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Bathroom Tile Selection Strategy, Read You Are Also Half A Designer.

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Bathroom Tile Selection Strategy, Read You Are Also Half A Designer.

For the bathroom decoration, waterproof and non-slip is the focus. In the vapor-filled bathroom, you need to pay extra attention when buying tiles. So, what tips do you need to select bathroom tiles? Let me tell you one by one.


Matters needing attention


Bathroom walls must be waterproof, but also has a corrosion-resistant and mold-resistant tiles (or glass tiles) plastered. The choice of bathroom floor tiles: the floor is best to use raised pattern of non-slip floor tiles.

2, the texture density of tiles

When selecting tiles, you can observe from the side whether the tile surface is flat, and whether there are uneven pinholes in the thickness. At the same time, you can knock on the tile to listen to the sound is crisp. If the sound is crisp, it means that the texture of the tile density is high, and better hardness.


Aesthetics is the color, the tile itself flatness, and the geometry of the size. It is generally recommended to set aside a natural shrinkage gap of 1-1.5mm, because the tiles also have to thermal expansion and contraction. The water absorption rate of wall tiles is about 10% or more.

4、Choose a good specification of wall tiles

It is recommended to measure the size of the bathroom area first. Generally, the specifications of the wall tiles are 300X300, 300X450, 300X600, 400X800, so according to the size of the measured bathroom area, make the relevant planning to choose the size of the wall tiles.

5、The degree of glazing of the brick surface

You can use a hard object to scrape the surface of the brick. If scratch marks appear, it means that the glaze is insufficient. Wait until the tiles on the surface of the thinner glaze layer polished, the brick surface will be easy to hide dirt. So it is more difficult to clean, but also lack of security.


Selection skills

Selection skills: there are more and more types of tiles on the market now, the quality varies, and the price is high and low. So, when we buy tiles, verify with your own hands!

Need to bring tools: a bottle of mineral water, an oil-based pen, a knife


The first step: look at the water absorption rate of tiles

The lower the water absorption rate, the better

If the tile is very absorbent, later it will cause long-term moisture at home, thus seriously affecting the health of the family. So it is very wise to identify the water absorption rate before buying. Pour the mineral water you carry on the front and back of the tile, and carefully observe the water penetration. After ten minutes, if the water is not sucked in, it means you picked a good tile.


The second step: look at the flatness of the tiles

Good tile almost no visible gaps

If the tile flatness is not good, they will buckle at a later stage after laying. Caused by two reasons: one is the tile itself is not flat, the second is the mason master craftsmanship is not good.


The third step: look at the tile corners straightness

Four corner angle flat

Good tile is such that there is almost no gap. If the edge of the tile is not a right angle, then the gap between the tiles will be large. You have to use a lot of hooking agent to hook the seam, and the effect of doing so is very ugly.


Step 4: look at the tile stain resistance

Stain-resistant tiles are such

Tile is something that has been used for a long time. If its stain resistance is not good or not easy to clean and take care of, it is estimated that in less than 3 or 4 years, the whole home will be dirty as it is. Especially for the case of children at home, children like to paint everywhere. If you can’t wipe it off, it will affect the beauty.

Simply do a stain test. Use an oil-based pen to write a few random words on the surface of the tile. After a while, wait for the ink to dry, then wipe with a rag or paper towel to see if it is easy to clean off.


Step 5: look at the degree of wear resistance of tiles

bathroom tile

Good tile will not be scratched

The cracks on the surface of the tile patchy greatly affect the aesthetics. If knocked out and re-tiled, this is obviously unrealistic, so wear resistance is very important. We just need to do a very simple wear test: pick up any sharp knife around you can use (or keys, hairpin), enjoy scraping to the surface. See if the surface of the glaze layer will be scraped off, then you can determine the tile is good or bad.

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