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The Best Bathroom Tips Ever, All In One Place!

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Bathroom Business School

The bathroom is small, but it is a very important part of the decoration and is closely related to our lives. Every day life starts here and ends here. If not installed properly, the use of the process is always prone to some of these and other problems, today the toilet is broken, tomorrow the shower is blocked …… every day can drive you crazy.

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Just because the bathroom is so important in daily life, so when decorating the bathroom, we must control all aspects of the details, in order to try to avoid the impact of daily life.

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Bathroom Renovation Notes

1Reserve Water And Electricity Lines

Bathroom renovation, many pots of friends often forget to reserve more power outlets and waterways, later change the smart toilet and electric towel rack is likely to lead to the use of inconvenience.

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2Wall And Floor Tile Problem

Do at least 24 hours before paving tiles closed water experiment; floor tiles and wall tiles through the seam alignment, paving tiles to ensure that the brick surface has a 1 ° about the slope of the drain, the slope should be towards the floor drain.

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3, Dry And Wet To Separate

If the toilet is not separated from the wet and dry, it is easy to cause the water to splash everywhere in the shower, and it is easy for people to slip and fall, which is also not conducive to cleaning.

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4What Will Be The Problem If We Replace The Ordinary Toilet With Smart Toilet?

When installing ordinary toilets, users generally do not take into account the subsequent transformation of water and electricity, there is no toilet position reserved for strong power supply, outlets and waterways, future use of smart toilets will be more difficult.

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Toilet Renovation Common Problems

1, Which Is More Practical, A Shower Or A Bathtub?

In general, the shower should be more practical than the bathtub, the shower is more timely and convenient and practical, relatively healthy.

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2Is The Shower Curtain Easy To Use?

For small households, the area of the bathroom is relatively small, and the glass partition will make the original smaller bathroom appear too crowded. Then the shower curtain as a partition, then the whole space in the expansion is much more spacious and generous.

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3, Bathroom Decorations Selected Mosaic, Or Pure Black And White More Practical?

Mosaic decorative effect is good, but the price of materials and labor are expensive. Mosaics are hard to take care of and tend to hide dirt. So try to use it in dry areas!

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4Countertop Basin Atmosphere Is Not Practical? How Do You Choose Between An On-Counter And An Under-Counter Basin?

The countertop basin has many shapes, large choice and ideal decoration effect. It is easy to install and easy to maintain in the future. However, water is easy to splash outside when you use the basin on the countertop.

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Under the table basin will be embedded in the middle of the countertop, which is more beautiful than the on-stage basin, and the basin surface is lower than the countertop, so the water on the countertop can easily flow into or wipe into the basin, so the health is better taken care of.

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5Floor Drain And Socket

The location of the floor drain needs to be carefully considered, preferably located on one side of the tiles, if it is in the middle of the bathroom, then the floor drain will not be the lowest point no matter how the tiles are tilted.

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Sockets should be designed with switches, especially in the bathroom electric water heater with a switch is appropriate. Next to the sink need to leave a few more for common appliances such as hair dryers, razors and electric toothbrushes!

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6Toilet Exhaust Fan

The bathroom is more humid and prone to bacteria, so an exhaust fan will be installed in the bathroom, which solves the problem of dampness in the space while keeping the bathroom fresh ~.

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7The Layout Of Each Function Size 

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