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Bathrooms Can Be Renovated!!! Bathroom People Will Know

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Bathroom Business School 2020-11-27

Bathroom and kitchen, arguably the most utilized space in the home. Relatively speaking, the bathroom is a more complex environment. And decoration is very important for every family, having a bright, clean and tidy bathroom can bring us great relaxation. Today, let’s talk about the bathroom renovation process. Those who want to renovate their bathrooms in the near future, don’t miss it!


Bathroom Renovation Of The Classification

Bathroom decoration mainly involves wall tiles and sanitary ware two aspects of the construction process is roughly: tiling wall tiles → ceiling → paving tiles → installation of toilet, washbasin, tub → installation of connecting drainage pipes → installation of lamps, sockets, mirrors → installation of towel bars and other hardware accessories.


Process Flow Of Sanitary Ware

1/Counter basin: insert expansion bolts twist firmly, hang the basin pipe rack and put the basin on the rack to find the level, the water is connected to the basin to straighten, and then connected to the water.

2/Bath: The correct installation steps are to install the bath first and then install the water, and then install the water after closing tightly with putty, and finally try to level and find the right.

3/Shower: cold and hot water orifice with a test pipe to find level, the measured short section size installed in the orifice after the shower copper inlet smear lead oil, wrap and tighten the nut, fixed in the wall after the upper copper pipe installed in the tee port, and finally fixed in the wall with wood screws.

4 / Toilet: first check the ground downspout pipe, align the mouth of the pipe after drawing a good mark, punching holes, and then smear putty set good rubber pad screw nuts. In the back of the water tank two side holes to make a good mark, punch the hole and insert the bolt and twist firmly. After screwing the nuts to the back of the tank, install the back of the tank down elbow, install eight doors, bend the light fork and insert the drifters door and eight doors.


Process flow of overall renovation

1/ Develop a program: For partial renovation of the bathroom, the first thing is to confirm the demolition project and renovation of the increased part of the site, it is best to view by professionals at home, depending on the site conditions and the needs of the owner to determine the demolition and renovation projects. Some people only need to do wall renovation, then the floor tiles can be left untouched. Some people want to do the whole renovation, and some even want to move the external wall of the bathroom, change the space to bigger or smaller, or make the wet and dry separation. All these need to be judged on site to see if it is suitable to do and can be done. Then by understanding the owner’s habits, the initial determination of functional furniture and socket switch arrangement in the bathroom, determine the initial construction and renovation program.

2 / Demolition of old protection: If the aisle on the outside of the retained bathroom, the case of indoor floor tiles, as well as the expansion of the bathroom corresponding to the floor of the room on the other side of the wall, are to do a good job of protection measures to avoid damage to the ground in the process of knocking and smashing, handling waste bricks. The professional protection for the floor will be laid in three layers, firstly, a layer of Panasonic special foam protection film is laid on the floor, a layer of corrugated paper is added on top of it, and finally a layer of nine-tier board is laid. Three layers of protection to ensure that the ground in the construction process without damage.

3 / Demolition of old construction: after the completion of protective measures, first of all, the bathroom facilities, brackets all removed. Not used to clean up, there are still used bracket placed in a fixed position to protect. Next is the use of electric hammer and other professional tools to remove the ceiling, wall tiles, floor tiles. If the space pattern has changed, the corresponding wall is removed and a new wall is built. For the bathroom new masonry wall, in order to prevent leakage at the bottom, the formal process is the height of about 375px above the ground with cement to build a waterproof floor beam, and then brick on it.

4/Concealed works: bathroom renovation to add a certain number of socket switches, plumbing, or the old socket switches to do some displacement, in order to meet the new pattern of people’s use habits. In order to ensure the quality of concealed works and after-sales service, it is usually necessary to mark the location where the old and new lines are connected with blank panels or new sockets. In case of problems, it is easy to find the problematic points when repairing. In the choice of wires, water pipes, it is best to unify the use of Panda wires, Pilsa water pipes and other well-known brands, in order to play a good concealed engineering this bottom.

5 / Waterproof leveling: for the removal of brick walls and floors and new walls, the surface with cement leveling, dry and brush two times waterproof coating. After the waterproof layer is done, you can pave the new wall tiles, and installation of ceiling, the closest to the ground that a circle of wall tiles first not paste. Thereafter, the ground in the bathroom to go through a special waterproof test, that is, the bathroom floor enclosed, injected with a certain level of water, do mark. Be 24 hours later to observe whether the water level changes, to ensure that the waterproof layer without leakage, and dry before the tile paving.

6 / Cleaning installation: Finally, the installation of sanitary ware, equipment and accessories such as toilets, shower sliding doors, bathtubs, towel racks, etc.. This process involves drilling holes in the wall, so the construction process standard workers will use the American paper to mark the original concealed project lines, so as not to damage the plumbing lines during the installation of equipment drilling. Of course, do not forget to complete the site cleaning work, to ensure that the owners of the site clean and tidy.

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