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Light Curves For A Surrealist Dream Trip | Pure Design

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Architecture is a kind of existence that resists gravity and points to the sky

The sales center of Nanchong LanGuang Yicheng-Sky City has a unique sense of lightness: the minimalist building blocks are stacked on top of each other, and the second floor stands out like an astronaut ship suspended in the sky, carrying the living experience of future life.

On the calm water surface, the garden trees stand against the wind. Under the glow of the waterscape, the white interior of the transparent glass box faintly appears, unfolding the picture with Greek simplicity.

As Zaha said, architecture is not just a simple shelter with four walls, but a space that excites, calms and encourages people to think. In the interior space of the sales center, the moving curves interpret the meaning of spirituality in the best way.

The interlocking curved background shapes and the softly shaped metaphorical reception desk add a sense of beauty to the space, providing not only a physical experience, but also a spiritual dimension to the imagination.

The ceiling shape is treated with a full spread of round aluminum sheets, and the free layout matches the curved form of the wall, and the suspended ceiling point is a metaphor for the twinkle of the starry sky. The curved chandelier draws beautiful arcs in the air is light dancing, thus starting a surrealist dream journey.

White is the best background, honestly as the flawless white is intriguing, and the virtual room produces the white of the warmth of the day. The sculptures in the foreground are like vermilion stained on rice paper, and red becomes the accent color on the artwork of the whole project, which keeps recurring.

Organic lines are the basis for the construction of the surreal space, from the decoration on the columns to the oval arch, the presence of curves creates the interest in the details of the space.

The childish girl sculpture in the lobby is the creator of this comfortable atmosphere, blowing out red bubbles that float bigger and bigger, like a floating beautiful dream, covering the winding corridor. Whether adults or children, when they see the bubbles floating in the air, they will slow down and the corners of their mouths cannot help but rise to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

The corridor connects the business reception area, and the curved space also curved furniture shape makes the space more integrated. The inverted mountain-shaped wooden cabinet hangs on the wall, just like the supernatural temperament in the artist Dali’s painting. Here and now, a feeling of weightlessness, beyond everyday experience and unmistakably real.

The oversized wall sconces sprout like seeds, bending down like the atrium staircase in tribute, and the natural childlike interest spills out. As the vertical traffic at the end of the space, the curved spiral staircase enriches the spatial imagination and the sense of ritual, and the modern technology makes the fine treatment of the curved surface smooth.

The glass block curved wall forms a translucent and dreamy effect, scattering daylight into spots of light, making the overall space dynamic and limpid with light and shadow. Humorous Van Gogh dolls like sentinels quietly peek out their bodies, expecting an unexpected encounter with guests.

As an important link between the entire sales office and the top, the revolving staircase is undoubtedly the key visual focus. The escalator winds up like a walk in space, and the theme of time travel unfolds layer by layer.

The floating belt installation crosses from the bottom of the stairs to the third floor and continues to the interior space, providing a visual continuity. The flowing lines and dynamic shapes spread through the space. The red color dances in the wind, randomly shaped and twisted, forming the main visual that attracts attention.

The upper platform gradually comes into view as you walk up the stairs. The red ribbon to the top is the star-track light belt, with intermittent arcs from the consciousness, connecting into layers of light rings in the roof. Continuous arched space stretches, inspired by flower petals, softening the original square space. As if a magnolia flower blooming into the sky, the corridor is rhythmically cut into several independent negotiation areas.

The red ship is suspended in the corridor, sailing to the other side of the dream world, forming another visual center. The curves of the furniture are freely and comfortably matched with the curved and silky walls of the negotiation area, a kind of cave envelopment.

The floor-to-ceiling glass contained within the flowing arches resembles portholes, looking out into the world. The imaginative surrealist floor lamp is put into reality, and the double curved surface is twisted into a sitting pier, with a black implied contour servo on the side.

The water bar area built by transparent glass and the staggered display wall. The water wave image is vague and becomes a piece of blue dream implanted in the space, as the end view at the end of the space to collect the sight.

The concept of the private banquet room behind the bar area comes from the deep sea exploration, simulating the effect of the underwater world. Art glass is used on all sides to interpret the image of the deep sea as if it were hidden. The clouds on the light-transmitting soft film ceiling produce the picture of looking to the sky.

The VIP negotiation area provides the private space and the best view of the whole sales center, with floor-to-ceiling glass storing the outdoor scenery. A splash of blue decorative painting connects the corner wall and relaxes.

Childhood is the most beautiful season in life, and the play area filled with ocean balls becomes the center of children’s activities with laughter. In the children’s smiling faces adults can also chase the precious nakedness, which is used to keep youth.

Here, it is like riding in a time machine, traveling through everyone’s fairy-tale daydreams. The sky is high, the scenery is beautiful, and life is incomparably peaceful. And then look forward to a moment when the dream is in the bag and into the future life.

▲Floor plan


Project Information

Project Name/ Blue Light Ease City – Sky City Project

Project area/ 1033㎡

Address/ No.343 Binjiang Middle Road, Nanchong, Sichuan Province

Interior Design/ Park Design

Soft Decoration Design/ Park Design

Lighting Design/ Zhang Haiqiang

Design Material/ Hard Decoration: translucent soft film; tile, stone, stainless steel, wood veneer, wallpaper, fireproof board; Soft Decoration: leather, metal, stone, resin

Design Completion Date/ 2020.10


PURE DESIGN, headquartered in Shenzhen, with a branch office in Shanghai. PURE DESIGN, headquartered in Shenzhen, with a branch office in Shanghai, focuses on creating high-quality interior design, adhering to the concept of “quality simplicity, restrained joy”, providing integrated interior design and soft furnishing customization services for high-end customers at home and abroad, using design to make life more warm! Our business involves hotel club, marketing center, luxury villa, and fine decoration model room.

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