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How To Choose The Bathroom Hardware? After Reading This Article You Will Become A Master!

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People’s pursuit of exquisite life has promoted the development of home decoration. In the process of furniture selection, the proportion of hardware accessories is small, but the kitchen and bathroom hardware is not to be taken lightly part.

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There are many kinds of hardware accessories in the market, and they are mixed with good and bad. How can we select the quality and applicable hardware accessories? Follow me today to understand how to choose the bathroom hardware.

Before picking, let’s see what is bathroom hardware?

Bathroom hardware accessories: refers to the objects installed in the bathroom. Such as hanging bathroom hangers, showers, floor drains and other metal products.

How to Choose The Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom Hangers

= One =

The bathroom is incomplete without the hanging rack! It is the main nature of the hanging rack in the bathroom.

So how to find the right one in the many bathroom pendants? When selecting one, pay attention to the choice of pure copper material. In addition, its model, specifications and performance should be in line with the relevant provisions of the current national standards, and with the choice of bathroom sanitary ware to match the use.

When selecting the style, you should also take into account whether it is in line with the overall design of the home. Bathroom hangers are generally divided into a single rod and a double rod. Because there are not many places to hang towels in the bathroom, I recommend buying a double rod, unless the space is limited. Too many hooks attached to the wall will also affect the overall aesthetics.

In addition, two rods of staggered height is more practical than the style of two rods flush. 



= Two =

After looking at the pendant, we look at the bathroom hardware in the shower.

As a daily use to bathroom supplies, the quality of the shower will have a direct impact on the shower experience and mood of the owner.

In the selection of the shower, check the way the water comes out. Generally, there are more than two types of showerheads. The adjustment method is to squeeze the small handle on the shower or directly turn the showerhead to convert the water at will.

Considering the use of the elderly and children, some of the showerheads on the market now have a thermostatic effect, so that the showerer can control the water temperature and flow easily. At the same time, it can also play a role in protecting the safety of the elderly and children in the shower. 


Floor Drain

= Three =

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The floor drain is an essential piece of hardware in the bathroom and is an important interface between the drainage system and the indoor floor. As an important part of the drainage system in the house, its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air and is very important for the control of odor in the bathroom.

So how to choose the floor drain? We first understand the classification of the floor drain.


New Type Of Water-Sealed Floor Drain

Water seal floor drain is the use of a water storage cavity in the bell or casing device, forming an “N” or “U” type water storage bend. It relies on the water seal to isolate the odor and germs in the drainage pipe to achieve the effect of odor prevention floor drain. The height of the water seal is not less than 50mm according to the national standard.

Advantages: the height of the water seal conforms to the national standard, the volume of the water seal is large, true odor prevention; with the principle of siphon, drainage fast.


Floor Drain With Eccentric Block Type Under Flap

Use a sealing gasket and fix it with a pin on one side. Then add a lead block, using the principle of gravity eccentricity to seal. This structure was horizontal at the beginning, and later evolved into vertical and with water seals. During drainage, the gasket opens underwater pressure; at the end of drainage, the gasket closes under the gravity of the lead block.

Disadvantages: (1) the gasket is a mechanical structure, not tightly closed; (2) the pin is easily damaged; (3) the flap is easy to jam and not reset. Basically, it cannot solve the problem of odor return.


Spring Type Floor Drain

The gasket at the lower end of the spring-tensioned sealing core is used to seal. When there is no water or little water in the floor drain, the gasket is stretched upward by the spring to close the pipe. When the water in the floor drain reaches a certain height and the gravity of the water exceeds the spring force, the spring is pressed downward by the water and the gasket opens to drain automatically.

Advantages: Before the spring fails, the anti-odor effect is not bad.

Disadvantages: (1) the spring is made of boron iron, long-term contact with sewage is very easy to rust, resulting in weakened elasticity, failure, life is not long; (2) the spring is easy to wind the hair, affecting the gasket rebound; (3) the gasket is a mechanical structure, closed poorly. It needs to be cleaned or replaced frequently, otherwise, it simply does not work to prevent odor.


Suction Stone Type Floor Drain

The structure of this floor drain is similar to the spring type. It is sealed with the magnetic force of two magnets sucking together the gasket. When the water pressure is greater than the magnetic force, the gasket will open down to drain. At the end of drainage, the water pressure decreases. When it is less than the magnetic force, the magnet blocks suck together and the gasket pulls upward.


Advantages: Before the magnet fails, the odor control effect is not bad.

Disadvantages: (1) due to the ground sewage water quality being very poor, such as washing items, brushing the floor and various other reasons will contain some iron impurities adsorbed on the suction stone. It is used for a period of time, the impurity layer will lead to the gasket can not being closed, not playing the role of anti-odor; (2) the magnetic force will gradually weaken, disappear, affecting the gasket up and down to open and close, easy to fail.


Gravity Type Floor Drain

It does not need a water seal and does not use external forces such as springs and magnets. It uses the gravity of the water flow itself and the balanced relationship of the floating ball inside the floor drain to open and close the sealing cover automatically. This mode is similar to the spring type, only that the elastic force is converted into buoyancy to drive the mechanical pull.

Disadvantages: (1) there are spiral mechanical parts inside the floor drain core, long-term work in the sewage will rust or siltation sediment, impede the movement of the buoyancy ball up and down, affecting drainage, odor control, anti-bacteria; (2) the sealing cover will also be silted hair, sediment, resulting in poor sealing, affecting odor control, anti-bacteria.


Silicone Type Floor Drain

Two pieces of thin silicone or silicone bags with an open bottom are used to seal. When draining, the bottom of the silicone is washed away by water. At the end of drainage, the opening at the bottom of the silicone automatically closes due to residual moisture to achieve the odor-proof effect.

Advantages: good odor prevention.

(1) floor drain core and floor drain frame body is not fixed, not sealed, the odor will be discharged into the room from the gap; (2) in the drainage process, dirt will remain on the silicone, forming a gap, will also affect the effect of odor; (3) although the silicone corrosion-resistant, it is easy to physical damage, the service life is short.


Traditional Water-Sealed Floor Drain

Advantages: As long as there is water, it can prevent odor.

Disadvantages: (1) the height of the water seal is not enough 50mm or the volume of the water seal is small. It will reduce or even dry up due to natural evaporation, the negative pressure of the pipe or the negative pressure of the exhaust air, thus losing the anti-odor function. It needs to maintain a certain amount of water storage frequently; (2) some water seal cavities and floor drain frames are not sealed, and odor will bypass the water seal and be discharged into the room from the mechanical gap.

The floor drain is well-chosen, with no stink and no mosquito bites. Look at so many, there is one that you like?


Angle Valve

= Four =

The angle valve is also called a triangle valve, an angle valve. This is because the pipe at the corner valve becomes an angle corner shape, so-called the corner valve.

how to choose the bathroom hardware

The role of the angle valve is mainly to transfer the role of the internal and external water outlets. In addition, when the water pressure is too large, it can be adjusted on top of the angle valve. At the same time, if the faucet leaks and other phenomena occur, may turn off the triangle valve, do not have to close the main valve at home.

When shopping for a corner valve, you’d better pick one that is copper. Excellent material can significantly extend the life of the product. The zinc alloy ones on the market are cheaper, but they are easy to break after a year of use. Also, pay attention to the spool of the angle valve. For the valve core, you want to choose ceramic.



= Five =

The drain is the drainage device of the basin, bathtub, etc. By type, it can be divided into pop-up downpour and flip (cover) downpour, etc. According to the material, it can be divided into all-copper water, stainless steel water, plastic water, etc. According to the use, it can be divided into bathtub drainage, basin drainage, etc.


Pull-Down Type Sewer

Convenient to put water out, not dirty hands. Suitable for large hotels and office buildings.


Bouncing Water Dispenser

Press and release water by hand. Generally suitable for family washbasin. (Valve spool is easy to break)


Flip-Flop Sink

Mechanical, longer life, more durable, many families choose this.


Fixed Drainer

It does not seal the flowing water outlet and can always release water. Suitable for the bathroom sink in public places.

The choice of the downspout should be selected according to the characteristics of the downspout. From the point of view of durability, among the pop-up sink and the flip-up (cover) sink, I choose the flip-up (cover) sink. The advantages of the bouncing sink are more obvious because it is quick and easy to bounce, saves time, and is easy to clean. Flip (lid) sewer is easy to plug. When draining, it is more laborious to open. However, the service life of the flip-flop underwater device is generally longer than the pop-up underwater device.

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