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Restraint And Enthusiasm, Creating A Double-Motion Large Flat Floor | Xia Chenglong Design

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Restrained and enthusiastic

The two owners are both working in finance. The female owner is gentle and elegant, while the male owner is calm and low-key. They are both busy at work, so they want their home to be a place for relaxation and relaxation, in addition to meeting their rational functions.

Although it is a large flat house, there are too many load-bearing structures in the house. This largely limits the layout and effective use of functions. Although the spatial scale is very good, the movement line is not reasonable and the waste area is serious. After combining with the needs of the homeowner, we carried out the creation of the design.



The entrance hall is cool and restrained

Turning around, it’s hot and warm

In the same visual range

Harmonious and complementary, compromise and coexistence

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The formal language of space tends to be clean and simple

Geometric volume relationship is simplified

Eliminate complicated elements

Maintain restraint and calmness

Respect the attitude of “reduction” and “simplicity”

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Under the logic of constructing with restraint

Order is the design approach we need to emphasize

Simple and clean lines create a sense of rhythm and the beauty of proportion in space

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The quietness of the space after the order is what we want to present

Life is a balance between silence and passion

The restraint is the space, the heat is the heart

Seemingly cold and detached on the outside

But the essence of warmth and comfort

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The restrained spatial temperament reveals serenity and tolerance between dark and light colors

The accented burgundy pedestal injects elegance and emotion into the calm color scheme.

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Restraint of desire, restraint of emotion, richness of life but not indulgence.

Emotions are abundant but not wanton, the heart is warm, life is pure.

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In the space of strong impact contrast of color palette

Expresses the rationality of space and the sensuality of life.

The occupants are in it as a reconciliation.

Under the life of fireworks, the emotions of family members are linked.

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The double-motion line design makes the route into each room more reasonable.

By using different door opening and closing methods, the master bedroom space has a high ratio of exclusive enjoyment of the suite.

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The link between each space allows each space to be extended and expanded.

The existence of conversion space is necessary to balance the movement line and scale.

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The large floor-to-ceiling windows provide ample light to the space.

The sunlight will make the burgundy color more positive during the day.

The nighttime sense of just the right atmosphere can hardly hide the warmth and romance.

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Extending the Malay paint in the public area to the bedroom, the color block is clear, simple and comfortable.

Intelligent curtain system opens in the morning when the background music plays softly

A day of relaxation begins.

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Project Type | Residential Space

Image Courtesy | 1890 Design

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