm up the atmosphere.

The living room is simple and clean. Sitting here awakens memories and accepts each other.

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Find a corner to rest, sleep, listen to the shallow voice, dream light in the scene.

Separate independent areas, in a sense, integrated into one.

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640 10 47

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The most wonderful thing in human world is that we are all smiling.

Telling each other interesting things, walking slowly.

640 13 43

640 12 44

The space is divided by a corridor,

where movement and silence are both present.

It is an independent pattern

and an emotional continuation of the space.

640 14 42

In the integrated dimension,

the design of the bedroom is particularly fine.

In the overall color palette,

the materials of the bedroom collide with each other

to create a new tranquility.

At this moment,

two materials and two colors,

surrounded by people, exude their own charm.

The TV wall in the bedroom cleverly isolates the two spaces,

with the dressing hidden behind, making the space extremely flexible.

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640 18 40

640 16 42

The space is clean and bright,

but not too bright,

allowing light to shuttle between the curtains and

enjoy a moment of peace.

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640 20 39

When the space is turned, the scene of the space changes.

Led by black and white, but not limited to,

contrasting colours bring the eye to focus on one point.

The details of life depends on the needs of the space,

often appear inadvertently,

the bed with a favorite toy,

the need for their own DIY photo wall,

everything to be felt.

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640 21 38

640 23 32

640 22 38

640 24 32

At night,

lights and shadows are intertwined, people are in the realm

of the bookshelf designed for their placement of new worlds,

quietly to be opened.

640 25 28

640 29 28

Late at night,

cover up the blanket,

return to sleep,

the corners of the mouth turned up.

The first is the “The New Year”.

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▲Floor Plan


Project information
Project design: Zheng Jun
Project Address: Tangshan
Project area: 284.2 m2 (excluding garden area)
Design date: April 2018
Completion date: July 2019
Photographs by Li Heng


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Zheng Jun

GROWTO Design – Design Director
Master of Interior Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italy



GROWTOGROWTO International has a team of highly qualified and experienced designers. Without leaving any trace, the complex into simple, let the living comfort and functionality to maximize the play. We hope to express the authenticity and warmth of life with the most everyday and simple gestures. The design extends to every detail of life that can be touched, seemingly silent, but if you live in it, you know the true meaning. We will be this meticulous touch, sensory and emotional, into the interior space, with the temperature of the design to enrich the expression of modern life exquisite and harmonious, inspired and pragmatic. Interwoven with the axis of time will be the most beautiful side of life in your home, hoping to reach a resonance in the same space.

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