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A Complete List Of Color Matching Knowledge For Decoration

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A Complete List Of Color Matching Knowledge For Decoration

As the saying goes: there is no ugly color, only ugly color scheme.

For decoration, color matching is the soul! If the colors are paired, you are Van Gogh or Picasso.

In order not to let your home become a colorful disaster scene, today I will give you some basic knowledge of color and its use.


Understanding color

The three attributes of color: hue, lightness and purity.


Hue is the primary characteristic of color and is the most accurate standard for distinguishing between different colors.

The color we see with the naked eye and are able to say is called hue, and there are two common colors: 12 and 24.

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Brightness, also called saturation, refers to the brightness of the color, which is often referred to as light and dark.

Any color with the addition of white will enhance the brightness, and the addition of black will reduce the brightness. Usually high brightness colors will make people feel relaxed and lively. Low brightness gives a sense of calmness and seriousness.

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Purity is what we often call vividness or not. The brighter the color the higher the purity.

Low purity has a visual effect of plainness and tranquility. High purity, on the other hand, will look vibrant and easy to feel excited.

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The golden rule of color matching

The golden rule that spans all walks of life and is tried and true – the 631 rule. It can also be used in the color scheme of home decoration.

631 law, that is, the color ratio of the three main indoor body: background color 60% + main role 30% + with the role of 10%.

Background color

Background color occupies more than half of the visual space, such as the color of the walls, ceilings, floors belong to the background color category.

In the color scheme, the background color serves as the basic color of the interior. Its selection and determination is critical, because the subsequent main role and supporting roles are based on the background color to choose.

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The main role

The main role is to activate the space, and this color is usually reflected in furniture, bedding, carpets and curtains.

Supporting characters

The main role of the supporting role is to attract attention. As an interior embellishment, it is generally reflected in wall paintings, vases, pillows, lamps and other small items to brighten up the monotonous space.

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Four principles of color matching

Matching according to the function of space

For home color collocation, first of all, we must consider the functional differences of each space, and from the basic principles of color, make a targeted choice.

For example: the living room is mostly used for gathering and conversation, where it is an active space. Color effect should reflect bright or warm. The bedroom is used for rest and sleep. The use of lower purity of color is more likely to produce a sense of relaxation.

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According to the room orientation

Room orientation is different and the lighting is also different, so the color scheme should also change.

For example: for the south-facing room, it is more comfortable to use cool colors because of its long sunlight hours. For the north-facing room, the dark warm color is most suitable due to its lack of sunlight.

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According to the composition needs

Color matching only conforms to the aesthetics of composition, in order to deal with the relationship between the subject and the background, so as to play the role of color on the beautification of space.

For example, the colors that need to be used in a large area should not be too bright. Small areas of color can be appropriate to increase the brightness and purity.

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According to the effect of space

Color can change the visual perception of the scale and proportion of space, and can make up for the existence of a certain defect in the structure of space.

For example, when the height of the floor is too low, giving the ceiling with light colors, the floor and home with dark colors can stretch the visual distance between the top and the ground. (Light colors give a sense of rising, and dark colors give a sense of sinking)

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Finally, a fourteen words of home decorating color scheme to everyone: light color for walls, middle color for floors, dark color for furniture; middle color for walls, dark color for floors, light color for furniture.

After mastering the above color scheme theory, combined with the recent popular colors, you are the proper color aesthetics master.

The choice of color scheme must be done in advance for an overall planning, not very random, otherwise it will affect the overall home decoration effect and visual feeling.

color matching knowledge

Home, is not just a simple combination of a door, a bed, a lamp, or a specific embodiment of your living habits and attitude. It embraces your tiredness and sorrows, while recording all your beautiful moments, so it is worth to dress up and guard with care.

The whole house of water-based Kotian non-toxic customization is willing to create a green and environmentally friendly ideal home for you in the years, accompany you through the seasons, meet the happy moments of life, and guard the health and happiness of you and your family.

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