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Light Luxury Style, The Art Into Home Life | Yuanhe Daqian

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Yuanhe Daqian Interior Design Alliance

Home is a place where you can completely open yourself

to show your personality and living habits

We integrate art into the space

Tell your own story



Art of Living House 

198 House Types

Walking into this space is like coming to an art gallery that treasures life. The addition of red gives enthusiasm to the space and maintains the visual balance of the space with the wall decorations.

The red velvet sofa carries the aura of a big heroine, with the curved shape to break the coldness of the marble coffee table, expressing the sense of high class and artistic atmosphere. The soft velvet pillows collide with the sculptural golden single chair, decorating the space while creating a visual impact.

“Design is just the beginning, life is the continuation of the space”, the designer’s consideration of details throughout the space. Each piece of collection is full of ritual, making dining a beautiful mood in the space.

The space is open and relaxed, with the fusion of three-dimensional abstract devices and multiple art elements, highlighting the taste of life and aesthetic interest. While abandoning the anxious and complicated life, the beautiful desire of beauty and art is released in the heart, and the tender place in the heart is found more truly.

The furnishings of the second bedroom are enhanced by black and white gray, the red accents neutralize the monotony of the space, and the modern paintings and ornaments in various forms make the interior quality fashionable and dynamic.

In this art of living museum, the designer used the softest macaron color to depict the children’s room, where all the lovely things are focused, creating a small world of children’s life and giving the spirit and interest of life.


▲Floor plan



Refined and fashionable home

155 House Type

The color material of the whole space is based on high grade gray combined with leather brown, and the furniture uses high grade fabric and leather, colliding with marble and metal to enhance the quality and level of the space and reflect the exquisite atmosphere of the home. The three-dimensional art installation on the wall and the uniquely shaped single chair are cleverly titled, playful and highly artistic.

Each lamp is a work of art, and the combination of light and simple lines and light adds an aesthetic experience to the original dining room with fireworks.

The point of view falls on every corner of the space, allowing modern residents to find a place of their own after a busy life and work.

The bedroom is the place where the prelude begins and the finale ends every day, and it is also the expression of the resident’s personality and taste. The bedding, with its understated sense of luxury, gives the space an uncommon charm. Geometric elements of accessories and bedside lamps in brown and white, each place reveals the exquisite.

The space is simplified and clean, returning to the living itself. The dark blue accent and the light form a subtle dialogue, bringing a moment of peace and warmth.

The pink and white colors interact with each other to create a fairytale-like dream experience. The dreamy roundness of the furniture reveals the vitality of a child. The story is told in this fairy tale world, painting a childish world and keeping a happy time.

▲Floor plan


Full name of the project: Yuzhou Yanshanhe Model Room

Project address: Chengdu, Sichuan

Soft furnishing design: Yuanhe Daqian

Hard furnishing design: HWCD

Design time: 2019.01

Completion time: 2020.09

Space area: 198㎡, 155㎡

Special support: Yuzhou Real Estate Chengdu

Photography team: Li Jingzhi

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