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Space to Stay White, Temperature Just Right Minimalist Design | Plot Design

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Narrative white, not just to tell the story of a home, but in the hope that when one creates a new act in the space.

The space is left blank, and the enclosure and warmth of people is the real starting point.

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As far as the eye can see, the heart and the body go.

The flotsam and jetsam of the sky, throughout the whole space.

Put a touch of warmth, rendered in the white space, walk into the space, the sun is new.

Just as the atmosphere of the space envelops one, comfortable, without excess anxiety or xenophobia, the temperature is just right at the moment.

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In the morning, the curtain colors recede as far as possible to the rear, light hits the stage square from the window.

In the cubic space, the warmth of orange is arranged and staggered in parallel.

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The dialogue between color and white returns to the simple and unpretentious tone, writing down the aesthetic concept of natural silence for the space.

Against the backdrop of the wispy white, the ethereal ripples of color make the space undulate.

The block paintings and the streamlined chairs form an enclosure, tightly wrapping the warmth of the home.

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As noon approaches, the sun shines through the haze and rides the wind in the corners.

The side table with chocolate exudes its unique charm, and the greenery outside the window echoes nature.

It is also a record of the daily fireworks between families.

The temperature of life is the best way to extract the “taste of home”.

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In a unique space, the interaction and connection of family members is also important.

Slowing down, the far side of the bar awaits everyone’s group sitting.

Get the dinner ingredients together and participate in every little thing the family does.

Everyone feels more involved and there is a sense of helping/caring for each other.

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The space flows.

transitioning between layers.

By alternating vertical forms.

Stripped of reality under the influence of light, space has an expression, and only then does time make sense.

When one reaches the top and gazes at the sky.

The narrative monologues also began to write new textual meanings.

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Afternoon, the angle of the sun begins to change.

Light cast on the bookshelf, just out of the way of the bed.

Just in time for siesta, the projection of light under the sway of the veil.

Ripples of a summer dream.

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Different colors and ambiance than the master bedroom, the children’s room uses the space for fun.

Removal of the barrier of isolation and the deliberate creation of “solitude”.

Rearranging the arrangement, the addition of color.

Evoking the feeling of “turning, opening, entering”.

Satisfy the soul and let loose in a solitary space.

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In a small world, a child’s little secret.

Treasuring memories of family journeys, the space keeps loading up with good times.

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The space continues to rise, the silence that belongs to the family.

Towards dusk, the space was overflowing with warmth.

The resting vessel casts a heavy color.

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Going to one side, the wind held hands with the white veil.

Waving lightly, the silence of the space was broken.

When dusk falls.

Expecting the lights to come on slowly, scalding a hole through the night.

A light is also lit within the person.

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