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WOWOW Wall Mounted Pot Filler In Brushed Nickel

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Thanks to its ergonomic design, wall mounted pot filler stainless is comfortable to use.
Its high-grade stainless steel material makes it highly durable.
This product provides the chef with reliable support.

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WOWOW Wall Mounted Pot Filler In Brushed Nickel


Brushed nickel pot filler faucet 2311300
Looking for some special features in your new kitchen design to make your kitchen both functional and comfortable at the same time? Then this brushed nickel pot filler faucet could be something for you. Are you sometimes struggling to carry big pots of water from your kitchen sink to your stove? This discomfort belongs to the past with this brushed nickel pot filler faucet of WOWOW. Pot filler faucets normally are installed behind your kitchen stove in order to have a water connection near your cooking area. This is especially handy when you have to fill big pots with water to boil. You don’t have to move pots anymore that could easily weight dozens of ounces. Especially when you don’t want to strain your arms or wrists, this could be a very handy solution for your kitchen comfort.

Another pleasant side effect of the brushed nickel pot filler faucet of WOWOW is the fact that you could clean your kitchen stove easier, as you have a water connection nearby. Cleaning is so much easier with a pot filler faucet. The brushed nickel pot filler faucet of WOWOW is equipped with double ceramic valves in order to guarantee a leak-free experience. If one of the valves would stay open, this would not cause any leaking whatsoever. It therefore always is recommendable to turn off both valves to be sure that your kitchen stove stays dry at all times. You better be safe than sorry!

Modern brushed nickel pot filler faucet 
This particular brushed nickel pot filler faucet of WOWOW has a modern outlook. It most definitely gives a special, innovative touch to your kitchen besides its functional added value. As pot filler faucets are not commonly known, most people would ask you about this when they see your kitchen. The smallest focal points in kitchens are the faucets. This means that peoples attention is naturally drawn to the kitchen faucets when they take a look at your kitchen. This brushed nickel pot filler faucet fits right in any modern kitchen décor, and would definitely attract some special attention.

WOWOW’s brushed nickel pot filler faucet could easily be combined with other modern kitchen faucets to form one harmonious unity in your kitchen décor. The square lines in combination with the round shapes form a playful spectacle. Designers of WOWOW are internationally recognized as making the boldest elegant designs that could easily be published in any top-notch magazine about luxury kitchen designs.

Reach brushed nickel pot filler faucet 
The handiness of a pot fill faucet is that you could mount it against the wall near your stove. It could be easily stored against the wall because of the dual swing joints. In this way it does not bother your cooking space as it clears the cooking area. But you will have an impressive reach of almost 24 inch in order that could fill any pot on any stove pit. The pot filler faucet could easily be extended when you actually need it, and you retract it immediately when you are done. When you have installed this brushed nickel pot filler faucet, you will regret that you have not installed this piece of equipment before.

Water also goes very smoothly with the high-quality Neoperl ABS aerator. It provides you with an anti-splatter and leak-free water experience. Filling your pots at your cooking stove with full water force will not cause any splashing. Splashing water could cause dangerous situations, especially when you are cooking on the other fire pits of your kitchen stove. Your cooking stove stays save at all times, and you could even use it when the fire pits are on, without causing any danger in your kitchen.

Quality brushed nickel pot filler faucet 
The two valves of this brushed nickel pot filler faucet are made of ceramic material, and guarantee smooth turning. You notice that the valves cause no backlash at all and no friction either. Consequently you are ensured of a smooth operation. Even when you have fragile joints, this brushed nickel pot filler faucet can be operated easily. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the wall mounted stainless pot filler is highly comfortable to use. The two 360 degrees rotatable swing arms are smooth to operate as well.

Its high-grade stainless steel material makes this brushed nickel pot filler faucet highly durable. The brushed nickel surface of this pot filler faucet is both anti-scratch and corrosion-free. The connectors are made of solid brass, which guarantee a healthy water flow without any metal residue in it. The best solution therefore for the health of you and your family. Because of the quality, this brushed nickel pot filler faucet is often used in commercial venues as restaurants as well.

Warranty brushed nickel pot filler faucet 
The brushed nickel pot filler faucet comes with a complete installation kit. With this installation kit you could easily install the brushed nickel pot filler faucet yourself without any problems. This will save you expensive plumber costs. The installation kit comes with all materials that you need to attach the wall-mounted pot filler faucet. Including an Allen wrench, Teflon tape, and installation gloves to not damage your hands and to keep them clean at the installation process. We therefore guarantee that you could install this brushed nickel pot filler faucet yourself within a half hour. Of course only on the condition that you have a water point at the right place.

As WOWOW is that convinced with the quality of the brushed nickel pot filler faucet, it provides you with a complimentary 5-year warranty period. As WOWOW offers the best value for money you can find, it also gives you a 90-day money back guarantee. Therefore you run no risk at all. If you would not be convinced with this brushed nickel pot filler faucet, you simply get a full refund. WOWOW stands for its product and that you can notice immediately. The advantages of the brushed nickel pot filler faucet in a nutshell:
• Gives a wow-factor to any kitchen
• Modern design pot filler
• Quality joints and valves
• Highly safe to use
• Brushed nickel finish
• Easy to clean and easy to maintain
• Easy to install in 30 minutes
• 5-year warranty




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3.84 pounds

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Special Features

360 Degree Rotation, Double Joint, Folding

  1. A***m2020-06-29

    This pot filler faucet was easy for my husband to install, it takes him about 10 minutes to get it done. The movement is smooth and easy, no issues with using it till now.This is very sturdy and the flow is perfect, also leak free, the brushed nickel finish is beautiful and matches perfectly with the rest of my kitchen.

  2. L***t2020-07-02

    I spent a few days looking for a brushed nickel pot filler faucet with clean, modern lines that was within my budget. I found this pot filler on WOWOW and couldn’t be happier. This faucet is very good quality, was a breeze to install, works great, and looks wonderful in our kitchen. Will never pay inflated big brand prices again. Highly recommend!

  3. A***s2020-07-09

    After a horrible experience with a different product that leaked, we decided to try this pot filler faucet. It is heavy duty and works great so far, it doesn’t leak, very easy to install. It matches all our kitchen appliances, love the brushed nickel finish look, the solid brass nipple quality is excellent, very happy we had purchased this product.

  4. H***y2020-07-11

    This pot filler faucet was easy for my husband to install, it takes him about 10 minutes to get it done. The movement is smooth and easy, no issues with using it till now.This is very sturdy and the flow is perfect, also leak free, the brushed nickel finish is beautiful and matches perfectly with the rest of my kitchen.

  5. F***s2020-07-17

    Saved a fortune ordering this rather than buying it from one of the box stores for almost 3 times as much. Super easy to install and looks great!

  6. Y***s2020-07-18

    We are updating/upgrading our entire circa 1984 home on a very modest, pay-as-you-go budget. My husband is a chef and the kitchen was one of first big projects to tackle. We decided that an awesome pot filler above the stove would be a smart way to add interest and value to our kitchen. Everyone who sees it thinks it is so unique and clever. When my mother comes to visit and wants to cook a big pot of soup she no longer needs to carry a heavy pot of water from the sink to the stove. This product fulfills our practical needs and fits our home’s evolving aesthetic perfectly.

  7. Y***t2020-07-21

    We love the potfiller, and had no problems with leakage or anything. It looks great and functions perfectly.

  8. L***a2020-07-26

    We had a forced remodel following Hurricane Harvey and this was an “upgrade” I chose – I put this in my appliance garage so I can fill up my keurig without moving it. It’s been great so far, very pleased!

  9. G***o2020-07-28

    My house had a slightly unusual, older, discontinued pot filler that was beautiful but leaking. I tried a few simple steps to replace it, but the most common style of valve didn’t fit. I was in the market for a cheap but beautiful replacement, more to plug the hole in the wall than to be in heavy use. This fits that bill incredibly well, and it’s functional enough that I’m confident using it for filling heavy pots.

    -Inexpensive. This pot filler cost less than 1/4 of the newer version of my old pot filler.
    -Gorgeous. The oil-rubbed bronze(-style) finish is perfect.
    -Functional. I’ve used it to fill a dozen pots.
    -Complete. Two valves, a swing arm, and an aerator.
    -Comes with an extra ceramic disc valve in case you ever need a replacement.

    -Short. The arm is a bit short, but it’s not exactly a pain to temporarily push a pot closer to the faucet rather than taking it to the sink, so this isn’t a problem for most people even if it’s short for your oven.
    -Splashes if you open the wall valve first. I don’t know if it’s this model or just because my old faucet was corroded, but the pressure on this model is WAY high. If I open the wall end first and then the tap, it spits like a shower head. If I open the tap first then the wall, I get a direct stream as expected. This is a minor quirk, I just need to be careful when guests are over.
    -No mounting bracket. My old faucet had a bracket to ensure the arm was mounted exactly level. This one does not, and relies on an exact installation to be held perfectly in place. I’m not going to challenge my unfamiliar plumbing by trying to torque the pot filler around another turn, so it’s a little loose on the wall. I suspect it would be perfect if I torqued it down, but I can’t be sure the old install was exactly right, so I’ll keep it where it is for now. So long as nobody yanks on the arm, it sits perfectly on the wall. As I said, I mostly cared about appearances and only use my filler occasionally, so that’s 100% fine with me.

  10. G***e2020-08-04

    Perfect! Excellent value for the price. It’s as heavy as higher-priced namebrands.

    We soldered the 1/2″ male end onto the waterline and screwed this right onto that connection (1/2″ beyond the sheetrock and tile) rather than using the male-male brass that came with it. We made one other adjustment and had installed a 1/2″ thick mdf board around the waterline so that we could screw directly into something solid. These two steps really seemed to solidify the install.

    The dual valves have ensured no drips. It looks wonderful. The arms move with just the right amount of resistance. We’re pleased with the function. We’re even more pleased with the savings over higher-priced units that appear to be the.same quality.

    One thing I would do different next time: I’d install it about 4″ lower than I did. At 16″ above the stove the water has a long way to fall into the pot. Id probably install it closer to 12″ if I were to do it again.

  11. U***a2020-08-14

    I bought many (four to be exact) other versions that looked to be the same for far less money. I wasted two months ordering a new one, having it installed, only to have it leak from multiple points, returning it, waiting for a refund, and ordering another. After returning filler after filler I was frustrated. I decided I needed to suck it up and spend a little more to get a better product that hopefully wouldn’t leak. Upon arrival, the quality of the product was far better than the $70 knock offs I had ordered. Installation went better than expected! Extra parts were included, along with a way to contact customer service with issues rather than just returning it, and even directions in proper English! Since installing we have had zero leaks or other issues. I was being penny wise and dollar stupid. This is the only pot filler (of the five I have dealt with) that was worth a glance. wowow probably should look into the hundreds of knock offs of this brand for half the cost and shut them down.

  12. J***n2020-08-17

    Awesome product. Solid and very convenient. We have large pots up to 30qts and this is the answer to filling them. You will need to know some plumbing skills to install but it is well worth it. This is one fifth the cost as in store brands (machined gold). We love it. No more having to fill pitchers! Solid construction and even comes with a spare valve

  13. E***r2020-08-19

    Compared to my fingerprintless stainless appliances, the color of this is warmer and more golden and the newer appliances are a cooler more blue-silver. It still looks fantastic with my appliances and for comparison…it matches name brand brushed nickel fixtures like faucets and shower heads that I have in other rooms (If you’re trying to get a gauge for the color silver it is).

    The function is the best part. Mine was installed high above my range to allow for tall pots but even when the water is full blast filling the smallest pots, the water does not splash out of the pots at all.

    It swivels and moves very easily with just the slight touch of a hand and is double-sided.

    Very high water pressure, no leaks, extra valve for future needs. Overall highly satisfied and wouldn’t exchange

  14. M***s2020-08-26

    This was easy for my husband to install and matches all my kitchen appliances. I have no issues with use and movement is smooth and easy. This is very sturdy and the flow is perfect. I’m very pleased with the quality and am happy with the price I paid. I’d definitely buy this again if the need ever presented itself.

  15. B***)2020-08-30

    Lovely potfiller but unfortunately it leaks even after our contractor tried to fix it. Sadly, he didn’t install it right away and now I can not return it. Really love the look of this potfiller and the cost of it.

  16. E***s2020-09-02

    We love it! Had a plumber install it and it has worked like a charm. Elderly mother uses it when doing canning or boiling pasta and potatoes. She is arthritic and cannot carry a full pot from the sink.

  17. E***n2020-09-07

    The pot filler is excellent quality and the post purchase support from customer service is extraordinary!! I couldn’t be more happy that I purchased this product ! Will definitely buy their products again and recommend to all I know!!

  18. R***.2020-09-11

    Love the pot filler. I use the spigot next to the back wall. Very easy to control the volume of water in the pot. Moves out over pot and back to wall with little effort

  19. M***d2020-09-16

    We’ve never had a pot filler before so perhaps it’s the novelty of it but this pot filler is well made and stylish. It’s a perfect addition to our new kitchen.

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