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What If The Bathroom Does Not Have A Window? For The Small Space Of 10 M², You Also Need To Focus On Decoration!

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Problem one, ventilation

No windows lead to the direct problem of poor ventilation. If you let it go on, it is just a matter of time before the brand new bathroom becomes smelly and damp.

So you can consider using the following three tricks.

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1, the use of bath ventilation

Nowadays, some integrated bath bombs also have a ventilation function.

Especially for some big brands, they are designed with this in mind.

Its disadvantage is that the bath exhaust is not the main function, and the efficiency is slightly lower.

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2、Installation of exhaust fans

An exhaust fan is the main method of ventilation in the bathroom.

At present, exhaust fans on the market for home use are divided into ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted and window-mounted three.

– Ceiling type

It has a better appearance and can be installed in the ceiling of the bathroom. This exhaust fan has a short pipe, so you also need to buy a matching ventilation pipe when installing.

– Wall-mounted

It is small and can be set on the wall above. However, because of its weak air extraction, it is only suitable for the installation of a small area of the bathroom.

– Window type

It is different from the first two and has a two-way operation. It can not only discharge the indoor air, but also add fresh outdoor air to the room, so the window ventilation effect is better.

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Open window fundamentally solves the difficulty that the bathroom cannot be ventilated. But this method must be carried out under the premise of not damaging the load-bearing structure of the house. And the orientation of the bathroom is also very important, so the actual implementation is difficult.

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Problem two, ventilation

A bright environment can also improve the mood of the occupants.

In the case of no windows in the bathroom, how to make up for the lack of light?

This becomes a difficult problem for the decoration design.

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1, the use of bright colors

Dark bathroom must use bright colors, such as the best use of white wall tiles, so as to visually improve the shortcomings of the lack of light. If you use dark colors for the sake of the so-called dirt resistance, then the lighting will certainly be greatly affected.

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2、Pass-through partition

Open window fundamentally solves the difficulty of the bathroom can not be ventilated, but this method is more difficult to actually implement. However, the permeable partition design can be a good solution to this problem.

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Problem three, dehumidification

Do the following two points during the renovation can make the bathroom dry.

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1, floor drainage

The accumulation of debris in the floor drain and the poor drainage of the floor drain will also lead to humid air, so it is necessary to often unclog the hair and debris that fall during the bathing process to prevent the floor drain from being clogged.


2、Waterproof aluminum foil

Bathroom basin or faucet will produce a lot of condensation after encountering heat. This water will cause mold deformation at the bottom of the cabinet when it flows along the countertop, so you can add a layer of waterproof aluminum foil at the bottom of the cabinet. It can also fix the toiletries while preventing moisture.


Problem four, deodorization

The bathroom is one of the places most closely connected with daily life.

If the odor is rampant, it will undoubtedly affect our quality of life.

Therefore, the bathroom deodorization will be particularly important.



1, choose a good quality toilet seat

Floor drains and toilets are the most odor-prone places, so try to buy high-quality toilets. This will ensure the comfort and health of life.

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2, diligent cleaning

The bathroom should be cleaned and cleared of garbage every day, and kept clean and tidy. Never hang washed clothes, and do not store the dirty clothes.

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