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WOWOW Matte Black Kitchen Mixer Taps

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Have black kitchen faucet with sprayer and allow this black elf to research the puzzle of your kitchen.
It’s the best in restraint, calm and showing the air.

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modern kitchen faucet 2310800B with sprayer discription:

Easy to Match Most Sinks: universal kitchen faucet for sinks of proper size and 50 cm inlet pipes (hot& cold); spout height: 7.1 inch, spout reach: 8.8 inch
Easy to Install: pull out and water line hoses are pre-install in the sink faucet, finish DIY like a breeze, extra deck plate for 1 or 3 hole installation, you can check installation video for more details
Easy to Use: STREAM/ SPRAY/ AQUABLADE WATER, 3 setting modes meet various needs for washing, flushing, rinsing and cleaning; high arc design matched with Neoperl ABS to prevent splash; single left handle make water& temperature control easier; optimized weight retraction system make spray head always sit back precisely to spout after using
Easy to Maintain: exquisite black finish keep dirty away from surface, quality stainless steel spout and metal construction make it last for many years, brass core and ceramic cartridge can filter minerals and lead well, anti-explosion pull down hose, stainless steel & brass connector is never corrosion
PATENT PROTECTION — Bring down kitchen faucet is 100% initial designs and protected from patents.
Rejecting the aesthetic tiredness is going to provide you a fresh vision, highlighting your disposition and producing your own eyes glow.
MONEY WELL SPENT — Bring out sprayer Kitchen sink faucet with soap dispenser and industrial SUS 304 stainless steel construction, higher quality ceramic cartridge has handed the 500,000 cycle tests
to make certain it will last over ten decades, NSF standard zinc metal cover having multi-layer brushed nickel, higher temperature resistant PEX hose.
The cost is quite fair and appealing.
Well Package with Box and Thick Sponge, Lift Time Warranty, 7/24 Customer Support, 90-day Free Return. Please Contact EMAIL❤


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4.34 pounds

Package Dimensions

21.4 x 11.1 x 2.8 inches








Stainless Steel/Zinc Alloy/Brass



Power Source


Installation Method

Single-Hole Deck-Mount

Item Package Quantity


Spout Height

6.9 Inches

Spout Reach

8.8 Inches

Flush Type

Three Modes: Stream mode/Spray mode/Sweep mode

Handle Material

Stainless Steel

Included Components

Kitchen sink faucet; 50cm Hot & Cold Water Hoses; Pull down sprayer; Deck Plate; Mounting Accessories

  1. Z***r2020-07-01

    I had a black Moen faucet that had problems before, and replaced it with a Delta. I have had the Delta now for some time, but it had issues with shutting off properly. The design was just poor and didn’t allow the single handle to go back far enough with normal use without an extra push. With an upcoming addition and remodel to my home, I decided the faucet needed to be updated once again. I didn’t want to pay the price for Moen or Delta again since two times now I have been unhappy. Why pay a premium for failing designs when there are cheaper ones out there? Well, this one is VERY fair in terms of price compared to what I paid for those.

    To start, out of the box this thing feels SOLID. It feels like a sturdy faucet should. The hoses are all sturdy braided lines too. Install was a breeze. I chose not to use the included base due to the sink style I have right now (which will be changing with the remodel.) I also chose to leave my current sprayer since there was no use pulling all of that out and leaving an open hole. That leads me to a big plus on this over the Delta and Moen units. They BOTH required a separate faucet and sprayer. A real pain when trying to do some things. The one, the faucet IS the sprayer, and has something that the Moen and Delta didn’t have (and could have benefited from), a WEIGHT for the hose!!! Genius solution to the issue of the hose not pulling itself back with the other models. This one is also a little taller and larger overall, which I like a lot. I can now fit larger jugs underneath with no issues (another great part to the removable faucet too). When I install my new sink, I will have one less hole for water to seep through in my sink itself to boot. The water turns on and off as it should, and seems to mix the temps well. For a brand I have never heard of, I am really impressed with the quality of this one so far. Give it a shot!

  2. L***n2020-10-15

    Simple, yet elegant. A great addition to modernize our kitchen without a crazy price tag or feeling pretentious.

    The video says it all, but here are the highlights:

    -Super simple install! Only need a wrench or pliers to disconnect and reconnect water lines. All water lines come pre-connectrd to faucet hardware. This is literally a five minute DIY install.
    -Simple design that flows smoothly and fits well in any kitchen, including small areas.
    -Smooth and simple operation with one lever to control temperature and on/off switch for water, and one switch to control spray vs stream options.
    -First extendable spray head faucet I’ve had in my kitchen, and it is very useful! Extends about 18″.
    -Inexpensive price for a very high quality faucet – on par with the competitors’ $100± faucets!
    -Literally no drawbacks that I can think of. I just love everything about this faucet!

    Highly recommended!

  3. L***y2020-07-05

    I purchased this to replace a Pfister model that had developed leaks in the retractable hose for a second time. While Pfister replaced the damaged parts because of their lifetime warrantee, I was pretty much over having to fix it every year and cleaning up standing water under my kitchen island. So I decided to give this model a try. It’s a third of the cost of our old Pfister model, but looks and functions nearly identically. The installation was super easy. I had the old faucet out and the new one installed in about 15 minutes. I’m hoping the weight design for the retractable hose on this model will prevent the hose from developing leaks as compared to the Pfister model. The Pfister had a donut weight that hung on the bottom of the hose loop and would loosely shear the hose as the spray handle was pulled out. This model’s weight actually clamps tightly on one portion of the hose, preventing it from sliding back and forth along the surface of the hose. Hose leaks appear to be the biggest gripe on the high end Moen, Delta, and Pfister models, so i decided to save the money and give this a shot. Time will tell how durable this remains, but so far, based on its current function, ease of installation, and what appear to be high quality materials, I will give it 5 stars. I will update of anything changes.

  4. F***t2020-07-06

    My husband is a plumbing contractor and extremely picky about which faucets we have at home. This is for our RV that we will live in for a year while we build our new home, so didn’t want to pay the $200+ for a nice looking black faucet at our local home improvement store. Knowing I could return it if we hated it and it was junk, I took a random chance and bought this against my husband’s warnings about “cheap faucets” and we both love it! The size and scale is perfect for an RV and we love the heavy duty feel of the weight that holds the sprayer in. My husband installed it without any issues and we both have been pleasantly surprised at the good quality of the spray, the toggle buttons that shift from spray to stream and even a flow stop button on the spray head (very convenient), the handle that turns it on and off and the hardworking matte black finish. Just love it and it was a great value!! Would recommend!

  5. M***s2020-07-09

    Loving this faucet so far. Was incredibly easy to install. Took longer to get the nasty old one out than to install the new one. All in all, about ten minutes worth of work, and a little bit of elbow grease. Honestly, super satisfied with both the look, and performance of this unit. I admit I was a bit skeptical after reading some of the reviews, as many people note that the matte coating begins flaking off the unit after several months of use. We’ll see how mine holds up, and whether or not I need to change my review a few months down the line. So far, so good though.

    EDIT: Well, it’s been several months since I installed the faucet, and as promised, if there were any changes in it’s cosmetic appearance, I would report back. I am happy to say that the only spot where there has been any chipping/flaking of the black top coat is where the faucet mounts to the sink. The head and faucet itself are solid. I take good care of the faucet and wipe it down after use, making sure it is as dry as possible.

  6. Q***y2020-07-10

    I ordered this to replace a leaking goose neck faucet in our utility room. We wanted one with a pull down nozzle but did not want to spend the over $100 for one that we were looking at in the big stores. Saw this one and decided to try it.

    It was very easy to install. All the connectors were included except I needed a different one because of the on/off valves that I have. Everything else was provided and super easy to install. Instructions were on the mark. I read that others have a problem with the hot/cold being backwards from normal. Just hook up your hot/cold water lines opposite and ignore the writing on the on/off control as you can not see it unless you look at it from the side anyways. Then you will have control as normal.

    The stream is great and has some force to it. Love the spray and pull down nozzle so that big pans and large soup pots can be washed and rinsed very easy. Great for rinsing our large and deep utility sink. Overall I am very pleased with this faucet. The 5 year warranty is great also. I would recommend this product to people I know. Great product.

  7. C***s2020-07-11

    We purchased for our kitchen remodel and wanted to get out with the stainless steal look and our cabinets are bone wirh dark espresso details. So this was a very nice acent to our kitchen. The install was easy, my husband installed in about 45 mins. Probably wouldn’t have taken a lot less time but our old sink and faucet where a pain to get out. It has a nice force when. shooting out water and the knob is easy to adjust for hot and cold water just wish it was a little larger. The pull down also goes back very easily. no need to push it back manually. The finish looks great to, not cheapy. Stay tuned for updated pics when the kitchen is finished.

  8. E***s2020-07-12

    Finally changed out our kitchen faucet. Had been looking for quite some time and came across this beauty. The low price made me hesitant but the reviews reinforced my decision to purchase. And the reviews are correct. The faucet is a beautiful change to our kitchen and is full of nice features . Love the pull down spray and the ability to change to a sprinkler. The install was fairly easy and we had no issues. Really need two people to remove old faucet and install new. Makes the install easier. The faucet came nicely boxed and all the parts are included. It is a terrific buy! Can’t go wrong with a 5-year warranty. See pics, before and after. Such a beautiful difference!!!!

  9. J***e2020-07-14

    I love love love this faucet! It was super easy to install, only took about 5 minutes once I removed the old faucet. The hardest part to installing is the removal of the previous one. The directions were clear, I liked that it had an illustration of each step. My kitchen was instantly upgraded and I’m super happy with this purchase! It was very affordable, seems to be quality, I love the matte finish. Beware, fingerprints are more visible but easily wiped down. It came packaged nicely and earlier than expected. Nothing negative to say about this product, I already recommended to two others and both purchased it. I wanted to post a picture but it seems that is no longer allowed with reviews. Too bad because it looks great!

    Being a single woman, this was as easy as it’s gets. No tools needed except a wrench and that was to tighten the bolt for the water line.

  10. D***e2020-07-16

    I was in the market for a new faucet as mine started to leak at the base. I visited both Lowes and Home Depot and that proved to be a waste of time. I determined what my price point was and those within that range looked and felt like cheap chromed plated junk faucets, similar to what I was replacing. I was cautious from all of the 5 star reviews, however I made the decision to pull the trigger based on what felt like honest reviews. Thankfully enough, upon inspection of the faucet, I knew I made the right choice.

    Functionally, it has everything I was looking for in a replacement faucet. I wasn’t sure how it would look being a black in color, but I am quite pleased to say, it looks great on my silver sink. The faucet and all of the accessories it comes with have a quality feel. I am not a plumber, however I had no problem installing this faucet by myself. Very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone.

  11. M***s2020-07-17

    Great quality,beautiful finish,so easy to install…a lot of thought and engineering went into this baby. Highly recommend! Very stylish modern looking. Just for anyone who experiences the sprayer weight hitting piping under the sink when you pull down sprayer…get a sheet of firm material…I used a plastic type placemat ..wrap it loosely around the flexible hose loop and close it up in like a cone shape, I used a hole punch from my son’s old school supplies and made a couple of holes about one inch apart..used tie wraps and cinched up the mat…made two holes on the cone so that I could secure the mat to the drain pipe and whalaa, the weight just slides up and down inside the placemat sleeve/cone…no more hitting the weight against the drain pipe…works great…a cheap effective fix to that problem. Again, this faucet is amazing….you will not be disappointed.

  12. S***n2020-07-18

    I bought this faucet as an interim faucet when my old one broke, expecting to replace it when we start our kitchen remodel in the fall. I am extremely happy with it and it will stay! My husband installed it easily and it looks expensive. The system that pulls the retractable spray needs to be unobstructed under your sink or you will have issues with it retracting back into place. If you make sure it is clear to move, there are no issues and it works perfectly. My son is doing a remodel and really liked ours so I bought one of these for him. I will also be getting another one when we do our remodel for our bar sink, since this one will not be being replaced! Love it!

  13. D***n2020-07-19

    I bought this after checking the big Box stores for a faucet and realizing that I did not want to pay outragiously high amounts for a faucet. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this item when it arrived. It was in packaging similar to the high brand faucets. It is a solid, well made. I really like the look of it and it is very easy to use. It has some pretty cool features; the on and off button for spray and multiple spray type options. I would recommend this to anyone looking to replace a faucet looking for a high end feel and quality. Installation was quick and very easy.

  14. P***t2020-07-21

    I put this faucet in about 2 weeks ago, and so far no problems and it has worked great. Also looks nice. Installation was very easy. Much better water flow than the old Delta it replaced. Seems like good quality. It has a swivel right at the spray head which allows you to easily angle the spray. Came well packaged on thick foam to prevent shipping damage. Highly recommended.

  15. D***y2020-07-22

    Starting to redo a new house prior to moving in and one of the first jobs is a counter with new kitchen sink hardware. Big box stores certainly scared me away with their fixtures’ super high pricing. Started looking at my go to big box store back up – wowow and found a lot of much better priced selection. This faucet feels really well built. The matte finish is nice and doesn’t show fingerprints. It is heavy and therefore feels stout and sturdy. The only plastic piece on it is the nozzle housing at the end of the hose. Comes with instructions and all necessary hardware. Will update with a picture once The counter tops are installed.

  16. G***t2020-07-23

    This product is awesome! I installed it over the weekend in our kitchen – our old faucet from decades ago needed replaced badly. Most of our kitchen was majorly updated, except for the sink. It was a little technical due to my sink location trying to get everything attached, but everything attached easily to the faucet itself and it works as it should. I love the ability to easily switch between steady water flow and a sprayer – no more separate hose for a sprayer! The faucet looks great in our kitchen – we have a black counter top with some black backsplash. It matches perfectly!

  17. T***l2020-07-24

    Best/easiest installation of a consumer home product I have ever done, in fifty years of construction. After so many faucets I’ve installed that are totally user UN-friendly with instructions from a foreign country that can hardly speak English, this faucet puts the faith back, there are professionals out there. This is my first and only review, of any product, ever. I felt compelled to let other frustrated costomers know what I discovered. A small wrench for the water lines was all I needed, and none of my speciality plumbing tools. The greatest waterproof instructions, the brilliant main stem large HAND tightening nut, the fold up hose to fit through a standard faucet hole, and the simple adjustable counter weight to suit each coustomers need. Professional packaging with ALL parts included, and a price I can well afford, and a five year warranty. My fastest, easiest faucet install

  18. M***g2020-07-26

    Awesome sink! It’s been so hard to find a black,reasonably priced, faucet for a new bar we just had installed in our home! It’s perfect has great water pressure and the pause button is a nice feature!! It’s beats the faucet we have in our kitchen that is more expensive! Knocks the competitors out of the water and has similar features!! I would recommend this product to anyone!! Our contractor installed this so I can’t attest to ease of installation but he had no complaints!

  19. L***n2020-07-27

    I’ve had this faucet installed for a few months now and I finally figured I’d write a review. I was initially hesitant and wanted to go with a name brand model from Home Depot, but I do not regret this selection one bit. This cost roughly half the price, the sleek black finish has held up and the features are just the same! I’m so glad I went with a lesser known brand for a fraction of the price, and would definitely recommend this product to others!

  20. D***e2020-08-02

    Five stars isn’t enough for this faucet. It’s SO nice in my opinion. I love the value I got for the money I spent. The faucet works wonderfully and has a beautiful finish. I have no plumbing skills whatsoever and I was able to easily install this faucet in my kitchen with no problems. It took like 5 seconds to install once I got the old fixture off. Would buy again! And I have recommended it to my dad who was super impressed with the quality when he came over.

  21. C***y2020-08-03

    This is the best packaged kitchen faucet I have ever purchased. Everything is included in the package to simplify installation. Normally when I purchased a faucet I usually bought new water lines to connect to the faucet. The water lines and adapters were included. The previous faucet required laying on my back under the sink to connect the water lines to the faucet connections. This faucet already had the water lines connected and were designed to fit through the single opening. Great product and I will buy another when the time comes.

  22. A***d2020-08-04

    I got black even though I was worried about water spots with our hard water and I’m SO glad I did. It’s so pretty, everything wipes right off. I’ve been using it for 3 months and I still love it. It’s solid, works smooth, easy installation, I did it myself as a42 year old mom and had no problems.

  23. N***p2020-08-14

    The price is what drew me to this product. If it wasn’t great, I was out less than $70. It has so much water pressure! It feels like my handheld shower head! If you are looking for a matte black kitchen faucet, just buy this one. I also installed it myself. I am fairly handy, but not really “skilled”. I told my husband that I really wanted to try to do this alone. I did have to ask him a few questions, you know, just to make sure I didn’t flood the house

  24. M***n2020-08-21

    This is the third faucet i order for my house. We have two kitchen sinks in our kitchen. One is a food prep sink the other a utility sink and we decided to go with these because of the look and affordability. Those two were purchased one year ago. They are a sleek matte black. They look amazing, great quality. We’ve had no issues with them and they were easy to install. We love them so much we decided to purchase another for our laundry room. We received the one for the laundry room yesterday, my husband installed it in less than 20 min. It completely changed the look of our laundry room, we wish we would have bought it sooner. Great product at a great price. I really recommend it

  25. B***k2020-08-27

    This faucet was very easy to install, I didn’t have to get any extra parts or even tools to make it work. The only thing that might become a problem is the nut you tighten to hold the faucet in is made of plastic (it does have a metal part in it) and may eventually get brittle and crack/brake, but as long as you aren’t needing to loosen and tighten more than original install I don’t see that as being a problem.
    My wife likes it as well her only complaint is the stream that comes out is slightly smaller than our previous faucet and there for more powerful which causes a little more splashing of water than what we had before.
    We have only had it in a few weeks, but so far we really like it.

  26. F***k2020-09-01

    Purchased a house 3 years ago and the kitchen faucet never had enough pressure. Truly needed to be replaced. Came across this one at a great price with great reviews. It was time to replace it! The removal of the old dated faucet took some elbow grease however I got it out no issue. The new one only took 5 minutes to install if that. Sleek design. The multi function and hose function is a life saver. Can’t wait for the holiday cooking season… this will get a tons of use!

  27. V***n2020-09-05

    I really liked this faucet it was just what I needed! I have a water filter next to my sink that needs to be filled every day so the hose is long enough which is a plus for me. It has good water pressure, it looks nice and the price was great! I also like the color it looks good in my kitchen!

  28. W***y2020-09-07

    I was blown away by the quality of this faucet. I purchased it on a whim, figuring I would return it if it wasn’t nice in person or didn’t function well. Once I opened the box and saw the faucet I was impressed. It comes with everything you need for installation. Its feels heavy, not cheap or flimsy, and it is packaged so nicely! The pulldown feature is amazing and has functioned well for us. Overall it looks beautiful. I am very happy with this purchase.

  29. G***y2020-09-09

    Used to replace old laundry sink faucet to make cleaning my brew pots easier. This sink is awesome for the price. Fit and finish is perfect. Took 10 minutes to install (including drilling a new hole in the sink top). Weight is perfect and easily snaps on the line to pull the sink head back into. Comes with garden hose adapters should you need them. Temperature adjust is smooth and allows fine adjustments. Overall great sink at good price.

  30. A***n2020-09-11

    LOVE IT! It’s the perfect kitchen update. I love the matte black finish! My dad installed it for me, so it was doable for someone who isn’t a professional but knows how to install faucets…if that makes sense.

    Note: if logos bother you – their logo is right smack in the middle of the faucet. I didn’t like it at first but now I barely notice it’s there. And for the price, I couldn’t have asked for a better deal! Buy this!!

  31. B***t2020-09-13

    So happy with my new faucet! I am kicking myself for not changing the old one out years ago. I installed it by myself- first time I have ever changed out any kind of faucet- and it was so simple (once I got water valves to turn off). Love the high neck. Love the water pressure. Love the ease of turning it on and. Love the look. Love the pull down sprayer. Excellent value.

  32. H***n2020-09-16

    We are very pleased with this purchase. Just installed it, so I will update if anything goes wrong with it.
    My Husband had more issues taking out the old faucet than installing this new one.
    Looks really good. Definitely makes your kitchen look amazing.

  33. Z***s2020-09-18

    I have installed a lot of faucets and this was the easiest one ever. Ingenious design. I will be checking for smaller faucets by this manufacturer for my bathrooms. They feel and appear to be well made. I have been using it in my laundry room for a few weeks now and it has worked great for cleaning cat boxes and other rough labor jobs I wouldn’t want to do in my kitchen. I really love the faucet and hope it works for years.

  34. B***n2020-09-21

    This kitchen sink is beautiful and I was so excited after it arrived I installed it immediately! For the price it’s great quality. It was pretty easy to install (I had help from my Dad) and it works smoothly. It feels sturdy and does not look cheap at all. I changed a seriously outdated faucet with this one and I love using it. 100% totally recommend.

  35. J***s2020-09-24

    Cheapest one I found at the big box store was around 90.00. I wanted something for my off grid cabin. When I went I was shock to fine so many way under 100.00. This one had just the look I was going for and very good reviews. It is a very good looking faucet with the bells and whistles.

  36. M***s2020-09-28

    It is so pretty and the black is a perfect match to my cabinet hardware. I really had a hard time deciding which faucet to get and with this one being so reasonable I was afraid it would be cheaply made. I ordered after reading the reviews and couldn’t be happier. Extra plus is how super easy it was to install. I highly recommend this faucet and will be purchasing more faucets from this company when I update my bathrooms.

  37. B***h2020-10-02

    I have to say…..this is probably equivalent to a 250 unit u can buy at a big box store I love that when the water is flowing and u depress the spray pattern button and then when you shut the faucet off it goes back to the normal setting not sure what the pause button is for!

  38. M***a2020-10-09

    My husband and I bought this faucet for our new sink back in January of this year and it was super easy to install and works wonderfully. After about 4 months of being installed the black coating on the deck plate started to chip off. I contacted the seller last week to see if there was anything that could be done, and they informed me this faucet has a 5 year warranty. They shipped us a new deck plate the next day and we received it within two days. Their customer service agents are super friendly and eager to make it right. I would recommended this seller as well as the product to anyone!

  39. E***n2020-10-11

    I am a contractor and the only reason i bought was because of the reviews and also was going to be for my own kitchen so worst case i figured worth a try as only i would see it. I figured it was homeowners reviews so wasn’t getting my hopes up as far all the glowing reviews. I can honestly say it’s the easiest faucet i have ever installed and not only that it’s one of the sturdiest I’ve seen and by far the best one with the retractable head as far as smooth and going back in/out. Also the button for the two different sprays is as good as it can be. Can’t believe how one of the cheapest faucets you can buy is one of the best, but it is!

  40. E***m2020-10-14

    Arrived very quickly. Very well packaged, all parts plus extra. Installation instructions are large, easy to read and follow. It took longer taking everything out from under the sink and clean than installing the new faucet. Works great and looks even better.

  41. X***)2020-10-15

    I was hesitant to order this being i never heard of brand before. I will tell you this was the beyond easy to install. It took me about 20min from start to finish and I only needed a crescent wrench. Everything needed for the install besides wrench was very neatly packaged in the box. At first I thought I needed to go to the store for adapters, but the faucet came with a set in the box. I really am just amazed at how easy the install was and quality seems very good. I highly recommend this product.

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