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On how to buy faucet products

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Faucet is a traditional product in the hardware industry, and people’s lives are closely related. At present, our country is building a well-off society, the continuous development of the residential industry, the rise of home furnishing heat, the people’s demand for high-grade faucets increased.

Into the bathroom market, all kinds of faucets are dazzling. How do we pick the faucet?

As we all know, in addition to the need to determine whether or not the faucet matches the washbasin and bathtub, and whether or not the mounting hole sizes match. Next is to consider the quality and price. It is understood that some of the domestic brand faucet cheap tens of yuan, a little more expensive hundreds of yuan, and foreign brands of products are generally priced in thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of yuan. In fact, is the domestic faucet more suitable or foreign brands of better?

With these doubts, China hardware products association joint CCTV financial channel, through the “consumer advocate” column will focus on the lens of China’s traditional manufacturing industry – faucet industry, the consumer’s traditional cognitive for the “imported” faucet, in the The CCTV harsh, impartial test contrast, “consumer advocate” column reporter visited and into the bathroom, sanitary ware, Jiomu, Nepal bathroom, Huayi sanitary ware, Shenlu sanitary ware five well-known enterprises and the market multiple brands for the test, Chinese brands and foreign brands will have what wonderful competition? It is worth looking forward to.

Consumer Advocate is a new consumer program launched by the financial channel after the revamp of CCTV’s “Life” program. It will focus on the dynamic changes in the consumer life, and provide consumers with valuable information, views and judgment. It will lead the consumer trend while being the guardian of China’s consumer market.



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