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Plain And Simple

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 Plain And Simple

Plain colors are associated with “elegance”, and they are the colors that best reflect the taste for elegance, as well as the sense of minimalism that they bring to the home, which is in line with the philosophy of “less is more”. The Russian design studio Quadro has a deep understanding of the interpretation of plain minimalism, and the works presented are as sophisticated and simple as ever.



Stone Wood

Plain Minimalism In A Clash Of Materials

Accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the city, more people in the pursuit of a more simple, pure lifestyle, and gradually fall in love with this easy, classic plain elegance of home style.

Not only the pure and elegant color scheme, material is also a major highlight of this classic style, natural marble grain, color warm wood, while realizing a variety of texture and texture of the unity to create a delicate sense of space texture.



Light And Quiet

Healing Plain Space

Marble, glass, fabric, plaster, wood, and other popular and characteristic materials, along with plain pavement, create a picture of lightness and tranquility.



Metal Stone

Plain And Warm Without Being Cliché

In the design, plain white is considered to be the portrayal of modern simplicity, fashion and nature, cool white has a light and bright sense, while warm white is most comfortable, with some decorative embellishments, the space’s sense of fashion and ritual is called out.

The minimalist aesthetics of plain colors are interpreted to the extreme, incorporating a variety of techniques and materials to bring a richer space experience.

Plain isn’t colorless; a bright design may be brighter, but it’s the plain colors that will truly make it memorable.



Classic Warm Tones

Plain Minimalism In Mild Colors

In the plain world, we can feel not only the elegance of the colors, but also the materials, techniques and details behind the colors.

A touch of light plain color, full of quiet elegance of the house, good time just in the space to distribute, spread ……



Elegance And Simplicity

Sophisticated Style With A View Into The Room

Connecting the courtyard, using the most elegant colors, without overly prominent shades, and introducing the greenery outside the window into the interior, the fun and elegance of the design is reflected most vividly, and the use of plain colors has reached a state of perfection.

There is a space design, rustic in the light and elegant, using the charm of the plain color, can also conquer your eyes.



Pure And Simple

Plain Simplicity With Low Saturation

Minimalist style has formed the design vane of contemporary young people, and plain color is the best interpretation of simplicity, low saturation of advanced color, with the natural texture of the space, interpreting the essence of plain minimalist.

Whether it is home design or soft decoration, plain color is an enduring theme in the design chapter.

“Line into the surface”, one of the main design techniques of the minimalist style, under the plain color embellishment is more mellow and elegant temperament, so when it comes to minimalism, we have to mention the plain color matching.

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