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When You Do Not Use The Bathroom, The Door Is Open Or Closed? Most People Do It Wrong.

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When You Do Not Use The Bathroom, The Door Is Open Or Closed? Most People Do It Wrong.

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When the bathroom at home is not in use.

Should the door be open or closed?

Some people say that the bathroom should be closed except when in use

Normally, it is necessary to keep the state open

In order to make the bathroom more ventilated and breathable

But this practice is really correct?

Today I’m here to tell you


Bathroom door is best to close or not?

Generally, the bathroom area is small. After you wash up, here are more humid environment, so many friends will choose to open the bathroom door, in order to keep dry ventilation and emit off the odor.

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But in fact, this practice is not good. After the usual use of the toilet, the air will contain a lot of bacteria. If you open the door at this time, then the bathroom bacteria and odor will spread to every corner of the home, so the home environment will become increasingly dirty!

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So I suggest that it is best to close the door when not in use, and open the exhaust fan ventilation. You can also open the bathroom window to avoid the invasion of bacteria and moisture invade the room.

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Bathroom storage

For some small homes, the bathroom covers an area of just one or two square meters, which is really not good for storing things. In fact, it is not a lack of space, but storage is not in place. There are many small corners that can be used.

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/ mop clip behind the door /

The mop is not only unstable but also takes up space when you put it in the corner after use. How about sticking a few mop clips behind the door? This is a good use of this neglected dead space. Hang it up without taking up space, but also easy to access.

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/ wall storage frame /

If you don’t have enough things to put, try to use the vertical space. Some curved sinks have no room for toiletries at all. Hang a small storage frame on the wall, so there is room for face wash, combs, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and you won’t be afraid to knock them over.

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/ rotating storage tray /

If you have extra space on the countertop, you can make your own rotating storage tray. Find two trays of the same size and put a handful of marbles on the bottom to store bottles and jars of skin care products. This is easy to see and easy to find when you need to use. This method is very convenient and practical!

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/ corner shelf /

When using the shower, there is inevitably water everywhere. Why not try using a rotating corner shelf with a lid? This completely separates the wet from the dry! You don’t have to worry about soap getting waterlogged and melting into a pile.

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Bathroom corner shelf


/ folding clothes basket /

There is no place to put the clothes you change when you take a shower. Hang a folding clothes basket. Pull it apart when you use it, and fold it up when you don’t. It takes up 0 space when rounded up, so that the change of clothes can be stored well.

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/ wall phone rack /

Although it is not a good habit, I believe that many friends will bring a cell phone into the toilet to continue watching TV. Stick three hooks on the wall so you don’t worry about having no place to put your phone, and you’re not afraid to accidentally drop your phone into the toilet.

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Bathroom cleaning

Although the bathroom is not large, it is a hotbed of bacteria. It is the easiest place to hide dirt, so usually you must pay attention to keep the bathroom clean.

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/ toilet dirt: white vinegar /

The toilet is the focus of bathroom cleaning. After it has been used for a long time, it is easy to have yellow dirt. How about trying to make use of white vinegar? Add 300ml of water to the bottle, then add about 50ml of white vinegar to it, and finally put a few sprigs of thyme to soak. It can remove the smell and increase the fragrance. A bottle of homemade cleaner is finished.

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When you use it, spray the cleaner onto the toilet dirt and wipe it with a rag, and the dirt can be easily solved. Remember to brush the inside of the toilet bowl in place as well.

640 7


/ shower head: white vinegar + plastic bag /

Everyone uses the showerhead almost every day. When its water flow is getting smaller and smaller, it reminds us to clean it and remove the scale inside. Pour white vinegar into a plastic bag, so that the shower head can be completely soaked. Put the shower head into the plastic bag and place it with a rubber band to seal it. After sitting for 2 hours, you can flush and clean it. The invisible stain and scale in the shower head are all dissolved.

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/ rust removal: ketchup /

Because of the humid environment in the bathroom, faucets, iron hooks, etc. are prone to rust. Ketchup has a great ability to remove rust.

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Pour ketchup on the rusty spots. After 15 minutes, wipe off the ketchup and the rust will disappear. Isn’t it amazing.

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/ floor drain odor: white vinegar + baking soda /

Sometimes the odor of the toilet comes from the back smell of the floor drain. It can be solved by using a solution of white vinegar and baking soda mixture.

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Pour the baking soda solution into the drain. Neutralizing the alkalinity of the soda with the acidity of the white vinegar will quickly solve the floor drain odor and easily return you to fresh air!

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Good habits in the bathroom

 / Bathroom trash cans with lids /

Because the garbage can has to store all kinds of waste, it is easy to hide dirt, especially the garbage can in the bathroom. Since the bathroom is small and humid, the situation will only get worse. I recommend using a trash can with a lid whenever possible. Garbage must be emptied in time.

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/ bathroom do not put deodorant /

Some people like to buy various scented deodorants in the bathroom to cover up the odor, but these scents are chemical synthetics. Long-term absorption is not good for the body. To get rid of the odor, the most natural and harmless way is to open more exhaust fans and windows.

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/ toothbrush do not put in the sink side /

Usually the sink at home is next to the flush toilet. Even if the flush toilet looks white and shiny, it is not as clean as we think. So, remember to put your toothbrush in a dry place with air circulation away from the toilet, or in a cabinet with a door in the bathroom.


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