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Sorry, The Toilet Has These Problems, Not Quality Problems!

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Buying a house is not easy for many consumers, and renovating is not easy at all, and they are happy to move in! But relatives and friends said how your toilet base cracks at the foot? It affects beauty, troublesome to deal with, and looks extremely uncomfortable. So the owner is very depressed, the more he thinks about the more uncomfortable, the angrier. How easy is it for me to spend so much money on the renovation?

Some time ago, another news broke: “150 sets of TOTO toilets cracked in the same district, the manufacturer said non-quality problems” was fired up. In a district located in Chongqing district, more than 150 families have found cracks in their own TOTO toilets. Some are water tank rupture, some are base rupture, and even more, is the base of the shell fell off a large piece.

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This type of situation must be very painful for the owners. The toilet is a good toilet, how can this kind of situation appear. It must be a quality problem.  So, a variety of sample inspection, complaints, on the store trouble and so on. Anyway, the money can not be lost. Finally, the testers sample inspection results show that: because the district is located in Chongqing district, the winter is relatively cold, coupled with the vacation community housing winter long-term uninhabited.  The water inside the toilet for a long time easily lead to icing, so that the toilet freezes and cracks, and the quality of the toilet is not related. The owner heard this result, “not dry, why I save money, hard work for most of my life, just renovated the toilet, how to become this way! Still have to find the store trouble”.

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Consumers, after all, is not a professional designer, a toilet tank filling slow, the base of the foot cracks, toilet installation is not close to the wall, the toilet wash surface of the local water rust yellowing. Immediately find the bathroom store.  “Your toilet has a problem!” Payout, payout, payout, the important thing to say three times. All kinds of complaints to claim compensation! Very often, the bathroom terminal sales stores are also very wronged. A good toilet other homes are no problem. Why do you have a problem? Only dumb to eat the bitterness!

In fact, the toilet tank is slow to fill, the base of the foot cracks, the toilet can not be installed against the wall, the toilet wash surface of the local water rust yellow, the toilet freeze crack.  Many times it is not a toilet quality problem!

One: the toilet tank is very slow to fill the water

If there is a toilet tank water injection is very slow. First check the water pressure. If the water pressure is too small, it is a water supply problem and has nothing to do with the quality of the toilet. If the water pressure is normal, please check whether the water inlet valve in the water tank is blocked by debris. If there is, please clear the debris.

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Two: After the toilet is installed for a period of time, cracks appear at the foot of the base, and will expand

After the toilet is installed for a period of time, cracks appear at the foot of the base, and will expand.This is due to the installation, the base cavity is filled with cement, and the quality of the toilet has nothing to do with.  The cement will absorb water and expand to crack the toilet.The correct installation method is: flange for one piece toilet. Split with the foot screw fixed, or with silicone fixed toilet chassis can be.

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Three: the toilet installation can not be close to the wall

After the toilet installation against the wall which is not close to the choice of toilet drainage distance and reserved sewage pipe distance from the wall, and toilet quality has nothing to do with. The drainage distance of the toilet discharge common specifications are 210mm, 305mm, 400mm three specifications. Under normal circumstances allow the installation size of 190-210mm, 285-305mm, 380-400mm, that is to say, the back of the toilet, from the wall clearance of 20mm.

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Users should choose the toilet specification according to the actual distance from the wall of the reserved drainage pipe at home and the allowed installation size when purchasing. If the drainage pipe distance from the wall has been set dead and not standardized, there is no suitable drainage distance toilet choice, you can purchase another 1 shifter to adjust. Shifter can generally increase or reduce the center of the maximum distance of about 100mm.

Four: toilet wash surface local water rust yellowing

Toilet use a long time, easy to appear toilet wash surface local water rust yellowing phenomenon. Toilet washing surface local water rust yellowing, very affect the beauty, use is also uncomfortable, cleaning and tired. This situation owners usually think that the toilet is a problem, in fact, the water quality, and toilet quality is not related. Due to water quality, the toilet will be yellow dirt on the surface after a long time of use. At this time, you can use the cleaner to scrub, and then flush with water.

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Five: toilet freezing crack

Toilet toilet tank or sump cracking, or the whole floor plate fall down, may be related to environmental factors. For example, the winter is too cold, the indoor temperature is below 0 degrees, the water stored in the toilet tank freezes. The volume of the ice may expand to the point of holding up the cracked water tank. If the owner does not use the toilet for a long time, the water in the tank does not flow for a long time, and the ice will easily cause the tank to crack.

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In the process of using the toilet, there are various phenomena, and the owner’s anxiety is understandable. After all, most owners have worked hard for half a lifetime for this house. But many times the toilet tank is slow to fill, cracks at the foot of the base, the toilet installed against the wall, the toilet wash surface local water rust yellowing, toilet freezing crack, because the installation is not right, improper use caused by, and toilet quality is not related. The toilet is wrongly accused. This time the bathroom store salesman needs to be patient to help the owner to find the real problem, the best to help the owner together to solve the problem. If consumers are still not clear, you can put this WeChat collection. Ready to forward to customers to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings!



Problems with the product, we all do not want. Merchants need to hold the mentality of serving customers well to deal with problems for them, and consumers also need to hold a tolerant heart towards merchants, after all, a good reputation of customers is what merchants want.

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