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Premiere|Guanzhi Design: Autobiography Of A Creator, Living With Art

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Artistic and free Casual but unique 

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The encounter between people and space, to think about the demands of the moment, to construct a kind of spiritual world belonging to the young group, and to realize life and ideal without boundaries. Overturning the traditional residential space design, the studio and living space are integrated to create the ideal state of freedom in life.


Model room of “G1 house type

Story background

/ People story| Self-fulfillment small world /

The couple in this case are both floral designers and have an extraordinary sense of aesthetics, so they made the house into a favorite floral studio. It is a combination of a private work area and a reception area for guests, where they can be fully inspired and free to create, and have a tasteful little place for self-realization.

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The floral atmosphere wraps around the entire dining area, which can be used as a relaxing afternoon tea space for guests in addition to formal meals, with floral arrangements bringing aromas. The hostess will occasionally make exquisite macaroon desserts here, with a cup of black tea, and enjoy the beauty of afternoon tea here.

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Art is no longer an embellishment, no longer a decoration, but the main character.

As a kind of art, floral art has a very strong artistic nature. A square world can also have the beauty of art.

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The dining room bean-sand green with a sense of freshness and sweetness. It is mixed with gray tones, not too saturated, and has a warm tone of creamy yellow in it, giving a soft and comfortable visual effect.

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In the living space, we hope to be in the spring-like atmosphere of the four seasons, comfortable and soft plush bedding with wall color block patchwork, with a sweet breath into the sweet dream. When you wake up in the morning, there are still a few rays of sunlight coming in through the screen window. The spring-like design brings the space and nature to life.

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We collect specimens of plants and make them into wall paintings to preserve the lushness of nature. We are always in love with the beauty of thriving and reviving.

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The workroom is not confined to style. Elegant tables and chairs, simple but exquisite ornaments, elegant colors plan the tone of the space.

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Here, the mistress has all the tools and materials she needs to design and produce fashion, and with the help of strong and distinctive art furnishings, a layered fashion atmosphere is created, creating an immersive work space for floral designers.

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Model “G2” showroom

Story background

/ Character story| Exclusive space for creative inspiration /

The main character in this case is a free and independent illustrator, who creates his own art-inspired space with what he sees and learns from his travels.

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The coral color scheme in the space carries a sense of freshness and mystery, which also foreshadows the infinite exploration possibilities of such colors. The curved lines give freedom to the space, and the carpet form is taken from the color palette, creating inspiration everywhere. The sofa bed can be used as a resting place when the hostess is tired of creation, enhancing the functionality of the space.

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In the afternoon, extract the aroma of a cup of coffee. Enjoy the collision of ideas and inspiration in the picture, where life is stimulated and made to appear.

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The space is given a perceptible attitude to life without moving, and it seems to be felt that the owner of this space is exploring the innovative heart under her calm appearance.

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The scenes recorded in the paintings are the expressions of the main character’s life experience after being filtered through layers. In the tense rhythm of modern life, the presence of light decomposes the restlessness and depression in life.

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The living and working space is dressed up in a tasteful and uncomplicated way, and lives in symbiosis with art, so that when you are busy, you can perceive yourself and feel life under the subtle phosphorescent light.


Project Name: Foshan Takeo Apartments Showroom

Owner: Hedgeview Pacific

Soft furnishing design: Guangzhou Guanzhi Decoration Design Co.

Design Team: Huajin Ye, Suting Lin, Jie Luo, Haoyuan Zheng

Design Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong

Project Photographer:Ouyang Junyin-Wotu Painting (Foshan)

OPS Design

About OPS Design

Founded in Guangzhou, OPS Design focuses on hotels, clubs, real estate sales offices and showrooms, and provides one-stop soft furnishings services. The main members of the company have many years of backgrounds in top design firms around the world, and have cooperated with Vanke Real Estate, China Merchants Shekou, Greenland Group, Yuexiu Real Estate, Aoyuan Real Estate, Hopewell Real Estate, Field Real Estate, Beyoncé Group and other famous enterprises and developers, and their projects have won the GPDP AWARD International Design Award in France, MUSE Design Award in the United States, OPAL Global The projects have won prestigious awards such as the GPDP AWARD International Design Award in France, MUSE Design Award in the United States, OPAL Global Real Estate Award in London, K-DEIGN AWARD International Design Award in Korea, and American Master Builder Award. With a view of micro and innovation. We are committed to creating value through design and realizing the ideal environment with vitality..

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