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WOWOW Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet With Pull Out Sprayer

(41 customer reviews)

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  • Chrome Finish Design Patent: the pull-down kitchen sink faucet in shiny chrome finish with exquisite craft; Goose-neck faucet with elegant high arc, modern and beautiful, will add classic&luxury indoor decoration to your house
  • Muti-Functional Sprayer Head: Easily converted from stream to spray modes, the sink faucet with ABS aerator for filling pot quickly, is convenient to complete heavy-duty cleaning in stable flow, and also can save more than 50% water, through filtering technique to ensure water standard
  • Pull-Out Sprayer Technology: 1.7 m explosion-proof hose with a gravity ball to retract the spray head smoothly and easily. With swivel adapter that allows flex, pivot and reach every hard-to-get spot
  • Deck Plate For 1 or 3 Holes Sink: the single handle kitchen faucets come with 2 water supply hose (hot&cold), deck plate for 1 or 3 hole installing, and fit various types of sink, no need to worry about the ugly holes problem for 3 holes. We also offer you complete set of installation hardware
  • Materials: zinc alloy & brass body, 35mm ceramic cartridge, every corner and joints are sealed tightly, ensuring drip-free, lead-free and non-corrosion; 5-YEAR WARRANTY and CUSTOMER SUPPORT are offered. It is covered by 90-day limited return.

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WOWOW Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet With Pull Out Sprayer

WOWOW Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet With Pull Out SprayerWOWOW Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet With Pull Out Sprayer WOWOW Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet With Pull Out Sprayer WOWOW Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet With Pull Out Sprayer

Gooseneck kitchen faucet  with pull down sprayer

Your kitchen is your pride and you want the optimal combination of design and functionality. Nowadays you can choose from numerous designs to style your dream kitchen. It might even be a challenge to make a choice from all the options that are at your hand. Not only does all kitchen equipment come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but you also should not underestimate the impact of the various options of kitchen faucets. Kitchen faucets are a natural focal point in any kitchen. Besides, kitchen faucets are one of the most used devices in your kitchen. As you use your kitchen faucet to prepare your food, wash your dishes, and rinse off your hands, you use this kitchen item numerous times a day. So you better spend some extra time to select the optimal kitchen faucet for you.

Kitchen faucets come in different styles and functionalities to offer a wide range to fit all kinds of demands. Besides, kitchen faucets come in various colors, sizes, and types. The main types of kitchen faucets are pull-down kitchen faucets, pull-out kitchen faucets, and high-arc kitchen faucets. These high-arc kitchen faucets are also named gooseneck kitchen faucets. The main advantage of gooseneck kitchen faucets is that they provide more workspace in any kitchen. Taller gooseneck kitchen faucets offer you optimal access to your kitchen sink. In this way, you will not  have any problems putting large items, like a huge pot or pan, into your kitchen sink, and under your high-arc gooseneck kitchen faucet.

Elegantly designed gooseneck kitchen faucet

Designers of WOWOW have dedicated all their efforts to offer you an elegantly designed gooseneck kitchen faucet that offers optimal functionality as well. Because of its sleek design, WOWOW’s gooseneck kitchen faucet helps you to elegantly finish your kitchen. This high-arc kitchen faucet will definitely give an uplift to any kitchen design. Above all,  it also features great functionality with its integrated pull-down sprayer.
This brushed nickel gooseneck kitchen faucet, also known as the swan-neck kitchen faucet, offers an industrial look with contemporary and timeless elements. WOWOW’s gooseneck kitchen faucet would not be out of place in any designer magazine featuring exclusive design kitchens. Not for nothing, this gooseneck kitchen faucet is one of the top kitchen faucets of WOWOW and the pride of this global kitchen faucet supplier.

Multi-functional gooseneck kitchen faucet

Apart from design, this gooseneck kitchen faucet of WOWOW is a multi-functional faucet offering two spraying options. Not only does this high-arc kitchen faucet offer a regular stream in order to fill pots and pans for example. In addition, it features a comfortable spray mode to easily rinse your dishes and kitchen sink to offer a superior cleaning mode. You can easily switch between the two options with the button on the faucet nozzle. That makes it possible to switch options with one single hand while you are rinsing. Switching functions will not cause any splashing and the easiness how you can switch the button will surprise you!
This gooseneck kitchen faucet comes with a 60-inch pull-out hose that offers easy-extracting, because of the silicon gel nozzle of the faucet. With this hose, you can easily reach all difficult places around your kitchen sink. And above all, the flexible swivel adapter enables you to pivot easily to offer maximum comfort. The easy-retracting mode of this gooseneck kitchen faucet will always lead the faucet nozzle back to its original state after you are done cleaning. Without any problem!

Gooseneck kitchen faucet with excellent quality

The gooseneck kitchen faucet offers you quality and you notice that at every aspect of this innovative high-arc kitchen faucet. This gooseneck kitchen faucet weights over 70 oz, so you immediately notice that you have a solid metal product at hand. WOWOW’s brass-cored gooseneck faucet has an excellent nickel finish, and all joints have been sealed tightly with high quality materials. This offers you a guaranteed drip-free and leak-free faucet experience. Besides quality, this gooseneck kitchen faucet of WOWOW is easy-to-install as well. WOWOW’s high-arc kitchen faucet just needs a 1, 2 or 3-hole kitchen setup and, cold and warm water pipes. The included metal escutcheon for both 1, 2, or 3-hole kitchen-setups, makes this gooseneck kitchen faucet compatible with any kind of kitchen setup. It matches various kinds of sinks and you don’t have to struggle with compensating ugly gaps or holes.WOWOW  provides you with a complete set of installing components.

Reasonably priced gooseneck kitchen faucet

As the quality of WOWOW’s gooseneck kitchen faucet is undisputed, the price-quality ratio of this high arc kitchen faucet is the best you will find in the market. Because WOWOW only uses innovative production techniques with highly automated processes, we can offer this gooseneck kitchen faucet at a highly affordable price. A kitchen faucet often is the last item that is bought for a newly designed kitchen. Therefore kitchen faucets often are the closing entry of the overall kitchen budget, where the limits of this budget often are already approached or reached. Therefore it is good to know that you can still get a top-quality kitchen faucet at a limited budget.

Our gooseneck kitchen faucet is shipped to you free of charge, so you will not face any additional costs. What you see is what you get, and that applies for our price as well. At WOWOW we care about our customers and want to offer you the possibility to have a top-notch kitchen design at the lowest possible price.

A gooseneck kitchen faucet in which we trust!

WOWOW believes in its products and therefore we are not afraid to offer you a 5-year warranty period. Besides we offer you the highest level of customer service. We are always available to support you, even when installing the gooseneck kitchen faucet. Not for nothing you are assured as well by our 90-day complimentary return-policy. If you  would not like the product for any reason, we will refund you without any questions asked. As you can see, at WOWOW we trust our products!

The advantages of the gooseneck kitchen faucet in a nutshell:

  • Gives a wow-factor to any kitchen
  • Unique stylish design
  • Integrated pull-out nozzle
  • Two spraying functions
  • Combines style with high performance
  • Made of high quality brass materials
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • 5-year warranty



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Weight3 kg
Dimensions60 × 30 × 8 cm

14.8 inches






Stainless Steel/Zinc Alloy/Brass



Installation Method

Single-Hole Deck-Mount

Extension Length

31.5 Inches

Hose Length

59 Inches

Spout Height

10 Inches

Spout Reach

8.7 Inches

Flush Type

Dual Mode: Spray Mode/Stream Mode

Handle/Lever Placement


Plug Profile

Single-Hole Deck-Mount



Included Components

Kitchen sink faucet; 50cm Hot & Cold Water Hoses; Pull down sprayer; Deck Plate; Mounting Accessories

Special Features

Water temperature control

41 reviews for WOWOW Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet With Pull Out Sprayer

  1. D***t2020-04-28

    My goodness this is well made and such a nice design , very sturdy and the water pressure is better than the old Delta it replaced , was a bit wary of buying off brand , but this piece is so much better and the quality is outstanding, I’m going to buy all my faucets from them in the future , have 2 bathroom faucets on order I liked this Kitchen one so much, will definitely recommend to anyone looking to replace old items with these, well worth the money.

  2. J***n2020-10-12

    Although I was sad to say goodbye to my original MC faucet, this one sure is a beauty! I love that they even provide special gloves for install so you don’t mess up the chrome

  3. D***n2020-05-02

    On a budget this is well worth the money! It was VERY easy to install (getting our old one out was a whole other matter). I will mention the hose retracts via a very heavy, well attached weight on the end of the hose under the sink.

    – Excellent water pressure
    – Smooth operation of handle & hose
    – Hose retracts smoothly and returns to start position
    – The base perfectly covered the original holes for the hot/cold water knobs
    – 3 different spray settings on the hose with a quick stop button
    – Able to fit a Ball Canning Pot under it with ease or can leave it on the counter and use the hose to fill it.

    – Haven’t found one yet.

    Well worth the money if you are looking for a stylish faucet with out breaking the bank. Highly recommend this one!

  4. M***y2020-05-07

    JUST installed this faucet in our after school building. SIMPLE is the word! Only needed 2 tools and a towel. I have installed a similarly designed faucet and this one looks and feels great. Pretty sturdy and no leaks

    We did have to get used to the water flow buttons for the pullout handle to be located behind the handle (facing the faucet rather than facing us). I get it, use your fingers rather than your thumb to change from stream to spray. We’ll see if everyone else in the building will make sure the handle gets put back in the neck rather than leave it dangling.

    I did notice one little thing that isn’t worth a star…The little blue and red button on the handle is backward. (See the first picture below. Faucet on the left is the original faucet. The faucet on the right is the new faucet) Typically the red is on the right and blue is on the left for hot – cold water. I tried to turn the button but noticed it was not budging. No problem, I just made sure the plumbing was matched the button and I’ll let my employees know.

  5. O***n2020-05-10

    These are my impressions after installing and using this for one day.
    Pulling this out of the box it felt solid, and looked good. It was packed nicely, and had no signs of shipping damage.
    I was able to install this easily with just a pair of pliers, and a Philips screw driver. The instructions were clear enough, and I had no trouble with the actual install. The only potential problem was a minor one with the instructions. The instructions show you should place the faucet through the mounting hole in the sink (Optionally including the bezel for 3 hole sinks), then from underneath, put on the plastic washer, the metal washer, and the large nut. What it doesn’t show is that there is a O ring that needs to go on the faucet stem BEFORE it is put through the mounting hole or the bezel. This was not tough to figure out, but could be a little confusing.
    All in all I was able to remove the old faucet and mount the new one in less than an hour.

    I am very pleased with how this faucet works. The handle feels smooth and solid to operate and I had no trouble adjusting it to my desired temperature and flow rate. The spray select buttons work well. The spray setting is quite powerful, which is nice for cleaning. The faucet feels solid and the pull down nozzle works smoothly and returns without problems. This faucet also looks reasonably good and matches the brushed stainless sink I mounted it to reasonably well.

    Some very minor complaints:
    Adjusting the temperature while the water is on feels just a little awkward. It isn’t difficult, but it is not ideal.
    On the spray setting, with the water turned all the way on it may be a little too strong, and a light mist/splash will escape the sink.
    The button to select the spray mode has a very light touch. I would have preferred it to take just a little more pressure to change the mode.

    I think that this is a very good faucet, and seems comparable to others that cost four times as much. It’s well worth the price and deserves the five star rating.

  6. B***s2020-05-12

    Wow very nice product for the price. Compared similar faucets at Lowe’s and theirs were double and triple the price. Easy to install came with everything needed. Would highly recommend this brand.
    Thank you wife is very happy!

  7. C***g2020-05-18

    I LOVE this faucet. We went from a enamel coated cast iron sink with nickel faucet that was original to our 1950s house and replaced it with this. I wanted just a one handled one that was also a sprayer. It looks great in our still in progress kitchen remodel and it works great! We have not great water pressure, but this still has great power, especially when you have it on the spray instead of the stream. My husband installed it with no problem and he has never done it before.

  8. M***m2020-05-21

    The old kitchen faucet was leaking water, first tried to put some epoxy around the leaking area, could not fix the problem, decided to buy a new faucet to replace the leaking faucet.
    The house is a rental property, could not justify spending $200 to get a delta/moen, searched on wowow, finally decided to get this one base on the reviews and price.
    Took me around an hour to remove the old faucet and install the new one. The faucet itself seems to be well made, instructions were clear. After installing it, turned on/off the faucet, worked just as expected, no leakage. Hopefully, this faucet stays like this for a long time. Very happy about the purchase.

  9. R***n2020-05-27

    When I purchased an 80 year old home, I knew I would need to replace a few things, especially the old kitchen faucet.

    The original faucet had been installed incorrectly, so the cold/hot water knobs were labeled wrong. It also had terrible water pressure and the sprayer no longer functioned. A few weeks after moving in, I decided that replacing the faucet was going to be my next project.

    I purchased this new faucet after checking out others at home improvement stores and reading reviews. This one definitely did not disappoint.

    Once the old faucet was removed, installing this one was a breeze and took less than half an hour. Then I turned the water back on to test it and I got mad at myself for not buying this sooner. Not only was my water pressure back to normal, the hot and cold labels were finally labeled correctly and the sprayer functionality was completely restored.

    Overall, I’m extremely happy with my purchase – this is one of my favorite “upgrades” I’ve done to my home yet!

  10. A***e2020-06-02

    Replaced old single handle, single hole with this one. Everything fit perfectly and was pleasantly surprised that it came with braided hot & cold hoses that hooked right up to my standard supply valve connections. The sprayer hose is quick-connect and snaps right together. I had zero leaks first try. Tools needed: screw driver and small wrench to tighten the nut on the hoses such as pliers or crescent wrench. Very easy installation. If I was a plumber I would buy a few dozen of these and keep them in my truck. Customer would pay $150 for it and be happy.

  11. T***n2020-06-09

    I was first of all amazed at how well packed the faucet came and how beautiful it looked. It was like a fine instrument when you open the box and see it for the first time. We installed this one in our utility tub older type 2 handle faucets which was much more difficult underneath because of the narrow space to get a bottom retainer in – had to run to the hardware store to get something different that didn’t hit the sides of the tub. I would suggest the company include a spin on retainer or make one available similar to the ones used on the 2 hole type faucets. We wanted the sprayer to wash the dog and all the other faucets with a sprayer that would fit this type were so cheaply made we thought we would try this. This was installed yesterday in one of the holes (which fit perfectly with the cables going through it and we will get a plug for the remaining hole or put in a soap dispenser). Time will tell as it is used how it holds up but we are very pleased with the product!

  12. A***e2020-06-13

    I love everything about this faucet. Its not too expensive but worth the money for sure! The hose itself is smooth taking in and out and also very long as well. So it comfortable to wash any dishes and wash you sink afterwarda as well!

  13. M***)2020-06-18

    I need to change my old kitchen faucet, I was interested in this faucet’s design, WOWOW is not famous enough, but the price is good, so I bought without any hesitate. My husband followed the instructions to install, and he can even finish without any other’s help! It works great,the flow,the handle, the pull out sprayer, all good! A very satisfy deal!

  14. K***h2020-06-26

    The same types of faucets sell for 3 times the price at home improvement stores. I was weary because of this, but I am so pleased with this purchase. The water pressure is perfect and the pullout sprayer works great and retracts perfectly. I can’t believe the quality for the price!!!

  15. R***t2020-06-30

    UPDATE: After using this for several months I have to say I am extremely happy with this product. It feels solid and quality and it works flawlessly. I had some concerns because there were a few reviews where some objected about how the spray head did (or didn’t) retract and hold in place but I have had no problem the weight does a good job of making it retract and it fits where it should. This is as nice a faucet as any I’ve seen that cost twice as much and more.

    Looks terrific, works perfectly and was literally five minutes to install. Very stylish, good looking, quality materials.

    Other reviews note that the hot and cold markings on the faucet put the hot on the right side of the control rotation, where most US faucets put the hot to the left. It really is unimportant, the markings are clear enough and it’s taken all of fifteen minutes to get used to it. However if you position the lever to the right side as most do then hot is to the back and cold to the front which is a good choice. But if it really important you could reverse the hookup of the lines (though then the little color coded indicator would be wrong. I prefer the indicator be correct in case a guest doesn’t notice how it works…)

    My only real objection is the price keeps dropping and I paid more but hey, the amount involved is already pretty minor for this kind of faucet…it was a great deal at the price I paid and it’s likely going to be a better deal for you.

  16. E***g2020-07-01

    This faucet transformed the sink, it looks great, it is very easy to clean, really fingerprint free, it works great, totally recommended!

  17. U***n2020-07-08

    I have had this in for a couple months now and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations for the price paid. It looks great and works well. Happy with my purchase!

  18. E***e2020-07-13

    Very easy to install. Sink wrench not needed, just a medium adjustable wrench a Phillips head screwdriver (longer the easier) also plumbers tape for hose connections. Took all of 20 minutes to install once the old one was out. This was a good buy and looks nice!

  19. N***a2020-07-18

    Purchased this faucet for a lot less than a similar faucet would be at a big box store. The old faucet was getting grimy and was hard to fill up pots of water. Installation was easy and didn’t take much time. I would recommend this faucet to anyone considering purchasing it.

  20. J***h2020-07-22

    This is a work of art for the picky consumer. You will not be disappointed in this purchase. I read through these reviews first. The video with the lady pulling at it without it being installed is as funny as the one I got. The person before me had installed the under the counter plate onto the supply lines first and not while under the sink and I got it like this. I had to remove it. Some people do not have common sense sometimes. It was installed in 15 minutes. It retreats as it should with the weight attached exactly on the red tag that says “weight” and you do not tighten it all the way or you would kink it. This is for people that like beautiful things in their kitchen, especially stainless and they wipe it down after the end of each use. They like to retain the mirror finish on everything. This is for you. Enjoy.

  21. 2***52020-07-28

    This is a wonderful faucet so far. The hose is flexible and seems well built. The faucet was easy to install and looks great with the goose neck design. We bought this to replace an old one that broke and we aren’t disappointed at all. Hope it lasts many years. Glad it comes in the brushed silver look that matches all of our other appliances.

  22. A***p2020-07-31

    This faucet is beautiful! My husband had no problem installing it. What a great product for the money. It looks like it costs much more than it did. I highly recommend!

  23. M***r2020-08-03

    Love this faucet. The only feature I wish it had was to turn off the sprayer when the faucet turns off. You have to manually switch it to go back to regular stream otherwise it will stay in the sprayer

  24. M***n2020-08-05

    Very easy to install plus great quality too. It took exactly 12 minutes to take the former faucet out and slip this one in. This faucet is heavy metal. I went to a big box hardware store and compared. This one compares well to those costing three or four times as much. I am far from an expert and yet I put this in with no problems whatsoever. Good luck.

  25. E***n2020-08-06

    I ordered this with a little bit of apprehension because the cost was so much less than other comparable products, but based on the reviews I thought it worth the risk. I’ve had it now for over two months and I really like it! It’s sturdy, the buttons are easy to navigate and I like the “pause” feature to fill up pitchers, etc. The only somewhat-negative I’ve found is that the hose is not quite as flexible as the last faucet I had; this isn’t to say it’s stiff, but you can’t bend it into a “u” or anything. I would recommend this item based on my experience so far!

  26. M***n2020-08-09

    I installed this myself a few months ago, and so far, we havent had any leaks, rusted areas or any other kind of damage. It is kind of lightweight and seems a bit flimsy when operating the handle, but we have had no problems with it. It is a cheaper faucet, so I assume that means lower quality than the brands that a hundreds of dollars, but this is a beautiful, decent quality choice for us. We did have to buy the baseplate to go with it, which seems like it should be included, but that wasn’t a big deal for us. Great buy.

  27. G***n2020-08-11

    I have been using this for a week. Replaced a $200.00 Moen faucet that was only 2 years old and had a lot of problems with. This one was so much easier to install. Is just as nice as the Moen. The only thing I don’t like but can get used to is the head of the faucet has a notch in it so that when it sucks back into the main portion of the faucet, it has to be square which it sometimes isn’t and then it is sticking out a little bit. Easy enough to fix by twisting it slightly. I can see why they did this, so that when it is in place the toggle between types of water stream is towards the back where it cannot be seen. Great buy!

  28. E***e2020-08-17

    I was looking to replace our kitchen faucet as the old one was well over 20yrs old. I first went comparison shopping at two of the big box home improvement stores where I found their “budget friendly” faucets were around $90 with the features I wanted. I decided to see what bargains I could find online.

    This faucet is awesome, and very simple to install. It actually took me more time removing the old faucet than installing the new one. Water supply lines were long enough, zero issues on that front. As for tools for installation, all I needed was a Phillips screwdriver and a 5/8″ open-ended wrench. As for tools needed for removal of the old faucet, I had to dig out my cut-off wheel due to the collar under the sink being so corroded.

    Fit and finish of this faucet is exactly the same as what I could find in local stores. Materials seem high quality, and the functionality is great. For those that may have issues with the head not returning home after pulling it out, there is a simple fix. Move the return weight up the hose a couple of inches so it does not interfere with any other hoses. The weight is heavy enough to keep the sprayer head in-place without a magnet, and does it well. I would not hesitate to purchase another WOWOW faucet or recommend it to friends or contractors.

  29. L***m2020-08-21

    I bought this faucet because either my wife or my daughter broke the cheap one that was in my house when I bought it, neither of them will admit to it. The sink is sturdy, all metal, and easy to install. I doubt anyone will break it anytime soon. I had to buy some hoses and adapters to reach and connect to my water line but works great!

  30. L***t2020-08-24

    Let me just start by saying this was the easiest kitchen faucet to install ever. I’ve been doing faucet installations for many years and I’m a plumber. The faucet comes with everything needed for a standard installation and comes with extra long water supply hoses. These came in handy for me because the hot water supply valve was installed very low and I wasn’t sure if it was going to reach? but after securing the faucet to the sink I was able to connect the hot water supply hose with about an inch to spare. The kit also comes with two supply valve adapters to go from 1/2″ to 3/8″ connection just incase the existing supply valves are not set up to connect into the new 3/8″ supply hoses. The installation instructions were very simple to follow step by step. One of the steps was to flush out the supply hose to the faucet spray head before connecting the quick connecting coupling. I skipped this step because I had already flushed out the existing hot and cold water into a bucket to remove any debris before starting the installation of the new faucet. This faucet operates wonderfully and it’s such a great value for a fine quality faucet. I have paid $200 at home depot for a faucet that was comparable to this one but much more difficult to install, less quality craftsmanship and came with much shorter supply hoses. I would of needed to connect two hoses to reach the very low hot water supply valve then what came with the home depot faucet. I am very happy with my purchase and I plan to order another faucet soon for my other rental.

  31. J***h2020-08-27

    Faucet is very elegant looking and works well. Instructions were good and installation was simple.

    Some things I found:
    * Pull out spout is plastic while rest of faucet is metal. This seems to be pretty standard for faucets and probably a given at this price point. The pull out hose is also not metal. I only hope these parts stand the test of time and use.
    * There’s a rocker switch that controls spray vs stream. It seems to stay in the last position that you leave it. (Most faucets I’ve seen require the water to be on to keep the spray function). The “pause” button is a nice feature for single hand operation while holding dishes or pans with the other hand. Spray is strong.
    * There is a weight to keep the pull out spout hose in place. This is unusable for me since I have too many lines and pipes and shut-off valves in the path. I can’t pull the spout more than 10 inches out without the weight jamming against something. If your under-sink area is congested, this is something to consider. Luckily my outgoing faucet had a spring that I was able to reuse here.
    * There is a small silver color screw that tensions the gooseneck (makes it harder or easier to swivel). I point this out because if you install the handle facing the left, the screw is front and center. If you install the handle facing center, the screw is on the right. If you install the handle on the right, the screw is in the back. The design seems to assume you will install with the handle on the right since the brand name faces you in this case. My original layout was to put the handle on the left but I couldn’t deal with seeing the screw, so I switched to having the handle in the center. I think having the screw opposite the handle would have been a better idea so that all handle layouts can be accommodated without the screw ever in front (or make the screw black). Some people may not care but it sticks out for me.
    * The package includes a plate for 3 hole sinks but only 1 hole is actually used. There are also adapters for 3/8 to 1/2 inch connectors.

    Overall, not the fanciest or top of the line faucet out there, but I think you get good value for the price.

  32. H***e2020-09-04

    After having a rather expensive sink head fail a few weeks in for its seals i bought this one on impulse, i wasn’t expecting much. To my surprise the build is pretty solid, material is good, and it came with EVERYTHING i needed to install it; it even came with the hose adapters ready to go. Solid sink from what I’ve seen so far, will update if anything goes wrong.

    Things to remember when buying:
    -No soap dispenser, so if you want to pair it you need to find the pair
    -I bought this on sale for really cheap, so the ups to this sink are entirely based on price for quality
    -Good range of motion for the head and handle, so make sure it wont be too close to a back wall (Atleast 1 1/2 inch)

  33. M***n2020-09-09

    I have wanted a faucet like this for a long time but didn’t have enough money to buy it. Your “WOWOW Faucet” is well done for the quality and the money. Please keep having stock up for people like me who on the budget and now I have a very nice quality faucet to use for a very long time. Thank you and please keep up all the good job. Thanks!

  34. W***n2020-09-16

    I am a newbie to DIY kitchen faucet replacements. I had to replace an old Pfister 526 Contempra faucet whose pull down hose started leaking right behind the head . I couldn’t make up my mind on whether to fix it or replace it. I had fixed a different problem on it once before. But what a badly designed, over engineered, and therefore expensive product that it was. Fixing never seemed like a good option. Even the parts were expensive. You replace one, the other will give up on you (that’s the over engineering and bad design). Thank God I got rid of it. Thanks to persuasion and encouragements from friends and family, and a timely lightning deal that flashed on WOWOW, I gave the WOWOW a shot. Never could go wrong with a new faucet that costed the same as just a Pfister pull down hoso alone. Its simple, makes sense design, and having all accessories included in the package made it all the more a pleasure to install. It gave me a new found confidence after having done the job. Well worth it. Let me ask, what else does anyone need in a kitchen faucet at all, when all of them nearly have the same complaints.

  35. B***d2020-09-22

    I purchased this kitchen faucet after much research looking at various models . I like that it has a button clearly showing hot and cold. Other faucets I checked out did not have this feature. I had a plumber install it and he said the hardest part was removing the old faucet. Installing this one was fairly easy according to him.

    The faucet has a good flow with both straight and wide water flow. The handle is very smooth to use. I like that the top of the faucet can be removed and reach those hard places in the sink. We had an old school faucet so this is a nice perk for us now. All in all, a very good buy IMHO. We purchased it in brushed nickel and it is very easy to keep clean vs a chrome one that it replaced.

  36. G***e2020-09-23

    In terms of likes we like the style, the high arc, and easy swing from side to side. Excellent aerated flow and a nice spray. As for dislikes, my only complaint would be the poor quality threads in the nut that attaches the faucet to the sink. The nut would turn 3/4 revolution easily and the last 1/4 VERY hard. It was that way all the way up to the sink which is only 1/2″ thick. Not fun for an old man lying on his back under the sink. The escutcheon plate just barely covered the three holes in the sink. An inch longer would have been a plus. The seal between the faucet and the escutcheon plate is (item 2) is referred to as a “gasket” . It is actually an O ring. A gasket is flat. Most people would know an O ring when they see one. Makes it less confusing as there is a rubber gasket (flat) that goes under the sink above the steel plate. The water supply connections are quick and easy. Not a single leak.

  37. E***s2020-09-27

    Get it! you won’t regret it!!!!! Is easy to install and what is said in the description, 20 minutes to put it together, YUP!!!! it literally took me 20 minutes. The faucet is tall, so I will recommend for the buyer to measure their area b4 buying it. I love that the faucet is affordable and looks expensive. Thank you WOWOW for putting a faucet for a reasonable price!!!!! As for now, I can’t say anything negative so I recommend this faucet so go for it!

  38. G***e2020-09-29

    I’m a total skeptic so shopped a lot and tried my best not to get burned. I decided on this faucet, even though some parts of me said “pay the extra to get REAL quality”. Durability matters to me – to a point. So far I feel like this product totally delivered, and actually exceeded my expectations. A breeze to install (although not the priority), but best of all it functions perfectly: full force when you want it, less if you don’t, love the spray but easy to switch between spray and stream. My husband wasn’t sure he liked the look, but now that it’s in he really likes it. All in all it is a total win (so far). Will update if anything changes with use (durability), but 2 weeks in and I still love it.

  39. D***r2020-10-02

    From the moment you open the package, this faucet appears of high quality. Easy to install and functions beautifully. I removed the old utility faucet which had a leaking center hose even though it was not very old. The quality of the wowow is far superior. To make this faucet work in the utility tub that had 3 holes, I needed a 6″ escutcheon (instead of the larger one that they include for kitchen install). I found the BWE 6″ escutcheon in brushed nickel fit well (several others I bought did not slip over the WOWOW even though the other escutcheons said their diameter was 1 3/8″). I used a rasp on a drill to make the center hole large enough to accommodate the WOWOW . So happy with both items.

  40. S***a2020-10-08

    We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and wanted a new faucet since our old one was leaking. After reviewing a number of different models we decided on this one.
    The price was perfect (we rent so we didn’t want to spend a lot) our sink was pulled out as we redid our counter tops so it was a little tricky to install it like that but I put it in while my husband was working.
    We have no leaks, the pull down sprayer is my new favorite thing lol. It looks just like the expensive ones at the big box stores, it has given our kitchen such a modern and elegant look that I actually enjoy spending time in the kitchen lol. Will definitely recommend!!

  41. H***y2020-10-09

    This is the fourth high rise, pull down kitchen faucet I have installed.
    This is the best one.
    It has longer connections. And metal quick connect nut.
    The pull out hose is longer, with a stainless steel braid. Plus it has a pause button the others didn’t have. It also has a very high flow rate.

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