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Straight Curves, Wandering Interactions, New Trends In Diverse And Efficient Offices | Yuqiang Design

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Design should not stop at controlling lines and colors

It should not stop at the place itself


Design should create ideas

Generate emotional communication between people and space


“Aesthetic, innovative, practical, easy to understand, restrained, faithful, timeless, detailed, environmentally friendly and the less the better.”

–German designer Dieter Rams

He has proposed ten guidelines for “good design”.

In recent years, YuQiang&Partners has focused on various new trends of office design, such as green, diversified, efficient and artistic. With a forward-looking artistic vision, we have accumulated experience in designing projects of various scales, such as self-use offices and office displays, and have gradually become a pioneer in the development of office design.

In the process of design implementation, we focus on understanding the business positioning of enterprises, combining their own operational development requirements and staff personality characteristics, and precisely defining the spatial characteristics of each enterprise. On the basis of cost acceptance, we also help enterprises to explore the potential demand of daily office from the root, taking practicality as the starting point and gradually amplifying the potential value of art to office space.

The project is located in Wuxiang New District of Nanning City, with the whole floor as office space, and the landscape is transparent on all sides with excellent view.

As a company that invests in, constructs and operates water conservation and environmental protection projects, we use the characteristics of “water” to be fluid, plastic and full of life. We have incorporated a circular flow throughout the entire building, with each functional partition stacked on top of each other according to demand, and each module is equipped with artistic components according to demand to match its “fluid and diversified” office character.


Gentle but powerful visual guide


Environmental psychology permeates all aspects of life. For office design, designers need to integrate logical experience, so that environmental visuals remain “rational” while maintaining “scientific sensibility” for users.

“In contrast to the traditional office with clear zoning, what we wanted was to blur the boundaries. The designer said, “We wanted to introduce air and light to each part, emphasizing the importance of circulation.”


“All walls, columns, lighting, soft furnishings, do not serve as separations of separate spaces. They are just a node in the ‘overall flow’ of the ring, where all people and things are connected.”

To maintain the “breathing” effect of the suspended circular strip, we must quantify the “just right” distance between the light and the ceiling.

After several trials of resetting the light overlay, the serious environment starting from the entrance began to emit a pure and mellow “lightness” from the bottom up.

Entrance Reception


The curvature of lines and the reality of objects. The shape of the reception desk trickling is full of the shape of water flow, seemingly still and moving, gentle and free. The effect of concealed light strip in the mezzanine brings more extension and comfort to the spiritual field.

▲The elevator reception

▲Reception desk model

The code of conduct of straight line is the design scale of flowing space. The aesthetics of soft curves are exceptionally well suited under the flowing space.

▲President’s Reception Area


Layers of superimposed behavioral shading

The horizontal extension of the corridor fades into view. All the dynamics are presented in a long volume in a silhouette way, creating a visual expression that seems to be partitioned but not separated, and seems to be permeable but not permeable.


These huge and subtle contrasts bring about gentle forms and stretches of complexity, rich in subtle changes of curves from far to near, making the layers of space have rich extension and rhythm.

The line surface cutting forms a secondary division under natural lighting. This visual technique maintains the interactive interconnection of the inner image, enhances the “anti-interference degree” of the shared office, and solves many practical functional problems such as lighting and ventilation, and the guidance of movement lines.

▲Corridor Partition


The interconnection of order and power


The meeting room is open, spacious and full of order. The experience of the cityscape is constantly superimposed with the images. The open view and the present space converge to communicate in the same space, and the landscape view is interesting.


▲Meeting Room

The distant city is incorporated into the space, and the airy, relaxed and equal atmosphere makes the use of multiple people and long hours interesting and effective.


▲Shared Office

The spacious and open hospitality area is the social attribute carried by the office space. The high-end of the president’s office is equipped with a reception area, bedroom and secretary desk, which is rich and heavy. This is in line with the strategic circle positioning of the frontier industry, which respects private customized work and life in all aspects.


▲President’s Office

The designer attaches a variety of geometric forms to the single block, adding and subtracting in parallel. While maintaining the relationship between primary and secondary, it also highlights the image and expressiveness, giving the block a more flexible sense of combination.

The right color of wood finishes, construction and design are involved in every aspect. From space to humanity, it contains various original and simple state of mind.

▲President’s Office

The design of introverted layout, transparent light and openness, is a private space for business elitism, but also a place with affinity for guests.

▲Manager’s Office


Emotional transformation that nourishes body and mind


How to take into account the relationship between people in the environment, and to create a trust about human nature and emotions in addition to aesthetics?

The tea room, a space for meditation and tea, plays an important function of emotional transformation.

▲Tea Room

The light halo gives a soft and light visual feeling, and the natural connection between the work area and the entertainment area creates a transition in the psychological sense, so that communication and interaction become smoother.


▲Floor plan

Project Name: Guangxi Guoling Group Office

Design Team: Yu Qiang Interior Designers & Associates

Project completion: 2021

Project area: 1970㎡

Project Location: Nanning, Guangxi

Project Photography:ingallery


Founded in 1999, Yu Qiang Design is positioned as an “interior designer office”. It aims to become a design platform for outstanding interior designers to work together, to drive the continuous progress of design concepts through information interaction, and to always maintain design innovation and vitality.

After more than 20 years, we have built up a team of nearly 200 people and established a perfect project operation and management system. We actively share our clients’ efforts in project management to ensure the smooth running of the whole project and the perfect presentation of the design results.

We have witnessed the booming development of the industry and persist in our original intention to continue to create forward-looking and market-valued industry examples for our clients. As always, we uphold the core concept of “unlimited creativity”. Our service ecology of “creative design and specialized board” meets the different design service needs of our clients.

We always believe that our ideal is in line with your pursuit.

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