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WOWOW Chrome Kitchen Sink Faucet With Pull-Out Sprayer

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Buy Kitchen Faucet Single Handle has an automatic retraction function. The retraction function of the pull faucet is mainly achieved by a gravity ball (also known as a gravity block and a gravity hammer).

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Pull down kitchen mixer taps

Looking for a classical chrome pull down kitchen mixer tap? Search no further! WOWOW offers you one of the best classical and yet contemporary pull down kitchen mixer taps you will find in the market. Its value for money is unchallenged, as WOWOW knows how to make high quality kitchen mixer taps at a highly affordable price. Besides, its unique design makes WOWOW’s pull down kitchen mixer taps an eye-catcher in any kitchen. When you have chosen for a classical kitchen design, or a modern kitchen design, this pull down kitchen mixer tap will fit right into it.

Every time the designers of WOWOW manage to design pull down kitchen mixer taps that astonish most people. WOWOW only wants to design eye-catching kitchen mixer taps that make a difference in any kitchen. Some people underestimate the impact of kitchen mixer taps, as they do make an enormous difference in any kitchen. Kitchen mixer taps can add a special touch to any kitchen. The designers at WOWOW are highly aware of this. Not for nothing the pull down kitchen mixer taps of WOWOW are sold to customers from all over the world.

Practical pull down kitchen mixer taps

The pull down kitchen mixer taps of WOWOW feature the advantage that the water hose can easily be pulled out of the kitchen mixer tap. This generally increases your flushing area with another 15 to 23 inch. The retractable water hose can be pulled out easily, to increase your washing area dramatically. Every corner of your kitchen sink, that before was more difficult to reach with your static kitchen mixer tap, now can be cleaned easily. The water hose can be pulled out easily and after its use, it will retract automatically to its original position.
Another great feature of the practical pull down kitchen mixer taps of WOWOW is the swivel tap that can move 360 degrees. That makes these pull down kitchen mixer taps especially ideal for double kitchen sinks. In this way it is that easy to change from one kitchen sink to another. It feels smooth to operate these pull down kitchen mixer taps as WOWOW uses high quality materials in its pull down kitchen mixer taps. You notice the difference immediately when you operate a kitchen mixer tap of WOWOW.

3-mode pull down kitchen mixer taps

The pull down kitchen mixer taps of WOWOW can be operated by one single high-quality lever. Warm and cold water can be mixed with just one hand until the ideal temperature is reached. And that applies for the water volume as well. In this way you will always keep one hand free to perform other kitchen tasks. The drip-free ceramic cartridge guarantees optimal performance. Because of its sealing, the lever rotates smoothly and ensures long-term use without any water dripping or leaking. And above all, it also guarantees accurate and stepless control of the water temperature without any backlash.
WOWOW’s pull down kitchen mixer taps offer a three-function kitchen mixer tap. Apart from the regular stream water mode, you could also chose for the spray mode or the aqua-blade mode. This aqua-blade mode provides you with a very strong water jet, which can easily flush all food debris from plates or the kitchen sink itself. This function is unique in market and definitely is an advantage of the pull down kitchen mixer taps of WOWOW over other pull down kitchen mixer taps. You can simply switch the water functions at a touch of the button, that is easily positioned on the spray head of the kitchen mixer tap.

High-quality pull down kitchen mixer taps

As mentioned before, WOWOW is well aware of the importance of quality pull down kitchen mixer taps. That is why WOWOW uses high-quality materials that are exceeding overall industry standards. Think about premium surface electroplating processes, world famous fittings like the Neoperl aerator, and solid metal materials. Just to ensure you to use the best performing product for long time use. Therefore WOWOW can also offer you a 3-year product warranty on its pull down kitchen mixer taps. And above all, at WOWOW we are sure that you will continue to come back to us, as most of our customers stay loyal customers for life because of the sublime value for money that we offer.
The removable shower head of the high-quality pull down kitchen mixer taps is easy to remove or replace. In this way you can clean and maintain the spray head of this mixer tap easily, and remove all hard water residue that is collectedover time. WOWOW’s pull down kitchen mixer taps are especially suitable for high pressure systems. The flexible silica gel water hose therefore also offers a smooth operation and long life durance.

Installing pull down kitchen mixer taps

The pull down kitchen mixer taps of WOWOW can either be installed in a 1 or 3 hole kitchen deck. The deck mounted pull down kitchen mixer taps are delivered with a complete installation kit. With the metal deck mounted cover plate all holes are covered, so you will be ensured of an esthetically installed pull down kitchen mixer tap. To be able to install these pull down kitchen mixer taps yourself, all hardware is included in the package. You can finish installing the pull down kitchen mixer taps like a breeze. With the assembly video you can easily finish installation in less than 30 minutes. This will save you an expensive plumber!
Besides the complimentary 3-year warranty period that WOWOW offers you when you buy these pull down kitchen mixer taps, WOWOW also offers you a 90-day money-back-guarantee. If you would not be impressed by the value for money that you receive by buying these pull down kitchen mixer taps, you can return the pull down kitchen mixer tap without any hassle. You will get a full refund without any questions asked.

The advantages of the pull down kitchen mixer taps in a nutshell:

  • Give a wow-factor to any kitchen
  • Classic and yet contemporary design
  • 3 water modes, including high pressure aqua-blade
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Including a do-it-yourself installing kit
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • 90-day money-back-guarantee
  • 3-year warranty


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Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions54 × 28 × 7 cm
Spout Height

6.89 Inches

Spout Reach

8.8 Inches

Flush Type

Three Modes: Sweep Mode/Stream Mode/Spray Mode

Number Of Holes


Hose Length

1.8 Meters

Extension Length

0.5 Meters

Item Package Quantity


Installation Method

Single-Hole Deck-Mount




Stainless Steel/Zinc Alloy/Brass

Performance Description

Mixer tap/Three water control functions

Plug Profile

Single-Hole Deck-Mount

Included Components

Kitchen sink faucet; 50cm Hot & Cold Water Hoses; Pull down sprayer; Deck Plate; Mounting Accessories

37 reviews for WOWOW Chrome Kitchen Sink Faucet With Pull-Out Sprayer

  1. M***s2020-04-03

    Got this to replace our short/low faucet coz we are having a hard time washing pots that are high/tall and everything is all good..the only thing i switch is the installation for the hot and cold the default is pull towards you is hot and i dont want it coz i have kids so i connected the blue hose to the hot valve the red hose to the cold valve..everything else is all good really great buy.

  2. R***y2020-04-07

    I need to change my old kitchen faucet, the price is good, so I bought without any hesitate. The pull-down sprayer and 3 settings are fantastic! A very satisfy deal!

  3. A***l2020-04-08

    Looks and feels very nice.
    I just finished installing the faucet in my kitchen. Easy to install and no need to call a professional. Easy to pull the sprayer nozzle down and let it back up into the handle. It just happened my supply connections are the same size as this unit has. For the price point, it is very good.
    Comparing this faucet against the big names like Morn, Delta, etc. the feel and appearance are comparable. This faucet is easy to control the water pressure and temperature.
    I really like it!

  4. C***a2020-04-10

    It’s a good deal and quality is as good as more expensive faucets.We installed this faucet on our kitchen sink. It was an easy install and has performed flawlessly since. The finish is very easy to clean, resists scratches. It has a good sprayer setting and the sprayer works great as well, no leaking or hanging down. We like this new faucet.

  5. M***y2020-04-12

    After reading all the reviews, I decided we would try this faucet. For the $$$ it seemed worth the chance. Wow! We are so pleased with this faucet. Still can’t believe the quality for the price. I would recommend this faucet to anyone looking to upgrade whether on a budget or not. Great value, great look. Great function.

  6. A***k2020-04-14

    Great faucet for great price! I bought a faucet for my father in law recently from a big box hardware store for about two times the price of this faucet. I can definitely vouch that the quality of this faucet and ease to install was better than the previous one I bought. It comes with water lines – always replace your water lines!!! Also the weight attachment was easy to install. Overall very happy with the faucet.

  7. F***d2020-04-15

    My house is being renovated, so I need this faucet.Installed couple of day ago. Works as expected. Nothing to complain about It is such a simple product but it works great! Really frees up a lot of space on the counter when I just want to wash a dish or two or for items that aren’t dishwasher-safe.

  8. K***y2020-04-21

    I was a little skeptical at the price and the fact it wasn’t a big name brand. I’m always terrified of cheap plumbing related fixtures breaking, because you’ll spend thousands to fix damage that an extra $20 or $30 product could have saved. However, this is a great product! My old American Standard brand faucet broke at the threaded neck, from rust. The gasket must have been leaking for some time, and the screws stripped on me too. I ended up having to cut the old water lines and break the rest of the faucet to get it out. That was kind of a nightmare, and was hoping it wasn’t foreshadowing what I was about to endure. But it wasn’t. Installing this was smooth sailing and easy. My sink has a three hole setup so I used the base plate. I like the base plates foam gasket instead of the thin plastic ones you typically get. While I was screwing things down you can see the foam really seal things up and vanish from sight. I’m sure this won’t rust out like my old one. I also really like the finish, it doesn’t advertise it is spot resistant but it doesn’t really get water spots or fingerprints. Maybe because it’s stainless and not nickel? I’m not sure, but that was nice to see and unexpected at this price point.

    Only concern I have is when I pull down the spout to wash dishes the hole faucet/sink flex a little. This could be due to my sink being a thin stainless as well. I’m not rough on my stuff so I’m not too concerned but it is something I keep in the back of my mind when I’m doing dishes. (Be careful just in case.)

    I’d recommend this to anyone! Why spend $100…$150…$200 on a faucet at the big box store when you can get this for a fraction of the price??

  9. S***e2020-05-04

    Before buying this product, I read of number of reviews about bad experiences from other customers who brought this product. However, I decided to give it a try and so far (only 3 days of use) everything is working great with no issue it leaks.

    I will admit, I struggled with the installation a bit, but that was not at the fault of this product. The instructions were very clear, I just had a nightmare getting all of my old plumbing disconnected and removed. Once I got past that hurdle, the new faucet installation was very easy.

    As far as performance, the wide spray head has great pressure for me. However, the pressure on the “stream” setting seems a bit low. I don’t know if this is an issue with the faucet or my water supply. Either way, it’s not a huge concern as I prefer to keep it on the wide spray setting anyways.

    Anyways, overall I rated this product highly because of the value, the easy installation, and the great look. If I have any problems in the future, I will edit my review to reflect it with updates.

  10. M***e2020-05-19

    If you are renting a place this is a great way to upgrade from the standard sink faucet that’s usually not great that comes with rentals. You can put the old faucet back before you leave. This faucet was, super easy to switch in, it took the hubby no time at all. Our sink that came with the kitchen had no sprayer and a short spout that sat very close to the inside of the sink so even if the sink had only a couple of dishes in it, it was difficult to wash them. This faucet curves up WAY higher giving us a lot more room, plus it has a sprayer which should be the standard for all faucet/sinks in modern times. It definitely was a game changer, made cleaning easy, and is easy to switch out if we move out of our rental and want our deposit back.

  11. S***y2020-05-22

    Bought this to top off some upgrades to a rental.
    Usually these type of pull down faucets are $100+ from homedepot and Lowes so I was skeptical this would be good quality.

    I have to say I am very impressed with the quality for the money, the weight is plenty heavey to pull the faucet back in. The two modes work fantastic but the pause button does have some kick to it that I can hear backing pressure into the pipes but it’s not enough that I am actually concerned about it.

    The metal construction is very impressive at this price point and no components feel fragile.

    Installation is easy, only challenging part is the screws that attach the seal underneath the sink. If you have a powered screwdriver or lightweight drill then this is not much of an issue.

    Overall this is something I will definitely look to buy again for my other rentals assuming this one stands the test of time!

    Bought a second one for the other unit, installation was super easy and took about 30mins with a power drill to tighten the mounting screws under the sink.

  12. P***)2020-05-27

    Our sink isn’t very deep and I wanted an easier way to fill pots. I really like that it has 2 settings- stream and spray ! I installed this (with interruptions) well under an hour. The locking collar has an opening that allows it to go on without having to snake it up the hoses. One nice feature for installation is the hoses are marked with blue and red, making hookup a breeze. I have been looking at box stores for this very type of faucet. The prices on comparable units was pushing the limits of my budget. This faucet has all the features I wanted and is solid well built product. Great price, great faucet and I’m happy I purchased this !

  13. B***)2020-06-04

    I love this faucet easy to install works great fit perfectly on my unfinished kitchen sink great price would love to buy another as a gift.

  14. D***n2020-06-14

    This faucet was intended to outfit a temporary kitchen as we renovate ours. We love it so much that we’re going to use it in the new space. Very sturdy, quality construction, no plastic bits. Tall enough, very easy to install, easy to use, with good flexibility from the spray nozzle. And all for a fraction of the cost of “name” brands, which are often made of lots of plastic. Excellent faucet for the $$.

  15. A***s2020-06-17

    I was a little worried it would look like “cheap plastic” but it doesn’t! I’m redoing my kitchen and the faucet looks great!!! I love that I can change the water pressure and even pause the water flow when soaping up the dishes which saves water and money on my water bill. I have a double sink so it’s big and convenient.

  16. A***o2020-06-24

    This was actually a super good buy. It was actually really easy to install. The hardest part was removing the last fixture since it was so old and gross. But this fixture was really sleek, easy to put together, and probably took me about half an hour at most, including cleaning, to get the whole thing replaced. Really pleased with ease of use and ability to switch from hot to cold, spray function, and stretch. The weight ball is smart. Love this tech and how our innovation is pushing a better and more affordable standard of living.

  17. A***e2020-06-27

    Very impressed with unit. The finish is beautiful. The only thing I need to comment on is the handle is very sensitive and one needs to be careful when turning on faucet as u may get a little more force than needed. Otherwise I’m quite impressed with the company and the follow-up they have done on their product. Would definitely purchase again if ever needed.

  18. L***l2020-06-29

    I love my new faucet! I installed it last night. It wasn’t too difficult except attaching the water lines to the fixture. If you can, attach before you put the faucet in place. Mine was more difficult to do because the space under my sink is very cramped. Other than that it went smoothly and I’m loving the new faucet!

  19. J***t2020-07-02

    I’m so happy with this product. It was easy to install. We have small kids and it’s so easy for them to use, too. We also followed the advice of a fellow reviewer and switched the hot/cold connections so that the hot would be to push back and cold to pull forward. Works great and I would definitely recommend this product!!

  20. B***l2020-07-06

    I’ve been wanting to replace my old faucet in the kitchen for awhile now. This set is absolutely beautiful and works so well! It was a little tricky maneuvering the install (especially the part when I had to tighten to the sink basin – I ended up having to ask someone for help), but I eventually got it and the faucet works great! I love the retractable faucet head for spraying the sink basin. The set came with a pair of white cotton gloves though not totally sure what those were for. The packaging was very nice, and I was all around very pleased with my purchase!

  21. J***e2020-07-09

    I really didnt expect a faucet at this price to be this good. I see some people complain about the plastic feel of the material. the material doesn’t feel luxury but that is what we can expect for a product at this price. The material feels like stainless steel but lighter than that. Only time can answer if it is durable. The faucet has extendable head like most other faucets but I think they didn’t use a spring so the head doesn’t retract as fast as others. However, it still works just fine. Product arrived in perfect condition, packaging was nice. Highly recommend if you are looking for an affordable faucet!

  22. H***m2020-07-13

    I just moved into a new home and the old kitchen sink was old and scratched up and rusted. After I painted, I put in this new faucet. It gives it a modern look and I love the pull down sprayer. It was easy to install (just follow the directions).

  23. A***t2020-07-17

    This is all look and all function. Very attractive as well. Going from the standard chrome finish, two handle, low neck kitchen faucet to an almost opposite is delightful! Price is competitive. Easy to maneuver. Very pleased with this purchase.

  24. M***a2020-07-19

    beautiful, well functioning faucet
    Very pleased
    Would definitely recommend

  25. E***n2020-07-22
    Erin Trevelyan

    Works great. Awesome value for the price. I’ve been wanting to change out our faucet forever and this one is functional and looks nice. Sprayer doesn’t dangle. Just make sure you have the counter weight positioned properly.

  26. D***d2020-07-27

    The faucet is a nice product. Easy to install if the structure of your sink is easy to work with. For me, I need to lay down on the ground to install it. But it worthwhile.

  27. C***l2020-07-31

    I’d have to say for the price I wasn’t sure about purchasing this but I’m sure glad I did it was easy to install works exactly as expected and was just as nice as your high end faucets and I have to say I don’t write reviews mostly because I forget so if I’m taking the time to write this it just mean it was worth it and I wanted other people on a budget to see its ok to not break the bank while fixing up your home

  28. M***s2020-08-03

    Great price for a good faucet. I really like the “pause” feature. It was very easy to install. This is the second faucet I’ve gotten from this company, and they are both lovely!

  29. L***k2020-08-09

    Decent faucet for the money. Simple install, didn’t need plumbers tap, and no leaks. We’re looking at moving in a year and this was a cheap upgrade for the kitchen

  30. B***e2020-08-

    I read the reviews and took a chance and I’m sure glad I did, this was an awesome upgrade for our kitchen and the price is unbelievable compared to the big box stores.

  31. N***r2020-08-15

    Definitely an excellent purchase. Looks real expensive, classy and lifts the kitchen. The extension is wonderful. Love the finish. My mom wanted this and she is more than satisfied.

  32. N***r2020-08-17

    Just what the deep laundry sink needed. Easy to install only tools are an adjustable wrench. Phillips driver. Hooked up no leaks and wide is happy.

  33. G***m2020-08-19

    This faucet brought my kitchen back to life! Well made and super easy to install! I’ve had zero leaks or issues so far! I recommend !

  34. P***h2020-08-24

    I love my new faucet I bought 2 one for my house and one for the apartment I own. They look great and work awsome!

  35. Y***y2020-08-28

    Easy to install, included everything you need. Great value for the money, don’t let the low price make you nervous!

  36. M***e2020-09-03

    We’re normal person with no extra piping such as water purifier system -is an easy install. I also have a shelf in the way so the weight could not go where it actually belongs make sure you’re under your sink is clear it’ll make it easier to work. The Faucet is sleek looking and beautifully designed. I absolutely love it

  37. D***l2020-09-10

    I bought this faucet to update my kitchen sink. I paid someone to install it for me which I’m glad I did. I shop arounde. Beautiful Faucets.

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