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Sanitary ware quality star certification mark: to create a unified energy efficiency label in the market

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2014 is the tenth year that energy efficiency labels have entered the market. A simple label affixed to a product that represents the energy efficiency level of the product has become an important reference for consumers to purchase products, especially in the home appliance industry. According to survey data from the International Electrical Standards Labeling Cooperation Organization (CLASP), when purchasing home appliances, more than 90% of consumers’ purchasing behavior will be affected by energy efficiency labels.

The role of energy efficiency labeling is to provide necessary information for users and consumers to make purchase decisions to guide and help consumers choose energy-efficient products. After nearly ten years of publicity and promotion, energy efficiency labels have become a household name, motivating consumers to purchase energy-efficient products.

In the product catalog that implements energy efficiency labeling, the sanitary ware industry is not included, so that consumers have no authoritative and unified reference information when purchasing sanitary products such as faucets and toilets. The appearance of the sanitary ware quality star certification mark just fills this gap.

Combination of energy efficiency label + quality label

The sanitary ware quality star certification mark was born to promote the popularization of high-efficiency water-saving, safe and sanitary sanitary products. With the help of this trademark, consumers can easily identify the product quality, sanitation and safety performance, and water-saving efficiency level of faucets and toilets. Different from the energy efficiency label with 1-5 grades, the sanitary quality star certification trademark adopts the hotel grade labeling method, and three-star, four-star, and five-star are used to reflect the three levels of products.

Bathroom quality star certification trademark quality label

The toilet is a large household water user, and the water consumption of the toilet cannot be ignored. Therefore, whether the toilet saves water is not only related to the level of water bills, but also the issue of whether water resources can be effectively used. As the terminal outlet of drinking water, the safety of faucet is related to the health of residents. Last year, the incident of excessive lead in faucets caused turmoil and panic. However, there is more than one heavy metal that can be precipitated from faucets. In order to protect people’s drinking water health, the new version of the national standard has been accelerated and it is determined to be implemented on December 1, 2014. The biggest change in the new national standard for faucets is to include the heavy metal content of the faucet in the scope of mandatory testing. In addition to lead, heavy metals such as chromium, nickel, manganese, and cadmium will also become key testing objects, which are also considered to be in history** Strict faucet national standard.

Conforming to the national standard is the lowest technical requirement for applying for a sanitary ware quality-level certification mark. Products that do not meet the national standard cannot be awarded a star mark. Therefore, purchasing sanitary products with sanitary quality certification trademarks not only saves energy and water, but also guarantees their safety. The sanitary quality star certification mark is equivalent to a combination of sanitary product energy efficiency labels and quality labels.

Different from the various chaotic advertised in the market, the sanitary ware quality star certification mark is the first certification mark in the Chinese sanitary ware industry that has been approved and registered by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Its application, use, and management are strictly in accordance with the State Trademark Office. The promulgated “Measures for the Administration of the Use of Sanitary Quality Star Certification Marks” were carried out, and the legitimacy and authority of the marks were protected by national laws.

Standard certificate for five-star certifier of bathroom quality

In order to ensure the authority and credibility of the certification mark, the sanitary quality star certification mark not only has strict technical requirements, but also has certain thresholds for application. Taking a three-star trademark application as an example, the applicant company must first be a legal enterprise with more than one year of production or operation history of related sanitary products. In addition, the Certification Trademark Review Center will also examine whether the applicant company has complete sales channels and good after-sales service system, and whether it has passed the management system certification or related product certification. If the company cannot meet the application requirements, it will not have the qualification to apply for a certification trademark.

Sanitary ware quality star certificate trademark review expert review enterprise

In order to protect the interests of consumers and continuously control the quality of products, the valid period of the sanitary quality star certification mark is two years, and there will be a review during the period. After the expiration of two years, the company must submit an application for continued use, otherwise the trademark will no longer be used after the expiration date. Therefore, the enterprise does not apply to pass and everything is well, but it still needs to continue to accept the supervision and inspection of the Sanitary Quality Star Certification Trademark Management Center. Not long ago, several experts from the Sanitary Ware Quality Star Certification Trademark Management Center once again came to the two companies, the Gold Medal Sanitary Ware and Ausman Sanitary Ware, which had obtained the certification mark last year, to review, and went into the production line to understand the production status of the products and communicate with the company. Communicate with multiple departments such as quality control, marketing, and marketing to learn more about the use of certification marks. Strict control just shows that the certification mark management center is highly responsible for the certification mark and consumers.

The legitimacy of the logo, the authority of the inspection, the impartiality of the review, and the strictness of the management endow the bathroom quality star certification standard with lasting vitality. In the near future, it will become the selling point of the bathroom brand and become like the energy efficiency label of the home appliance industry. An important reference for consumers to purchase sanitary products.

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