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The Bathroom is Dirty, and You Don’t Know a Few Places!

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The Bathroom is Dirty, and You Don’t Know a Few Places!


A bathroom is a place we use every day, yet bathroom hygiene is a place that people tend to ignore. A clean bathroom floor does not mean that the bathroom cleaning is done well. Let’s take a look at a few places inside the bathroom that are easy to ignore and very dirty!

Today we will teach you 7 bathroom cleaning tips to help you easily solve the cleaning problems in the bathroom.

Cleaning The Shower Head

Tips: A common problem with showerheads is that the surface and inner surfaces tend to accumulate limescale. The secret weapon to clean it is vinegar. The specific method is to mix water and vinegar in the ratio of 1:1 and put it in a plastic bag. Then take off the showerhead and soak it in the plastic bag and seal it. Take it out after half an hour and flush it with hot water, and all the dirt will disappear!

Shine The Faucet

Tips: apply shaving cream to the faucet, then wipe with a wet rag and finally rinse it off. After this simple operation, the faucet will be as shiny as a new one!

Cleaning The Bathroom Mirror

Tips: still with the “magic tool” shaving cream, use a paper towel to shaving cream to the bathroom mirror, then use a wet paper towel to wipe the bubbles to the entire mirror, and finally rinse clean with water.

Clean The Shower Curtain

Tips: Because there is a lot of mold on the shower curtain, simply scrubbing with water will not get rid of it. The tip here is to add half a cup of baking soda during the washing process, soak it for half an hour before you start scrubbing, and then hang it up to dry naturally.

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles

Tips: Firstly, mix water and vinegar or bleach in the ratio of 1:1 and fill up a spray bottle. Shake it to make a full blend. Then spray the liquid in the spray bottle on top of the tiles. Of course, you can spray more if there is mold. Note: After spraying, let the tiles dry naturally (this is the clever part of the method). Finally, just rinse the bathroom tiles thoroughly with water.

Clear The Clogged Drain

Tips: Throw a tablet or two into the drain, such as stomach tablets or vitamin tablets (of course, if you do not have tablets, you can get some baking soda, the effect is the same.). Then pour in a cup of vinegar. After a few minutes, flush the drain with hot water and it will be free.

Cleaning The Toilet

Tips: The cleaning tool here is the “boiling tablet”! Throw two effervescent tablets into the toilet bowl. After 15 minutes of bubbling, use the toilet brush to brush up and down, then gently press and rinse with water to get rid of all the odors and dirt! How about it, get the skills?

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