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The Supremacy Of Structure And Content Through “Color Block” Layouts|GND Enka Design

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The visual phenomena of the objective world are meaningless in themselves; what is meaningful is sensation.

–Malevich “Non-figurative World


For Malevich, geometry is the world. Suprematism, founded by Malevich, expresses the world in the simplest figures, thoroughly pursuing the principle that less is more. All complex artistic expressions, after dissection, convey the truth of simplicity to the extreme. The design of this case uses the concepts of “connection” and “separation” in Malevich’s art as the design concept to interpret the combination of geometric abstract art and home life. High-grade gray and marble build a low-key spatial tone, using “color block” furniture to pave the emotion and personality, and integrating natural light and greenery to fully demonstrate the “structure” and “content” of “suprematism”. The “suprematism” of “structure” and “content” is fully demonstrated.



“Dialogue supremacist”

Dialogue supremacist does not create a new world of emotions, but a new form of direct expression of the world of emotions.

Marble, wood grain texture and leather present hard, neutral, soft and cold, medium and warm textures respectively, and the collision of the three materials in the space creates a “rigid and soft” atmosphere, metaphorically exquisite in “luxury living” and outlining vitality in “simple living”.

Oil wax leather has the basic characteristics of wear resistance, mildew resistance and high tension, and is respected as the noble of cowhide because of the complicated production tools. Hermes orange is bright and heavy, oil wax leather comes with a fashionable and retro texture, the silhouette is hard under the gentle sunlight, elegant and modest.

From the dark color into the tone, dark curry, medium curry color pave a sense of calm and low-key atmosphere, embellished with striking Hermes orange, like a song of staccato tango tumbling in the space.

Beige and daylight warmth, minimalist personality of the coffee table line is very modern design, art accessories in the space to play a role in reconciliation, so that the whole space is relatively soft, the combination of wood grain, leather, crystal let the touch between light and heavy present a sense of balance between beauty.



 “Order and agitation”

The sense of life stirs up feelings in the human heart, and these feelings must find a place to be expressed at all costs one-by-one, and must be expressed in an obvious way one-by-one, and must be conveyed to others or come into play.

The curved lines of the dining table and chandelier connect the restraint of the living room with the elegance of the dining room, playing a transitional and neutral role. The hard metallic texture of gold can produce a steady and eye-catching visual effect, while making the overall color of the space more natural and harmonious.

Abundant daylight spills into the room, spacious, bright, and even a little warm, and with the fresh and clean natural scent of plants, exuding a unique quiet and elegantly calm beauty, these sun-like shining goodies become the focus with just a glance.

When the eyes turn to the kitchen, the wood grain texture and lighting match a quiet and profound feeling, continuing the understated gorgeousness of the guest dining room. In the original restrained space atmosphere after adding the golden warm light and home accessories, the visual effect is greatly enriched, and the sense of space balance and temperature is enhanced a lot.

The reasonable storage space is filled with art, and the lines and materials roam freely in the cabinet, showing the space’s understanding of “high class”.



“Exploration and reconstruction”

Malevich emphasizes: “Suprematism is the absolute supreme truth in art, and it will replace all the schools that have existed before. Human society can be organized and constructed on the principles of Suprematism, entering a new stage of historical development.” Indeed, today’s society is reconstructing the world we live in precisely with the most fundamental physical elements.

Daylight flows through the floor-to-ceiling glass, and the space is bright and self-contained. The fusion of dark and curry colors is like an elegant cello concerto piece, and the space is filled with a heavy and unique charm, in which Hermes Orange comfortably stretches out its elegance and fashion, showing its unparalleled temperament.

The transparent structure accommodates every inch of sunlight, and the Hermes Orange table and chairs next to the floor-to-ceiling windows take a nap, showing a sense of wisdom and warmth, combining rationality and sensibility in a style that is smooth and comfortable, and the neatness of the checkroom reveals the quality of exquisite life.

The sunlight from shallow to deep creates a gentle and elegant mood residence. The use of ochre to light and then natural colors between the bedding, crafts and lamps, the transformation of bright and matte colors, elegance is revealed, in line with the comfortable temperament of the elders’ simple living; the floating window is utilized and a delicate tea table is arranged, so that the elders can enjoy the good times of leisure at any time.

The combination of advanced gray and dark blue tones is both soft and calm, both steady and harmonious, integrating the sense of musical rhythm into the introverted beauty of the space, giving it a unique style and aura, and the extreme simplicity of the lines of the home renders the ultimate charm of elegance and luxury, achieving something extraordinary in the invisible.

The design of the structure and decoration of this space is the result of an “atypical” thinking. The chic desk table shows a very different wisdom and liveliness, and the ochre oil wax leather pony rocking chair reveals childish interest, just like a game, playing and growing up.

The sunlight cuts a harmonious silence in the deep zephyr space, the reflection of Hermes orange piano paint and metallic embellishment are like classical music, full of the philosophy of the years, behind the sliding cabinet surface, half surprise and half mystery, inspiration is here or there.


Project Name: C&D-Wu Xiang Ying Yue

Developer: C&D Real Estate Group

Hard furnishing design: Xu Qi Design Office

Soft furnishing design: GND Design Group Enjia Design

Design Director: Ning Rui

Design Team: Ai Gui, Xie Jiahong

Special thanks: Wang Junda, Yang Lu, Zheng Yan

Project Address: Nanning

Design area: 286㎡

Photography agency: Ten View Space

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